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1) Message boards : News : SETI@home and COVID-19 (Message 2044942)
Posted 15 Apr 2020 by Profile Thomas Rackovan
Is SETI@Home done, or just for now? Joined Science United this morning, but liked the idea of SETI work.
2) Message boards : News : Science database crash... (Message 1975444)
Posted 16 Jan 2019 by Profile Thomas Rackovan
Are we back up yet? I see no activity when I open. All are "waiting to run"
3) Message boards : News : Free Speech and SETI@home (Message 1864248)
Posted 28 Apr 2017 by Profile Thomas Rackovan
I don't know why anyone has to "riot"! What ever happened to peaceful protests and conversations?

And, why in the world, would anyone attack you or Seti@home, for crying out loud! We're all just participating in order to search for life outside our own world!

Bless you and your team for allowing us mere mortals to join the ranks of SETI!

Live, from Hampstead, NC, USA (1 mile off the coast of the Atlantic)

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