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Posted 3 Nov 2010 by Profile Nin Ki
Have to leave SETI - can no longer afford the wear and tear on my computer - cannot afford to replace it - and need to save all I can on my electric bill.
But above and beyond that, I seriously wonder whether SETI is just another red herring. Keep us busy on one track when another track is the way to go. Either way, it just does not matter. Can't afford either one.
Have a good time tearing this one apart, people, if you feel like it. Argue away. Or ignore it entirely.
It really does not matter to me.
But I must say that the often virulent responses to one another's postings is another thing that seriously disappointed me about the SETI site. I, perhaps foolishly, expectedly intelligent discourse and courteous discussion of differences from people who believed this was a cause worth sacrificing time and money for.
All of you, have a good life.
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Posted 22 Apr 2010 by Profile Nin Ki
How is the weather?
A tad dry for spring here, but after three years of excessive rain I will take this relatively dry, pollen-induced-allergies-out-of-control environment any day over the molded, mildewed, everything-so-drenched-you-cannot-function-moisture we have endured so long. I am looking forward to a year without more than seven feet of rain per annum.
Plus at 10:18 PM it is 64 wonderful degrees Fahrenheit.
VERY pleasant.
Some thunderstorms are expected in the next few days, but as long as they do not tear up the property, we will not complain.
Compared to the last few years, this spring is looking GREAT!
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Posted 25 Mar 2010 by Profile Nin Ki
Currently it is 72 degrees here with clouds on the horizon at 7:13 P.M. Central USA time.
Tonight we are anticipating thunderstorms.
Normally a thing to just expect in the spring here but after two years of excessive rain - last year we got more than seven feet of rain - and even though we are experiencing the driest spring in three years - more rain is NOT welcome!
After the destructive storms of the last several years, any storm makes one fearful. I personally cannot afford any more damage - insurance pays for just so much.
Other than that, the weather is great!
Hope your outlook is better!
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Posted 27 Sep 2009 by Profile Nin Ki
My granddaughter and son monopolized my computer this weekend so I did not know until a few moments ago that I had been off-line for possibly as much as 40 hours. My BOINC manager has no tasks either from SETI or Einstein and appears to be dead. No tasks, no messages, no nothing. Everything is blank. How do I reactivate?
Thank you for your assistance.
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Posted 22 Aug 2009 by Profile Nin Ki
Robert its true i am very angry ,not at you people but at they way you want to defend the Ts ,and dont mistake the taliban for the moslems as a whole,or the afgan people.These people are funding and confusing the whole region and from just there signatures and videos they look like the worst kind that has invaded our planet if they are not causing instability in pakistan then they are in afganistan or linked to alqueda thus reaching as far as Africa in somalia and the sudan and now penetrating nigeria ,there beliefs are beyond understanding and they are a determined lot and yet you want to give them a proper hearing ,I just cant understand that.The afgans have suffered terribly because of them, they dont want dialogue ,their banners carry signs of the sword and yet you still want to treat them as humans ,what kind of humans are these? NIN ki also likes them i just wonder.Its true there must be proof that they people were Taliban fighters but if indeed they were Ts then they deserve what they got ,because it doesnt matter if they surrender or not,if they plead guilty or not .We dont like and dont want that lot roaming our planet ,there is just not enough oxygen to share with them,We shall sleep better and do they other things after they are cleaned of the face of the earth,if they want peace let them lay down their arms and go to there homes ,but if caught in action let them face the justice they practice ,however painfull it may seem to some.About trying them i dont see the need for that ,trials can be done the military way right on they spot were they are caught, soldiers and those commanding them are not insane ,they are properly trained to make a destinction between who is the enemy and who is not.If we trust them with our lives and send them to do such a task ,lets not start asking how they do it,They have a code of conduct right from the high command to the lowest rank,they have they military police who know every thing, so why start all these petition on something you dont know much about except what you read in the papers.If A T IS CAUGHT HE DEFINATELY DESERVES A D .To me they are all guilty by association !i have no mercy for that kind of people .

I agree with you that Taliban have done atrocious acts, but that does mean we drop our own moralistic values and re-write, on-the-fly our international laws. Although these war criminals were probably going to be executed when they're trial did come to fruition - it was not the duty of these soldiers to carry out this massacre. It was to be the decision of the Muslim people in Afghanistan once a stable government had been successfully installed.

