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Posted 25 May 2011 by Profile WHOSIT
Agreed, I'm getting the same issue on two of mine.


That's because we are in the middle of a 3 day maintenance process.
Which was announced yesterday or the day before.

Read the NEWS Forum, or Technical News..........:)

:-) Silly Wabbits. :-)
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Posted 4 Apr 2011 by Profile WHOSIT
Would humans come out of wormhole in one piece or would spagettization occur to them?

EWWWWWWW! "spagettization"!

Personally, I would rather come out in thousands, millions of three dimensional chunks like a 3D zig saw puzzle, rather than one long thin string of goo!

I also agree, that Pluto was always a planet when I was growing up and it remains for me, as always being a planet, darn it! LONG LIVE THE NINE PLANETS!

NASA does use radio signals to keep in touch with long range, distant probes, so there may not be a need seen by them for a special beacon to be placed on or in them or the extra fuel needed to launch 'em, while those designed to drift out and away from our solar system are expected to act as beacons in themselves, by hopefully being spotted by ETs.

As for everything else you posted in between these, everything posted here is speculation and you have your right to do so as well. ;-) I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the subject. :-)
3) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Japans Damaged Nuclear Plants. (Message 1093128)
Posted 3 Apr 2011 by Profile WHOSIT
What are your "oun personal dealings with Iodine-131"??

Hi Blurf! How ya been!

Some years ago, I developed a HUGE thyroid, resulting in hyperthyroidism, grave's disease, difficultly breathing, and had two choices offered, surgical removal or to attempt to "kill" the thyroid through ingestion of a pill containing a specifically made to order amount of Iodine-131, as the thyroid gland has a real affinity for the absorbing of iodine.

The pill was delivered the day before my office visit, which did not produce the expected and desired results, all though some very small decrease in size was noted in one week's time.

The explanation given for the bad result was, it may, MAY have come from an older (define as "weaker alpha emitting") batch of 131 used to make the pill, which to anyone who expects at least good results for whatever they pay for, is an unacceptable situation! {btw, my insurance was not charged for this treatment or the office visit :-) }

Besides that, one would think the producer of this "nuclear medication" would make sure it's main active component met some sort of guideline as per a standard amount of rads, pico rads, or whatever measurement / term is currently in use, to actually be emitted per hour or minute, at the dosage ordered or not use it!
This situation is comparable to a physician ordering a normal med at perhaps a 75mg amount and your receiving a 5mg dosage instead from the drug store. The received medication will just not work correctly or as intended.

Anyway. . . . The med was reordered and I was in the office when it was delivered two days later in it's yellow & purple, radioactive warning symbol marked container (looked very much like a surplus 30cal. ammo box), was called in as the delivery person was closing the box, and given the repeat dose there and then.
The next week, there was little sign of a thyroid left to see on the thyroid scan. Dead and gone! YEA!!!!!

HOWEVER! While the first "weak" dose was traveling through my body, followed by a second "full strength" dose, no one could answer with a definite, resounding "NO!", if the total emitted particles had done any, shall we say "collateral damage", to other parts of the body not intended to be it's "target".
With the first dose, expected to be up to par, the answer was, "Probably not.". The second dose answer was, "Most likely no.". Both combined, I was told, "I don't know."!


Because, there is no telling with any certainly at this time, what an alpha emitter will or will not do, in the long run, after taken into the body. It is ALWAYS a maybe or maybe not win or loose situation and I defy anyone to state otherwise, as some organs, glands, and other tissues within the body, are not evolved tough enough to repel an alpha particle, as are skin cells, while the isotope is moving inside and throughout the body.

"Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances.", as was in my case.

The reasons I took my chance, was I already had children and was 45 years old already, so not a big deal IMO. No genetic problems to pass on, and I expected (still do) to live out my normal life span.

While there haven't been any indications YET of hard, scientifically definable harmful effects, I suspect and blame the post treatment and rather sudden occurrence of non-CAD, PAD, or PVD related "mystery blood clotting" {as per my vascular surgeon's description} on it's ingestion. Just can't be proven one way or the other, sans doubt, at this current point in time. However, I absolutly believe it is so.

