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1) Message boards : Number crunching : CLOSED* SETI/BOINC Milestones [ v2.0 ] - XXIII *CLOSED (Message 1135576)
Posted 3 Aug 2011 by Profile Taxman59
1 million mile marker achieved!!! Next marker is 2 million on BOINC.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Super Bowl Donation Drive for S@H (Message 1073599)
Posted 2 Feb 2011 by Profile Taxman59
I'm in. Does anyone remember "Win one for the thumb"? (I think it now they are working on a 2nd handful of rings!!) Pittsburgh by a dozen!!!
3) Message boards : Number crunching : CLOSED- SETI/BOINC Milestones [ v2.0 ] - XXII -CLOSED (Message 1071933)
Posted 29 Jan 2011 by Profile Taxman59
Junst hit BOINC 1 million!!! next goal is SETI 1 million (about 5 months away).
4) Message boards : Technical News : Results (Dec 29 2010) (Message 1061146)
Posted 30 Dec 2010 by Profile Taxman59
With all of the good work you have done this year with less than "stellar" equipment, I hope that the project leaders have seen fit to give you a year end performance reward. I know that you are not in this for the $, but with what you have managed to do this year, there should be something for you. Maybe there is some kibble for you somewhere. If not, then you are building up one heck of a positive karma.

thanks for all you have done

5) Message boards : News : The project is down while we remodel our database servers. (Message 1045016)
Posted 30 Oct 2010 by Profile Taxman59
My "pool" date is December 6th. December 7th will be the biggest crash in Seti history as 100,000 users all try to download 10 days of work within 2 hours. The 2 replacement machines will get up and leave for the abuse they are taking!!!!

(IDK the symbol for sarcasm)
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Emergency fund drive for the project............. (Message 1040076)
Posted 9 Oct 2010 by Profile Taxman59
I am the $100 unknown donor. The message board wouldn't let me post since I didn't have enough credit?!?!?!?! Then It did. Go figure. Great job raising the $5K plus. How far towards a server will that go?
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Closed *SETI/BOINC Milestones [ v2.0 ] - XXI* Closed (Message 1025001)
Posted 14 Aug 2010 by Profile Taxman59
Just hit 400K in Seti, approaching 500k in BOINC (I use Milkyway and Einstien for the outage downtime)!!!
8) Message boards : Number crunching : The project down due to a network problem. (Message 1016389)
Posted 16 Jul 2010 by Profile Taxman59
I think that is the plot of Victor Victoria!!!

Keep up the good work! My machines are crunching away with the last bits of SETI and Milkyway which is also down. (Thank goodness I still have Einstein for the rest of the weekend.)
9) Message boards : Number crunching : New outage schedule.... (Message 1010268)
Posted 1 Jul 2010 by Profile Taxman59
Everyone has to start somewhare. Those of you who have been posting nonstop for years, at one time were posting virgins. There was something that caught your fancy and caused you to write your very first post. Most people prefer to keep their thoughts private most of the time.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Seti donation roll call....... (Message 1009506)
Posted 28 Jun 2010 by Profile Taxman59
$150 so far this year. Kudos to the staff for their efforts!!
11) Message boards : Technical News : Fill 'er up (Jun 23 2010) (Message 1007546)
Posted 23 Jun 2010 by Profile Taxman59
Thanks for the update. You guys do a "Yeoman" job. I am curious, what would it cost for a new server? It seems that if the people who seem to be venting the most are those who haven't given cash. That is not to say they haven't donated time and electrical costs, but the project could use more of the cash. Maybe a "fundraiser" for a new server or two would shake loose a few dollars that may make your lives a bit easier.

Again thanks for the update and the day to day work you do to keep the project going.
12) Message boards : Technical News : Out of the fire and into the pit of sulfuric acid. (Feb 19, 2010) (Message 979925)
Posted 17 Mar 2010 by Profile Taxman59
As one who first joined SETI 10 years ago (and took a 5 year break and returned recently) and now is posting for the first time, I think this is a great project that is fun (late night dreaming of being the one who makes the first contact) and scientifically helpful. The volunteers who run it deserve our thanks and the project deserves a cash donation occaisionally. We need to get away from the attacks and the "blame game" that seems to predominate posts when there is an outage.

Lets keep this a fun project.

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