Everyone here knows that the Taliban have forced themselves into innocent peoples lives. And that they have threatened them with violence and enacted upon it. They instil fear into the people of the territories that they forcibly occupy - force them to shelter them, feed them and fight for them, and if they refuse they will be executed as well as they're families.

"Trials done the military way" - The military could not have been 100% assured that these people were not innocents and this is why things need to go to hearing At the end of the day by the time these people were in custody they were unarmed, and although most if not all of them were Taliban, there was a chance that some were civilians and had the right to a fair trial!

There is nothing wrong with this subject going under the microscope, if they did anything unlawful it should go to public inquiry, and if they stayed within the "code of conduct" then they have nothing to worry about...

You are correct in your statements, Kai. Even though I am a "shades of gray" person rather than an "all things are black or white" person, I do believe that some things are absolute. One of those things that is absolute is - as you inferred - if there is a possibility that someone is innocent that person deserves every opportunity to prove they are innocent. If that is taken away, by whatever means, those who took that process away are themselves criminals.
Something to be considered not only there, but here as well.
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Posted 18 Aug 2009 by Profile Nin Ki
This is a short film on the topic of the Afghan Massacre from the organization Physicians for Human Rights.

Thank you for that link to a valid docummentary. It reminds me of the methods the Nazis used against the Jews. They were brutal to the core. I will not, in any way, participate in that sort of brutality through commission or omission - and by failing to act against such a thing done with, at the very least, the knowlege of my government I participate through omission.
I, for one, will be signing the Physicians for Human Rights petition as soon as I finish this post.
Thank you, again.
7) Questions and Answers : Getting started : "Not connected to a client" (Message 926997)
Posted 18 Aug 2009 by Profile Nin Ki
Version 6 of Boinc does have a bug that when you lose your Internet connection the graphic interface (GUI) will stop taking with the core client and will become unresponsive. I've had the same problem several times. Hopefully this will be fixed before the next version is released.

If you notice the loss of Internet it is a good idea to go in the Advanced view - Activity menu - select Network activity suspended. Restore to network available once you have the Internet is accessible again.

I will keep this in mind - and copy it and try to do it if it happens again.
Thank you for your help.
8) Questions and Answers : Getting started : "Not connected to a client" (Message 926415)
Posted 16 Aug 2009 by Profile Nin Ki
I do not really understand this but since I did not know how to do what you recommended - I could not find the Windows task manager, etc., and do not what an OS is - I went to BOINC in the program files and double-clicked it. A new BOINC manager came up that was communicating just fine with SETI and apparently has been ever since I reconnected to the net. I was just lucky on this as I have no idea what I am doing half the time when I try to fix things.
Thank you for your help.
9) Questions and Answers : Getting started : "Not connected to a client" (Message 926401)
Posted 16 Aug 2009 by Profile Nin Ki
After several hours of internet outage my BOINC manager is not connected. How do I reconnect?
Thank you for your assistance.
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Posted 15 Aug 2009 by Profile Nin Ki

What a stunningly beautiful environment in which to live. It reminds me of the years I lived on an island off the coast of Maine, my home state - the rocks, the sea, that particular blue of sky. It also stirs another part of my soul - perhaps the Scandinavian ancestry that is a part of who I am. I remember the first time I saw a picture of the fiords of Norway and gasped aloud with some sort of recognition. Whatever it is, your home looks like home to me so much more than the lush greens - this year because of the rains - or the dried browns of the usual summer drought we normally experience here.
I know you love it. Enjoy it for yourself and for those of us who long to go home, some day, to such a place.

Thank you Nin Ki ;-) mmmmhh... It sounds like you should move ;-))
Yes - I love it here - and i should really wish for all of you to
live where your heart is.. or is it the soul that belongs to a special
place..? hmm. Im not sure.. Anyway - Im sure that both my heart and my
soul belongs here where I am.. I have also lived other places in Norway -
For about 10 years i was moving around - on school and work.. I had a
good time, but i really missed the sea..and that high sky.. Then some
big changes happend.. The situation itself was pretty horrible, but as
we know - good things can come out of the worst situations.. So..I moved
back here.. and I knew from that moment that I would never leave again
if Im not forced to.. Probably not then either.. ;-))

Yours is apparently the rare fortunate circumstance in that you now - after very hard times - are in the environment your soul craves. Hence the hope you are able to offer to all of us and the work you are able to do now. Did not familial responiblities dictate otherwise, I would at least return to the Maine coast and most probably would return, despite the language difficultities, to the environment my own soul craves.
Until that possibility presents itself, I will content myself with the pictures you offer and the dreams of a new and better tomorrow.
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Posted 15 Aug 2009 by Profile Nin Ki
You are the one who seems to not understand the concept Kasule.
This thread was started to point out an accusation of a war crime and the possibility of an American troop presence at the time it happened.