[Oh. . . and before someone posts radiation exposure is supposed to CAUSE bleeding and not clotting; that is ONLY one sign and/or symptom, which may or may not present itself in the patient, in a case of radiation poisoning, aka radiation "sickness", caused by high time and/or short, unshielded distance exposure to both beta and gamma ionizing particles, not low dosage exposure as in the case of non-ionizing particles or ingested, medical grade, alpha emitting Iodine-131, which btw, is why Japan is "feeding" (no pun intended) it's people a false story, that it is safe to consume farm fresh products and water contaminated with a host of alpha emitters besides Iodine. NO ONE KNOWS, WITH ANY CERTANTY, WHAT AN INTERNALLY PLACED ALPHA EMITTER, WILL OR WON'T DO, IN THE LONG TERM, TO OTHER PARTS OF THE BODY, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE THYROID GLAND, AT THIS TIME! This is a dangerous assumption and stance to take, on their or any other government's part, just being based alone and only on Iodine-131's normal half life of days!

I wouldn't consume any of it nor give any to my children, given I had a choice in the matter, and the majority of world renowned physicist have publicly already stated the exact same thing, for the exact same reasons!

Hell! Don't anyone listen to me. . . . . listen to them!

Also, just FEI who may read this, I am a lifetime certified N.B.C. responder and radiation monitor in my state and I studied the HELL out of the subject to get it. I went WAY over board in my quest for knowledge on the subjects of radiation and radioactivity.

I am no way and far from being a nuclear physicist or something even near close by, but I do know more about radiation and it's effects than most others in most other professional fields of endeavor and MUCH more than John Q. Public does.
For example: History: Measurement of radiation in the U.S. at one time was referred to as an X number amount received of "Sunshine Units"! How quaint and harmless sounding the government made it all seem! It lasted until in general, people gained a broader, realistic spectrum of education in regards to radiation effects and THEN "Uncle Sam" through the AEC, changed to the "RAD" (Radioactive Decay) unit as the new "publicly known" and accepted standard term.

Sunshine Unit vs. RAD.
Even sounds more mean and dangerous. HA!

Plus I do have my nephew, with his doctorates degree in the matter, to lean on for info as well, through these and future horrible days.]

Now, to get back on track and end this long winded posting. . . .

Blurf, If I was younger and/or had no children yet, I would have opted for the surgical procedure. No question about it.

It's always better to err on the side of safety, although having a rather large incision made through the upper chest and lower neck, then cutting something grown abnormally large out, in itself has it's oun risks, but was then also considered a more common, therefore "safer" sounding procedure to have performed with an almost 100% guaranteed good outcome.

So, there ya are buddy. You (and the rest of the world) now know about "my oun personal dealings" with Iodine-131. :-D
4) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : UFO? (Message 1092832)
Posted 3 Apr 2011 by Profile WHOSIT
The conspiracy theorists show several signs of impossibly looped logic:

1. Take bits of information and add them up to the assumption made

2. When confronted with skepticism, accuse denialism

3. When confronted with facts, claim they "don't get it"

4. When proven wrong, return to group of conspiracy for support, reassurance, and more fact-twisting. Return to number 1.

HA! I LOVE IT! Had me laughing out loud to myself.

Only thing wrong I feel is, "Return to number 1", should be number 5. ;-)

This is not to say I don't believe in UFOs. On the contrary, I saw one when I was 8 years old and my "X-files" style "flying saucer" poster says, "I Do Believe!".

However, not everything strange or unexplainable seen in the sky by people, which an observer thinks is a UFO, takes photos of it, or perhaps video records it, IS a true UFO!

There's just too many wackos out there, who cause hindrance and harm to the serious investigation of the phenomena. :-(
5) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Japans Damaged Nuclear Plants. (Message 1092817)
Posted 2 Apr 2011 by Profile WHOSIT
Of the 55 nuclear power plants in Japan 5 are seriously damaged with one in very serious trouble. They blew up the control building to flood the core with sea water. In the video you can see the visible shockwave of high explosives. Not a hydrogen explosion as reported. The control room was blown to feed sea water to the cores reactor pool. This is a last ditch attempt to prevent a Chenobel type meltdown. 170000 people have been evactuated from the area. Another reactor also has coolant problems. This is dealy serious and US and Canada west coasts are downwind. There are way more serious problems than the public is being told. By doing so the overflow will be radioactive and dumped into the sea for as long as it takes to cool the reactor. Working in the US Navy nuclear power program tasught me the dangers of this castastrphe.

