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Hello Reader(s)!

I am Param Siddharth Manu. You may call me Param or Manu. Actually, my formal name is Param Siddharth, and my informal name is Manu Kumar Thakur.

I am from the country India. My motherland is the state Bihar.

I know several languages. Some of them include Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Bajjika, and English. I also know several other scripts and dialects, such as Kaithi and Brahmi.

I always try to use the best grammar and spelling correctness possible, and try to correct my mistakes as soon as I realize them.

I have a lot of interest in music. I have studied the Indian classical music. That is the form I usually practise. I sing and also play various instruments, such as harmonium and piano. Besides that, I also practise various other forms of music, such as opera.

I also have a lot of interest in technology. I like creating different types of software and games. I usually practise batch programming, which specifically is the shell (command-line) language of Microsoft Windows, which has evolved from Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS). I also know various other programming, markup, and script languages, such as HyperText Markup Language (H. T. M. L.), Hypertext Preprocessor (P. H. P.), Logo, and Microsoft Visual Basic. Besides that, I also know quite a bit of hacking. I know about Application hacking, S. Q. L. Injections, Keylogging, Reverse Engineering, et cetera. However, I have never and shall never misuse any of my knowledge. I also use the computer to compose music, record songs, edit videos, and edit pictures. I also love to make short movies and plays. I also make animations, including 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional ones.

I love to write plays. I have written several ones. Imaginary stories keep coming in my mind at times.
I also love to make comics. I have made several comics, with stories of different style.

I also love mathematics and science. I do spend time in searching for the values of π (pi) and new prime numbers. I have also invented some new formulae and other things in this category. I also have interest in physics, gravity, space, chemistry, atoms, biology, et cetera.

Besides that, I do philosophy. Though I know a lot about the society and human culture, I strongly oppose all bad practices, such as fighting, swearing, doing bad work, talking with bad people, and bullying good people, and perhaps that is why I have very less friends. I am too different.

I have so much to do and tell, and thus I love oratory. I like to prepare and deliver good speeches about various sorts of things.

I can also do various types of therapies, such as hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and physical exercise therapy.

I also like to do photography. I usually take pictures of various things in nature, such as life-forms, human creations, various non-living things, and various places.

I also like physical workouts. I like to do exercise, play games, and run. I believe that running helps us maintain a good health.

I also like to do acting and mimicry. I also have knowledge about expressions and the 9 moods, which helps me at times.

I also love doing magic tricks, as well as understanding how several magic tricks actually work.

I have a company, named NIU. The word NIU is derived from the Hindi word नींव, meaning foundation.

You may have a look here to know more:
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Here is a summary:
I like and am professionally skilled in Acting, Animation, Audio Editing, Cartoon Sketching, Computer programming, Drawing, Ethical Hacking, Explanation, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotism, Magic, Mimicry, Oratory (Speech), Philosophy, Photography, Playing Musical Instruments, Playwrighting, Poetry, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Running, Singing, Therapy, Videography, Writing, and Yoga therapy.

I hate and strongly oppose bad things, fighting, bullying, speaking bad things, swearing, talking with bad people, doing bad tasks, cheating, misbehaviour, indiscipline, rudeness, cruelty, et cetera.

Thank you for reading patiently and being interested in knowing about me!
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