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1) Message boards : Politics : Military Investment Reduction (Message 1184049)
Posted 9 Jan 2012 by Profile Dr Imaginario
The reduction of military expenses it’s occurring all over Europe and not only in UK, for me this is a very serious point, as most of European countries are compromising the armed forces ability of operate.
It seems that Europe is still living with the Idea that the US will come to the rescue in the case of a military threat.
Unfortunately, If for some stupid reason, the UK has problems with the Falkland’s, I have serious doubts that the UK will be able to give a proper military response like has done in the 80ths’s.
The recent operations in Libya where the US only had a logistic role showed how fragile and uncoordinated the European armed forces are operating, in fact after a few days the bombers didn’t had any bombs and the US had to provide Europe with the proper ammunition so the combat missions could be carried out.
Europe still has to much trust in OTAN/NATO agreement, and that the US will respond to any threat in Europe, from the latest statements of Obama related to the defense us strategy Europe could not be more wrong.
Europe needs to build first a proper common defense policy and also to start thinking about having proper common defense armed forces.
Now with the ark royal being discontinued, and the Queen Mary and the Prince of Wales still being build at the shipyard, the royal navy has lost any blue water capability.
France continue to have problems with the carrier Charles de Gaule, and it’s operation capability still very dubious.
All other countries have only brown water capability, what seems to poor.
In conclusion, the European leaders all over Europe are not seeing investment in the armed forces as an important thing, and think that Europe will be invulnerable to any military action.
I think this idea is incorrect, armed forces have two roles, one to defend from external threats other against internal enemies, it’s proven that in times of extreme crisis, only the armed forces are capable and are organize to operate.
Europe, and with this European politicians, need to have the courage and to assume that a strong common defense system is possible, and that the US will not be watching over them like a daddy, as has been doing since WWII.
Without vision europe will have serious problems in the future.
2) Message boards : Politics : The End is Near...... (Message 1180431)
Posted 24 Dec 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario
John as per the profecy of the Mayas, it looks like that the end of the qorld will be on the 22nd of Dec of 2012.

Just another miss interpretation of the Maya calendar. It seems that mankind after all this years still think that earth is the centre of the universe.

From the cosmology point of view, predictions of the future are simple nonsense, on the other hand, see the pros if the profecy is true. Imagine all the money you will save as there will be no need to buy any xmas gifts next year... LOL
3) Message boards : Politics : Will the world now be a better place? (Message 1180429)
Posted 24 Dec 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario
I think China would like to be rid of North Korea as much as the rest of the world if they could find a way to help it happen without it looking that way.

Bob, I have to disagree with that statement. If China wanted to end the NK regime, China would have done it long ago.

It is in China best interest to have like a tampon area between SK and Chinese Borders, and NK is perfect for that.

Also do not forget that was the Chinese intervention in the xmas of 1950 that lead to the situation that we currently had, as UN and US forces where completly caught of guard.

It's sad, that today this situation is still the same since the cease fire in 1951.

Also true that any attempted of military intervention by NK against the south will be crushed by the SK and US Army in the region, but no victory will be acomplished without the endorsement of PRChina.

Meanwhile, NK is starving is own people so the army can have their nuclear toys.

Just sad, that still mankind as a lot to learn in the resolution of conflicts.
4) Message boards : Politics : The End is Near...... (Message 1180034)
Posted 22 Dec 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario
Onething I know the world would be a better place without Sarkozy, he already demonstrated some fascist lite politics.

Also he seems not to like the UK very much
5) Message boards : Politics : Will the world now be a better place? (Message 1179732)
Posted 21 Dec 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario
Like in any dictatorship, the new leader will have to impose himself by destroying a few people. He will send them to educational camps or they will be invited for vacations in the other world.

Otherwise, the entire north Korean regime will be in jeopardy. It’s a family business, and for sure there are some members of the copula that ambition the power for themselves, for sure china will have a word on it, as it’s because of the Chinese intervention, that the Korean war, ended in the way we know.

Nevertheless Both Koreas are artificial states, and I believe that like happened in Germany, the Korean People have the right of being one nation again.

6) Message boards : Politics : Will the world now be a better place? (Message 1179230)
Posted 19 Dec 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario
Latest news or not really

I don't think a lot of people are going to miss him

7) Message boards : Politics : The End is Near...... (Message 1178886)
Posted 17 Dec 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario
I have to write that a Hybrid creature has emerged between the frech-german talks. It's a monster named MERKOZY and wants the destruction of the EU ideals and replace them by old colonial ideals.

By the way who was the moron that convinced MERKOZY that the defict of a country should be 3% of the GBP?

We the countries from south europe are bad, we need spanking, MERKOZY says... big spenders...