Everything you point out in your responses is based on the notion that $&!- happens in the heat of battle. When bullets are impacting all about a soldier and bombs are dropping in the area, it is easy to understand how someone could commit an act which would seem inhuman in order to survive.
This isn't the case in the documentary.
The battle was over. The killing had stopped. The enemy had dropped their weapons and surrendered.
It is what happens after the battle that defines one's morality and values.

You are totaly correct. It IS what happens after the battle that defines one's moralities and values. A lesson our soldiers must be not only taught but NEED TO INTERNALIZE into their entire beings - as should we ALL.
And, along with that, our society HERE must be taught and INTERNALIZE INTO OUR ENTIRE BEINGS that returning soldiers have problems our country's policies created and ALL of those who deal with them - not limited to but most certainly including EVERYONE IN THIS COUNTRY along with law enforcement, all emergency personnel, courts, physicians, nurses, neighbors, friends, families, damn near anything or anyone but family pets and people with Alzheimer's Disease - need to grow a brain and expect that those who are willing to sacrifice all need some sacrifice on our part.
If WE are not willing to make that small sacrifice WE have no business asking others to make a greater one.
12) Message boards : Politics : Political Thread [23] (Message 926143)
Posted 14 Aug 2009 by Profile Nin Ki
My point basically is that the media reporting seems to engender a negative concept of law enforcement among the populace, If one goes into a encounter with a negative attitude such as the purported victim did he can expect to be seen as a DUCK! A suspicious person. Racial profiling claims in this case are simply a negative attitude gone wrong and he should of KNOWN THAT being so highly educated.

I totally agree with you on this one and thought that my comment specified this. Apparently not and for that I appologize.
As I stated, my experience as part of the academic community as well as my son's experience as a law enforcement officer with that community was the reason that I doubted the racial profiling aspect of this case.
13) Message boards : Politics : Afghan Massacre "The Convoy of Death" (Message 925262)
Posted 11 Aug 2009 by Profile Nin Ki
some movies speak louder than words, though movies they are, reality is much worse!



A movie starring Bruce Willis. I do not get my information about the world through propagandatainment. It would have been better had you provided a link to a valid documentary.

I have to suppose that this movie struck a cord with you and somehow spoke of your experience - at least I hope that is true. However, a Hollywood movie for profit to advance a political agenda fails to move me.

(Like another poster who had begun to doubt you were a doctor, I seriously have begun to wonder just who and what you really are - quite frankly, something about you just does not ring true. At this point I will give you the benefit of the doubt and tentatively assume it is a cultural difference. On the other hand, you press an intense agenda with little personal validation.)

You assume too much when you think that all of us in the West are moved by mere sentimentality as you indicated in a subsequent post.

I have wonderful dogs who accept anyone I introduce them to as long as that person behaves him- or herself in an acceptable manner but they warn me of persons on my property and would attack anyone threatening me - because I am alpha and the pack protects the leader. Understanding dog psychology is a good thing - almost as good as understanding human psychology.

I have a loaded gun always accessible that I know how to use and any fool who comes into my home forcefully will die. I would not like to have to do it but I would, without qualms, and would soon get over taking that person's life.

Believing in the equality of humankind does not mean being oblivious to the realities of life. Believing in peace does not mean not being prepared to fight.

I have found it ironic that evil perceives good only as weakness, not being able to understand that good comprehends evil very well.
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Posted 11 Aug 2009 by Profile Nin Ki
I concur with Nin Ki on almost every point except I MUST point out that getting pissy about supposed personal affronts stems largely from media portrayal of law enforcemnt officers.
The newsrags and posts are chock full of police faux pas but darn few mentions of the crimes thwarted or efforts made on behalf of victims by enforcement departments.
We are too ready to yell POLICE BRUTALITY when in actuality these are people who are likely to meet the worst side of our society more than the better side and are mentally prepared to encounter it without prior notice.
I have to admit even my local cops come on strong - I am often used by the Elgin police as a training exercise for police cadets since I drive a rather garish 1978 Trick Van
I guess it's like the old saw says - If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and acts like a duck - It just MIGHT be a Duck!