"Your "fantasy story" displays no common sense what so ever! NO ONE, NO HOW, who's in their right mind, would expose a radioactively contaminated area to any unprotected, unshielded, internal space, nor the open environment! Doing so WILL cause even more problematic situations!"

This posted quoting and FACT, in reply to your posting, comes via a long time, experienced controller at the Oyster Creek Generation Facility in New Jersey, who happens also to be my nephew.

There are many more ways of executing a controlled breach into a facility, sans blowing it ALL up with explosives, creating a mass of unnavigable rubble, to get coolant to the cores and spent materials storage areas.

What a DUH statement! No doubt the whole thing's a "conspiracy" planed by the "New World Order", to control world population as well. Utter garbage!

However, I agree, that the EXTREAM dangers of all types of radioactive isotopes being expelled into both the air, ocean, and into a wide area's soil from this accidental (and unwarranted, unplanned for. . . GRRRRRR!) disaster, carries with it a VERY REAL AND SERIOUS health threat, to all populated areas around the northern pacific rim for now, and as with the Chernobyl incident, the contaminants from Japan's reactors WILL end up world wide.

BTW. . . As it is, older generations, such as I, have already been contaminated by "above ground atomic and nuclear testing" PLUS. . . WE ALL have some part of Chernobyl's contamination within us right now! FACT!

Because of it's short half life of days, the alpha emitters are being "poo-pooed" by the facility's owner and the Japanese government, which is TOTALLY WRONG and is sending a FALSE message to Japan's, and the world's, population!

I have had my oun personal dealings with Iodine-131 and when exposed to it needlessly and without giving it enough time to "decay" into harmlessness, people WILL experience and develop harmful effects from it!

Even an alpha emitter's particles (such as Iodine-131), which are normally repelled by everyday worn clothing and our very skin, if inhaled or ingested into the body, CAN cause future harmful effects to occur within the "infected" person or animal. These harmful effects may or may not be displayed within the infected subject(s) in their oun normal life time, but perhaps will show up in their sibling(s) instead, due to damaged and mutated cellular structure(s) of the propagator.

What is presently scarring the hell out of me as of late is, as a by-product of a reactor's operation in Japan, Plutonium was produced, which is one of the most deadly poisons known to man and is a high gamma emitter, with a half life of thousands of years!
THIS MATERIAL IS AN ABSOLUTE KILLER!!!!! Over exposure to the gamma particles WILL cause "radiation sickness", followed shortly there after by death!
It's been reported that, this particular radioactive isotope has leaked outside of the containment vessel and into the environment around the facility!

The long term effects of this co-incident, is a disaster in itself, compounded on top of the existing nuclear facility's disastrous situation and at least I can foresee grave and sad events happening because of this, such as placing a large area surrounding the generation facility off limits to travel, farming, and all types of fishing, on or off shore, for the long term future; not to mention the definite effects this emitter WILL have on lives of those exposed to it at the facility right now.

I have no doubt, that this killer material, will somehow and eventually, end up traveling elsewhere. :-(
6) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Faster than the Speed of Light. (Message 1092752)
Posted 2 Apr 2011 by Profile WHOSIT
I agree. . . . to a point.

Using "worm holes" or perhaps the possible use of a "fold space" method to travel, would almost eliminate what we humans term as time.

Therefore, it would SEEM a traveler had exceeded the speed of light from point of origin to final destination, but in actuality had not.

Instead, the traveler had exceeded a sort of "speed of time" or broken the "time barrier".

What are your and other's opinions about this? All are welcomed. ;-)
7) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Ancient Aliens - What's the proof? (Message 1092746)
Posted 2 Apr 2011 by Profile WHOSIT
IMHO, The ONLY way to find out if the earth has been visited in it's past history, would have to be for those currently here, to step forward and state so.
(Yes indeed. My flying saucer poster says, "I Do Believe!".)

Other wise, the debate on the subject will continue on forever, given the lack of hard and absolute proof of the proposed occurrence.