Merkozy says UK is a BAD LAD, and the rating agencies should cut the rating of UK first instead of France

8) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : 600 light Years Away (Message 1178049)
Posted 14 Dec 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario

Voyager travels at this moment at the speed of 18 m per second so just make the calculations.

18m per second? That is 64.8km per hour = speed of a car?

wikipedia said it is 17km per second.

sorry, it was a typo instead of Km I wrote m, Oh my I have to stop drinking :D
9) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : The Higgs Boson (Message 1178048)
Posted 14 Dec 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario
Even if I look ignorant, I would like to have someone in this Forum that can explain me in a very simple way, why scientists call the Higgs Boson as the "GOD Particle" and what it is in Theory.

Even liking cosmology and Physics, i have to admit that some subjects are to much for my bean counter brain.

Thanks in advance for your clarifications on this subject.
10) Message boards : Politics : Pearl Harbour 12/7/41 (Message 1176263)
Posted 7 Dec 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario
All US Carriers from the pacific fleet where convinient on manouvers that day 70Y ago.

Can you imagine if the enterprise, the hornet and the essex where sunk on that day together with the Arizona?

I think that the us pacific fleet would be crippled for years, and even Australia would be in danger.

Japan would rule in the pacific for longer than it happen.
11) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : 600 light Years Away (Message 1176065)
Posted 6 Dec 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario
Nasa confirmed that it detected a possible habitable planet in the solar system Kepler 22 600 light years away from us. It seems that this planet can sustain life as it maybe have water in the liquid form.

At this moment even if we travel at the speed of the fastest man made object, the Voyager it will take to much time to reach it.
Voyager travels at this moment at the speed of 18 m per second so just make the calculations.

It seems that space exploration to reach other planets will be the next challenge in the years to come, not only from the engineering and technological point of view, but also from the financial point of view, as building a space ship capable of taking humans to colonize other planets will not have any financial return, as it will take more than one generation to get there.

Any future space ship will have to travel faster than light to make any voyage possible, and this barrier it’s still under discussion with the neutrino experiments.

Just a thought, if Mankind finds a way of colonizing other planets in different solar systems we will extend the existence of our species for thousands of years.
12) Message boards : Politics : Pizza is a Vegetable? No it is not. Pizza is a Fruit. (Message 1172710)
Posted 21 Nov 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario
This just shows that our civilization is evolving.

So Pizza is a vegetable, Beer is a vegetable also, well cigarrets are vegetable also ;)

So smoke, drink beer, eat pizza and whatch sport on TV. At the end you will became also a veggie :D

Beware with the Veggans LOL

13) Message boards : Politics : Boxing... why is it legal? (Message 1172706)
Posted 21 Nov 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario
WWE Rules, is the only sport where the player is it with a chair or a baseball bat in the head by other and does not bleed.

Probably they have a very tick skull, not like boxers where after a few years they can develop parkinson.

Boxing is not my cup of tea, but in many countries it's like a national sport.

Another thing, that for me turns boxing not interesting, is the money Iivolved with all the betting. Money destroys sports and destroys the show. At least with WWE we all know it’s a joke, while with boxing, it’s still a show, but most people still think that it’s a sport. Money had corrupted Boxing long time ago.
14) Message boards : Politics : More hogwash about JFK....... (Message 1172701)
Posted 21 Nov 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario
The Smoking Man did it.

Here is a pic of him with The Rifle doing The Dirty Deed.

Smoking Man of X-Files

And here is the wikipedia about it.

Smoking Man Is A Bad MoFo

Case been solved since 1996. The Truth is Out There.


I agree with Dull. There is no doubt that JFK was shoot by the smoking man, all because of the aliens that where found in Roswell and that are still visiting area 51.

Is common knowledge, that area 51 is a spaceport, used by alien civilizations to visit our planet.

All alien activity in our planet is regulated by Majestic 12 a special us government section, ultra-secret.

I still don’t understand is why aliens when they abduct humans, they insert probes on them. Maybe aliens like probing?
15) Message boards : Politics : Nearly DEAD. Stoning & Torturing a Woman AND her SON to Death... (Message 1170867)
Posted 13 Nov 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario
All long forgotten?

Some grim reading... So when for some new hope?

Now a year on and?...

A Campaign Against Death By Stoning in Iran

More than a year after Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s stoning sentence on account of adultery was suspended, international groups are campaigning to influence the Iranian governments decision to remove the barbaric practice from the country’s penal code. ...

The Price of Life

... had the pleasure of welcoming Mohammad Mostafaei, an Iranian human rights lawyer, to the Davis Theatre to give a talk entitled ‘No to Execution: A Mediation on Five Tragic Situations’. Mohammad was forced to flee his native Iran last year after working as a defence lawyer for Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani who was sentenced to death by stoning for adultery convictions. According to a recent article in The Guradian her death sentence is “on hold”. Mohammad himself, his wife and brother-in-law were imprisoned by Iranian authorities. ...

