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21) Message boards : Number crunching : Why is the 'new' credit system still erratic. (Message 1059465)
Posted 24 Dec 2010 by Profile WHOSIT
Greetings all,

I hope this is the correct posting area to place my questions concerning a small, strange problem I noticed with differences in my credit number reports. If not, I do apologise.

On my SETI@home screen saver, it states, that as of now, I have a Total credit of 6821.28 so far, where as in my signature, the old data (as is displayed) has remained static and unchanged for days.

{BTW, the data for the other three running programs are correct and do update.}

I have not changed any of my settings since I began running SETI and I believe this situation began after the latest "controlled outage". Anyone have an idea as to the actual cause of the non-updating signature numbers? Perhaps a cure for this unimportant nuisance problem?

Thanks in advance.
22) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Merry Christmas Seti Friends :-) (Message 1059452)
Posted 24 Dec 2010 by Profile WHOSIT
To all my fellow "@home" passive researchers,

23) Message boards : News : Workunit Shortage (Message 1058810)
Posted 22 Dec 2010 by Profile WHOSIT
Greetings all,


Oh yes. Once a month sans fail.

One simply must clean the kitties inside & out or they get over heated and there's nothing worse than owning / dealing with an over heated, grouchy kitty. They bite and scratch you! :-)
24) Message boards : News : Workunit Shortage (Message 1058796)
Posted 22 Dec 2010 by Profile WHOSIT
A leopard never changes its stripes ;)...

Apparently an Oscar type critter does and needs human intervention to do so as well! WOW! COOL! :-)
25) Message boards : News : Workunit Shortage (Message 1058792)
Posted 22 Dec 2010 by Profile WHOSIT
The main goal today, should it go off successfully........
Is to change the stripes on Oscar's drives to make them more efficient.

This involves moving a LOT of data back and forth between Oscar and his sister, Carolyn.

Hence, the extra day of downtime.

It has been hinted at that these 3 day science fairs might be coming to and end.......
No promises there.

Great news msattler! Thanks!

". . . might be coming to an end. . . No promises there." If I have to update, reboot, and upgrade my PCs, plus open the cases just to dust and clean them out, I imagine the same things are going to be done with those.

Plus keep in mind all of the "Murphy's Laws" and others , which also would apply, so I wouldn't promise anything either. :-)
26) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Post your age, if you dare. (Message 1058779)
Posted 22 Dec 2010 by Profile WHOSIT
When I started this thread,
I never really thought so many would be so forthcoming....
I mesn, it seems everybody is so ashamed of their age.


I am not.....I am proud of the fact that my Lord above has graced me with almost 54 years upon His planet. What we call Earth.

And I don't think He has a problem with me looking beyond. Not at all.......
If He created the heavens and Earth as we know them,
He certainly could have, in his spare time, created other worlds too.

Therein lies the reason for my search.

At almost 54 yo........

I hope to see 55.

GEEZ! I hope to see tomorrow!
27) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Post your age, if you dare. (Message 1058778)
Posted 22 Dec 2010 by Profile WHOSIT
I am now a whopping 56 years old (or young depending on internal status and external stimuli) and am able to join my town's Senior Citizens Center. . . . to sit in a corner, drinking decaf coffee, and molt or some such other thrilling activity.

YIKES! :-)

However, they actually do offer some interesting activities, which should prove to be fun and I'm sure there has to be a fellow mediocre Chess player mixed in there somewhere, whom I can beat once in a while. ;-)
If I'm really lucky, the same person will also share an interest in astronomy and the space program as well!

Free "Tai Chi" classes on Thursday mornings anyone? How about beginner's computing classes on Mondays? Bus rides to the Bronx Zoo? Oh, happy, happy, joy, joy. :-(

So. . . . I may join, but as yet, I'm undecided. I've been undecided for a year!
28) Message boards : News : Workunit Shortage (Message 1058760)
Posted 22 Dec 2010 by Profile WHOSIT
I haven't seen any downloads in the past few days. Also completed tasks are not uploading. Any ideas?

Read Technical News, we're in the middle of the 3 day outage,


They really should feed and water their mice more often. Perhaps they would then continue to run on the tread mill more. :-)

One thing which occurred here was, that I began crunching "AstroPulse" WUs for the very first time, during this controlled "outage". I was quite pleased, but this to has stopped as well. "BUMMER", but I think the outcome of the outage will improve future services, so in the long run, it's a good thing.
29) Message boards : News : Workunit Shortage (Message 1058749)
Posted 22 Dec 2010 by Profile WHOSIT
Hi @all,

i got a Virus (Trojan) in my last workunit. Trend Micro shows me: TROJ_GEN.FA2CZLJ in ..\projects\\setiathome_6.03_windows_intelx86.exe

hey guys, whats going up? Please check your systems. I stop further download.


It's highly unlikely that, with a hundred thousand users or more, and applications which have remained on secure servers since they were released in August 2008, that you computer is the first and (so far as I know) only computer to have detected this virus.

I would think, that IF such a dasterdly occurance of infection should happen, someone indeed WOULD BE "FIRST" out of the multitudes of users to get it. :-)

To be serious, I agree, that this is only a case of a "false positive" finding of the user's installed anti-malware program. It's a very common problem, which scares the bejesus out of many PC owners when it happens, myself included.

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