BTW, Personally I believe they've been "hanging 'round the hood" for a long, long time, perhaps changing DNA sequences; toying, twisting, folding, and tweaking them, which would account for the appalling appearance and acceptance by the younger earth's human populous of "RAP" music.


More of an "EPIC FAIL", if I do say so, on their part!

Guess they aren't as smart, as we believe they were OR they have crummy taste in aurial pleasures. :-)
8) Message boards : News : "Are We Alone?" The Great Debate (Message 1082034)
Posted 27 Feb 2011 by Profile WHOSIT
<tongue in cheek>
Yes we are alone in this vast universe, as well as in other universes. SETI is just an exercise in distributed computing. They're sending us workunits which they say comes from the Arecibo observatory, but for all I know it may very well be signals from a TV-station close to Berkeley that they send out to be crunched.
</tongue in cheek>

More likely, the campus micro power radio station. :-)
9) Message boards : Technical News : Back to the Grind (Jan 03 2011) (Message 1065201)
Posted 10 Jan 2011 by Profile WHOSIT

Besides. . . All that constant sanity is sooo boring anyway. People should try inserting some unharmful insanity once in a while into their always serious lives. It helps unclog the old brain's drain. ;-)
{Just keep the water balloon & soaker fights confined to safe areas while inside buildings. :-)}

...And keep all that water away from the server closet!

Oh heck yeah! Exactly the type of area which wouldn't be safe and would most likely cause permanent insanity.

"The horror. The horror." :-)
10) Message boards : Technical News : Back to the Grind (Jan 03 2011) (Message 1064815)
Posted 9 Jan 2011 by Profile WHOSIT
I think everyone aims for 24/7 up time. Never down time. No matter how hard the team or anyone strides for it, at this point in technological time, it's just going to happen sooner or later, so lots o' luck with keeping everyone sane all the time as well.

Besides. . . All that constant sanity is sooo boring anyway. People should try inserting some unharmful insanity once in a while into their always serious lives. It helps unclog the old brain's drain. ;-)
{Just keep the water balloon & soaker fights confined to safe areas while inside buildings. :-)}
11) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Bet you didn't know this shXX (Message 1064807)
Posted 9 Jan 2011 by Profile WHOSIT
Don't know if he invented it or not, but I'm old enough to tell you he sure could play. Definitely up there in history's top 10 pluckers & strummers. :-)
12) Message boards : News : Happy New Year from SETI@home (Message 1062436)
Posted 1 Jan 2011 by Profile WHOSIT
Greetings all,

From what I have gathered in my brief encounter with you all in my readings I really am just a very small cog in the wheel, but a cog nonetheless. . .

Sorry for going of topic here, but I felt compelled to respond to this part of Kadaitcha_Man's posting.

Many participants (myself included) in "@home" projects feel the very same way as you do and the importance of each of us "small cogs" contributing it's very oun share of work to the whole machine's functioning, can't be stressed enough. Without all us tiny cogs, the big research machine would surely break down.

So Kadaitcha_Man. . . Three New Year's cheers. . . just for all the many of us tiny, small cogs, who volunteered to be assimilated into the BOINC! :-)

13) Message boards : News : Happy New Year from SETI@home (Message 1061424)
Posted 30 Dec 2010 by Profile WHOSIT
Greetings all, the coming new year of 2012...

Health, wealth, joy, and happiness to us all in 2012.

I'm sure you meant 2011

Greetings all,

Yes. I stand corrected twice over MarkJ. Sorry about that.

All the folding of space near event horizons messed up my clocks. . . and my head. :-)

14) Message boards : News : Happy New Year from SETI@home (Message 1061322)
Posted 30 Dec 2010 by Profile WHOSIT
Greetings all,

Actually, thanks to you Matt and the others.

Here's to the continued, enjoyable "@home" passive research assistance programs, provided via the many people from Berkley / BONIC.

May they all prove to be even more fruitful to everyone involved with them in any way, in the coming new year of 2012, and may SETI receive another, but this time sustained and confirmed "WOW! signal" from the neighbors out there.

{ Hopefully, they're not saying to turn down the volume. . . or still worse, prepare to be assimilated. :-) }

Health, wealth, joy, and happiness to us all in 2012.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Why is the 'new' credit system still erratic. (Message 1061000)
Posted 29 Dec 2010 by Profile WHOSIT
Greetings all,

BeNt & 1mpO*173,

Thee absolutely childish, doltish type of responses I had sadly foreseen and expected to be posted.