Will Sharia Govern Newly Liberated Muslim Countries?

... how far they will go to placate hardline Muslim forces.

The early signs from Libya are disappointing. ...

... Sharia, which means “path’ in Arabic, is more than a legal code; it’s a guide for all aspects from Muslim’s life, ...

Its rules have many interpretations, ranging from the hard-line Hanbali school, which, for instance, calls for stoning for such crimes as adultery, to the more liberal Hanafi school. The more liberal interpretations have been molded fairly successfully into otherwise secular and democratic countries...

Iranian actress Vafemehr spared lashing for appearing in Oz film without 'hijab'

... Iranian actress Marzieh Vafemehr has been spared 90 lashes and further imprisonment for her role in the South Australian film 'My Tehran for Sale', Amnesty International has claimed.

"We are extremely pleased to hear that Marzieh has been released without being subjected to the cruel and degrading punishment of flogging, but the crackdown on filmmakers continues in Iran," ...

... reduced her imprisonment to three months and overturned the flogging sentence...

Afghanistan mother and daughter stoned and shot dead

... armed men entered the house where the young widow lived with her daughter and took them out to the yard, where they were initially stoned and then shot dead.

"Neighbours did not help...

It's ALL our only world,

It's sad fpr people like us, that situations like the ones described here can still occur not only in the real world but close to the countries we live in.

I can understand a different culture, and I also understand islam quite well,but this stonings don't have anything to do with the teaching´s of Maomeh

At the end is all about man and the downgrade of women to an inferior creature, lower than a camel or even a mule.
16) Message boards : Politics : A very cruel bastard (Message 1170864)
Posted 13 Nov 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario
Maybe it just comes down to an "Energy Balance".
We as a species cannot advance at the expense of an "other".
Maybe i should get my protein from soy burgers.

Mankind evolved as a specie because it started to have a protein rich diet. We are what we are, is just like the tale of the scorpion and the frog, at the end the no specie can deny it's true nature.

As humans we have the ability of eating almost everything. It's common knowledge that chicken farms, fish farms and other's of the kind, do not treat animals in a proper way, they are just seen as a commodity that has to be slaughter and sold.

Without farms like this, mankind would die of starvation, as we are many and food needs to be produced in a cheap way.

I respect all the ones that follow an alternative diet, veggans, etc... Myself, well i can't live without a good TBone or a nice Fish.

To be honest i can live without that, but it would be the same thing.

We are what we are, but noyhinh justify acts of extrem crualty to animals, like that guy did to that cat.

One thing is to raise animals to be eaten, the other is just abuse the animals just for pleasure.

17) Message boards : Politics : A very cruel bastard (Message 1170559)
Posted 12 Nov 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario
it's obvious that someone who does this to a poor cat will do the same to a human being, as long he nows that there is no defense from the other side.

O don't want to analyse him, and i'm not interest also but is also obvious that this man is a coward
18) Message boards : Politics : A very cruel bastard (Message 1170040)
Posted 11 Nov 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario
What society should do to people like him?

cruel bastard
19) Message boards : Politics : STUPID or Not Stupid? The Age of STUPID (Worldwide event!) (Message 1170036)
Posted 11 Nov 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario
Actually, both the politics and the science are well explained. But that assumes a certain comprehension skill -- it may well be that in this (and many other) countries, the comprehension skill is lacking.

It's only one planet, but this global warming issue is not very well explained either by politics or by the scientific comunity.

therefore why should i worry about this?

Barry, in my country we have access to all information and if I read the explanations from the ones pro global warming, they are clear as water, the problem is than i read the other part, and it raise me some doubts.

Example, in many countries we are having the coldest winters ever and mild summers, where we should have not very well defined winters, springs or summers.

Also the ice-caps should all be melted by now.

Yes it's a fact that the average temperature of the planet is rising, the question is can we really say that this fact is only induced by man, or it's also induced by nature itself, as there are cycles where earth was warmer than it was now, and there was eras where the earth where much cooler. like in the ice age.
20) Message boards : Politics : Boxing... why is it legal? (Message 1170033)
Posted 11 Nov 2011 by Profile Dr Imaginario
There are worse sports than boxing. Like in other things of life, you can like or dislike it. Boxe is not my vup of tea also as it's a sport where is allowed full contact and people get injured. But in many countries is like a religion, and people love it.

For me also American Football is a silly sport, but nevertheless is one of the most popular sports in the US. Also is a sport where you can get very bad injuries, but shall we ban it? I don't think so. Players no the risks and most important there is a lot of money envolved.

If we follow the original post point of view, why shall we not ban all sports where people can be injured, like soccer, american football, rugby, wrestling and many otheres where are phisical contact?

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