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4:20 Calculon ("Plan to continue majors in Physics and Math and become a research scientist. Currently...")
442bobcash442 ("im bobcash, in earth years im 30. i have yet to figure out my homeplanet, so my actual age...")
411Tech ("Lay man's interest in SETI and science.")
4g3nt0r4ng3 ("")
42 (old) ("Not an active account--merely used to link in SETI classic stats from an old e-mail address...")
48974230 ("I X-Men 2, 1.78M (shoes) (unmarried) to focus on the college (though somewhat). Brilliant...")
47seijar ("FedEx Senior Ops Admin, ZDOV/0075 (Dover, NJ). Bucknell University, Drew...")
401-Дмитрий ("It's always been interesting are we alone in the universe. For me, the universe has always...")

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