Rather than bandy about words in endless, pointless reply to both of your feeble and asinine attempts at continued, publicly viewable, written fisticuffs, I choose instead to pursue much more important, undoubtedly productive, and personally delightful tasks.

Good day sirs.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Why is the 'new' credit system still erratic. (Message 1060404)
Posted 28 Dec 2010 by Profile WHOSIT

If it's not important, then why waste so much time explaining how it's not important -- or how beNt doesn't get it?

IMO, the biggest issue that SETI has is the fact that we as a society demand perfection: 100% availability and absolute agreement on all stats sites at all times.

BOINC doesn't work that way. BOINC isn't designed for 100% availability, it's designed so that parts can fail and the overall system still works.

... and that includes stats.

I think beNt does get it, in that he doesn't expect the project to do more than they've promised (a "best effort" to periodically deliver work -- done with a small staff and a tiny budget), and he doesn't expect the stats sites to always have the latest.

We live in an imperfect world, and simulating perfection in an imperfect world is expensive. You do it with redundant connections into diverse locations on different power grids, different infrastructures -- and even then you're hoping and praying that there isn't some common element that one idiot can break.

BOINC doesn't try to simulate perfection. It recognizes that things break, and does a good job of working anyway.

Exactly, thank you.

Greetings all,

1mpO*173 and BeNt,

I greatly dislike repeating myself and thought I had made my communications quite very clear to anyone, IF they had bothered to take the time to actually read and understand my postings on the matter, which is apparently something both of you are incapable performing, as you both have strayed far off the point and initial intent of the original posted question.

Thanks so much for both of your invaluable assistances rendered, but they are no longer desired, requested, nor required, as the answer I've sought has been finally received from the third party stat graphic provider earlier today, explaining the fault in their generation of only my SETI statistics.


Your suggested course of action concerning the site I chose has worked. :-) However, I have chosen to no longer display a stat graphic in my signature in any case, so the whole matter is mote.

Thanks very much for your help.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Why is the 'new' credit system still erratic. (Message 1060280)
Posted 27 Dec 2010 by Profile WHOSIT
Greetings all,

Ric, the Seti stats are only generated for download for the other sites once a day. There have been issues going on in Berkley, so they may not have gotten an updated set. So I don't get it, is it really that big of a deal?


Thanks for your response, but I have been aware of the 24 hour delay in reporting, which is not the cause.

It's obvious you didn't and don't "get it" at all.

It has always been of no importance to me to display my stats, be they up to date or not, in my signature. Rather, I was looking for something to "dress up" the plain printed signature area and chose a stat display I liked to do so.

A part of that signature graphic was not operating correctly (btw it still isn't on ANY site's stat graphic as of this current posting), therefore it was replaced with something else. If something I have isn't working right, can't, will not be, or isn't worth being fixed (this latter being the case), I dispose of it. I don't keep broken anythings hanging around.

". . ., is it really that big of a deal?"
In more than one sense, no it isn't.
However, It is the cause of the odd single program stat malfunction, which has peaked MY interest, so in turn, that WOULD make it a very minor "big deal" to me and perhaps no one else.

Also, I am very aware of the MANY issues affecting SETI and other "@home" project end users emanating from both Berkley and the BOINC system.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Why is the 'new' credit system still erratic. (Message 1060061)
Posted 27 Dec 2010 by Profile WHOSIT
Greetings all,

Richard Haselgrove,

Re: Stat counter malfunction


As I have not received a reply from the alternative stat site I chose to use, not seeing any change to my SETI numbers in mine nor any other's for over twenty four hours, and in seeing here within the topic thread so many people seeming to be interested in the gaining of statistical numbers, rather than in the scientific work being performed itself, I have decided to eliminate any stat counter all together and replace it with a plain graphic.

