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1) Message boards : Cafe SETI : OK WE ALL TALK BUT WHO HAS SEEN A UFO OR ALIEN (Message 923551)
Posted 4 Aug 2009 by Profile Carl

when i was 15 i lived in a house near fremantle perth wa. it was near the anzac monument a lot of things happend at this time it was around the time sky lab fell to earth over australia i believe due to sun spot activerty which knocked it out of orbit.

so here goes as i lay asleep in my room i had this aful feeling of dread and fear to the extent i was almost totaly paralised with fear. somthing bad was in my room. with all the courage i could muster i opend my eyes. my god it was in my doorway this thing was like no picture or crature i had ever seen.

it was about just over seven foot higher than the doorway god its still so vivid in my memory even now thirty one years later.
ok it had a green cloak meatalic like rayon i think they call it
it went almost to the ground.
it had purple flesh the arms were nearly twice the lenght of ours cant remember looking at the hands.
the head oh boy um gosh i wish i could sketch. long jaw extended head no mouth it had horns no joke but not the same like 2inch stubs that look like they were pushed up from underneath but still coverd with the purple skin. the eyes were huge and round and circular just like a cat but huge say as big as um a tea cup
and pure gold pupils. these matched the orb it had hanging from its neck this is hard to describe but here goes. around its neck it had a chain hanging down to its chest a gold link chain with links that could almost anchor a boat. at the end of the chain was an orbe it was a ball with flutes i gues you could call them coming out from the ball in the centre. on the end of the flute covering most of the ball where gold circles with holes in the midle that mached almost the creatures eyes.

i was frozen solid it was at a gues 3am i think i may have pissed myself no joke i was terrified i rolled over and closed my eyes god what a wus imagine having a gun pointed at you for some reason i was ten times more scared if thats possible.

in the morning where i had put some nails in the top of my door frame to run a extention cord over the top of my door the cord was on the floor just where it had been leaning on the door looking at me.

ha ha i dont share this story much as you get that look the this guy is loopy one where they politely get the hell away from you.

this is my one and only close encounter

god if anyone can help me sketch this thing i would be gratefull.

2) Message boards : Technical News : CPU count (May 13 2009) (Message 922445)
Posted 30 Jul 2009 by Profile Carl

150 you know matt thats really not so many say if you worked out from helpers like me what would that bring your processing power up to. i fiddle and build pc,s if i were able to afford the power bill i have four quad core pc,s plus about twenty working 3gig cpu p5 units ad in a couple of dual core macs to that i have whoa at least 36 some on a network.

here is a doozy over all us voulenteer,s what would you think we have its mind bogleing really. id let you use the lot but i cant afford the power and when gaming at friends while out for a smoke i really have seen sparks jumping across power lines. say thirty pc,s in one house. i admit a have three zeon quads but the cpu,s are at best 2.8gig. and they eat power.

i would love to see some guess of the procesing power of all the voulenteers even a wild gues would be fun.

sincerly carl portman perth wa
3) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Has anyone ever seen anything weird in the sky? (Message 922436)
Posted 30 Jul 2009 by Profile Carl
i think it was 1978 i was fifteen it was around the time sky lab fell to earth in australia. there were a few sightings then

ok in short i was in our back garden late at night when looking up i saw what i thought was an metior a white light like a bright star it took ten min to cover say a centimetre no big deal but no vapour trail at all. then in less than a second it went up a and down about a centimeter then crosed the whole of the sky in less than a second. you could actually see it then rise up and break the atmosphere and vanish. now tell me anything we have that can cross the whole sky in say half a second or less and change direction at will.
4) Message boards : Cafe SETI : What Is Your Weather Like? IV (Message 922435)
Posted 30 Jul 2009 by Profile Carl
perth wa in short cold but sunny all week 3c to 22c all week ok in the sun but when i get up at 3am for work its hard to get out of bed. clear skys here lovely to use my deep space telscope i recently bought but better if i can get to go bush soon.
5) Message boards : Cafe SETI : OK WE ALL TALK BUT WHO HAS SEEN A UFO OR ALIEN (Message 922428)
Posted 30 Jul 2009 by Profile Carl
seti is looking for alien comunication but tell me and no stories who has seen a ufo or alien.

i have two or three experiences i would love to share most of which happend around the time sky lab fell to earth ha yes i am that old lmao.

but id like somone else to start the ball rolling before i spill my beans.

i have seen a total of three ufo,s some real close and an alien that would knock your socks off this all happend around fremantle are in perth wa about 31 years ago but its will always be fresh in my mind.

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