Besides, IMHO, It is a needlessly redundant practice to include my oun stat numbers on my oun postings, where as I can just glance off to the left side and see perfectly matched numbers to those displayed on my programs' screen savers underneath my avatar.
For those who are of the numerical statistic interested inclined, I have listed the programs in my signature I partake of. Feel free to seek and look my ten to the infinite stat numbers up. ;-) :-)

To those who may be offended by this post, with my mention of "number collectors" included within, I wish to state, that there is nothing what so ever wrong with this practice! By all means, I wish each of you good luck, with more and more success in your numerical gain endeavors.
This was / is just not my personal point of interest in deciding to participate in the certain "@home" projects I have chosen.

I also found it repulsive to read and discover here, that some persons have chosen to cheat, attempted to, or still attempt to do so, in order to ONLY increase their stat(s)' numbers. WHY!? To what end!? Did I miss mention of some sort of grand, ultimate prize to be given to the holder of the highest stat number(s) at some unknown point in time? :-)
To take something good such as this, to that level and degree of anti-social action, is an indication (to myself anyway), of a person with some type of mental problem and / or disorder. Hopefully, these people seek out counseling and treatment, while also being banned from ANY "@home" program usage.
19) Message boards : News : "Are We Alone?" The Great Debate (Message 1059507)
Posted 25 Dec 2010 by Profile WHOSIT

Ham Radio Operators, CB'ers, and Broadcasters all depend on something other than point-to-point communications and I don't see any of these radiators of RF not being used in the foreseeable future.


OH YUCK! Talk about absolute cosmic RF noise pollution, which should be banned from further transmission!

If ETs, whom have already deciphered the English language / American dialect & slang, are listening to the over powered, over modulated, "ratchet jaw" garbage on it and the foul mouths transmitting utilizing the citizen's radio band frequencies, that have been emanating from the U.S. for the past thirty five to fourty years, they most certainly do not want anything to do with us!

Matter of fact. . . . if they are listening to many TV & radio broadcasts passing by and understand them, they wouldn't want anything to do with the whole planet!

I can imagine "Jetson's" or "Futurama" type space traffic signs placed out in near space somewhere stating, "DANGER! DO NOT LAND! KEEP AWAY! CRAZED KILLER THINGS LIVE HERE!".

Oh well. There's no "do overs". Too late. :-(

On the topic at hand, "Are We Alone", my answer HAS TO BE NO. Other life forms my not be like us in many, many ways, but I believe it is or they are out there somewhere. . . . and just possibly hiding from us. :-)
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Why is the 'new' credit system still erratic. (Message 1059486)
Posted 24 Dec 2010 by Profile WHOSIT

Your signature graphic from an alternative stats site is more up-to-date. (But stats are never completely accurate, because the export only takes place once every 24 hours, and takes a significant length of time to process before appearing as a graphic)

That suggests that the export of data from the SETI@home project is working normally. You should perhaps address your question to the administrators of the (independent) stats site you chose to use for your signature.

WOW! That was a FAST reply! :-)

Thank you very much Richard for your assistance!

Even though the matter is of little importance as compared to not getting any WUs, sending constant erred data back, or other such more serious problems, I shall undertake your suggested recommendation none the less, just to see what answer I may receive from them.
Perhaps one of their server's blades needs a good, swift kick. :-)

BTW, I noticed the numbers on my account, my screen saver, the graphic you included in your reply, and my malfunctioning signature graphic, are ALL different! HA!

Being that the work being and getting done IS the most important objective, to me anyway, rather than the displaying of my stats, I may place an all together different type of small graphic in my signature, just to include that added splash of color to it.
I can always just post the projects I'm running in the printed area of my signature and let the stat enthusiastic inclined go hunting for mine. He, he, he. ;-)

However, I still will be contacting that stat site, whatever I finally decide to do.

Again, Thank you Richard. Enjoy the holiday season my friend.


Richard! Oh my gosh! The SETI numbers in my sig's graphic just changed after my posting and match the ones in your reply posted graphic!

Now I'll just have to see if they keep updating and how long it takes to do so, to satisfy my curiosity. Geez! Impossible to make any changes now, being that this incident has occurred! I MUST SEEK THE ANSWERS TO THIS MINOR MYSTERY! :-)

Do you suppose, that your enquiry into my SETI stats, gave that faulty server blade the "kick" I mentioned it needed to get going again? Perhaps they discovered and fixed the problem at the same time? BOY! I hope it doesn't take DAYS to update the SETI stats!

AMAZING! I'll keep you posted on this matter.

Next 20

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