I am not sure I understand your point but then it has been a long day. If I did not make myself clear, I meant to say that I suspected Professor Gates got "pissy" with the police officer - not that the police officer got pissy with him. Of course, I was not there and have no way of knowing the facts of the specific incident. That was just my suspicion based on personal experience and published and broadcast media reports.
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Posted 8 Aug 2009 by Profile Nin Ki
Det høyrest bra ut James ;-)

Men beer blir kalla ØL i Norge. Og "alt er satt bort." eller
betre; "Alt er sett på plass." ;-))

Im sitting with my comp to print out some brochurts for my
little place here in the ocean.. It takes some time, so I can
have a peek in here also..

Outside its rainging today - no wind but pretty grey..
But yesterday it looked like this; - i took this shot
when I came back home again in early afternoon.. ;-)


What a stunningly beautiful environment in which to live. It reminds me of the years I lived on an island off the coast of Maine, my home state - the rocks, the sea, that particular blue of sky. It also stirs another part of my soul - perhaps the Scandinavian ancestry that is a part of who I am. I remember the first time I saw a picture of the fiords of Norway and gasped aloud with some sort of recognition. Whatever it is, your home looks like home to me so much more than the lush greens - this year because of the rains - or the dried browns of the usual summer drought we normally experience here.
I know you love it. Enjoy it for yourself and for those of us who long to go home, some day, to such a place.
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Posted 8 Aug 2009 by Profile Nin Ki

How to ruin the taste of a good beer

By Ruben Navarrette
San Diego Union Tribune

July 29, 2009

It has been two weeks since his arrest by Cambridge Police Sgt. James Crowley, and Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. still needs an attitude adjustment.

That’s what my father’s generation of old-school law enforcement officers was known to provide now and then when someone mouthed off, or lobbed insults or challenged their authority. Today, folks on the job refer to this sort of thing as “contempt of cop.” It’s not illegal, but it’s also not a smart thing to do if you have an aversion to handcuffs and steel bars, since there are plenty of other things for which you can be arrested.

Just ask Gates, who was written up for “loud and tumultuous behavior” at his house.

What needs adjusting isn’t Gates’ attitude toward law enforcement; that’s between him and the police. The real problem is his presumptuous attitude toward the rest of us. The professor needs to stop calling what happened to him a “teaching moment.” We’re not his students. More importantly, we’re not the ones who let our ego get the best of us and went ballistic over a simple and harmless request to provide identification.

And how unreasonable was that request given that Gates’ house had been broken into on a previous occasion? I bet Gates wonders: “Where were the police then?” The experience of becoming a crime victim has a way of turning a liberal into a conservative. And what about the passerby who called police to tell them that two men were trying to break into the house? Gates probably wishes someone had called the police during that earlier incident. Neighborhood Watch indeed.

The only person who needs to learn a lesson from all this is Gates, and the syllabus for that course should include a few lines about the proper way to interact with police officers. I’m surprised that, with all the knowledge that Gates has acquired on the way to becoming one of the nation’s most renowned public intellectuals, he never learned how to talk to a police officer — and, more importantly, how not to talk to one.

The answer is politely and with deference, with the goal of diffusing tension rather than exacerbating it. And this is universally true, whatever your color or the color of the officer.

Gates also sounded a tad naive when he said that the incident “made me realize . . . how vulnerable all black men are, how vulnerable all people of color are and all poor people to capricious forces.” He has spent his career chronicling the African-American experience, and he just realized this now? That speaks to how detached the Harvard professor is from his own subject matter.

Besides, this incident wasn’t about racial profiling — a concept that Crowley is well acquainted with since, for five years, he has taught police academy recruits how to avoid it. What this incident was really about was Crowley trying to control a situation that was quickly getting out of control.

That point seems lost on President Barack Obama, who said that the Cambridge police had “acted stupidly” only to walk back on that statement a couple of days later. At moments like this, Obama seems to be struggling with an inner tension between the responsibility he feels to offer the country some special insight into such matters as the first black president and the desire to be post-racial. It’s a difficult tightrope to walk, and the Gates arrest made the president lose his footing.

Obama tried to make peace with Crowley by inviting him — and Gates — to the White House for a beer. It’s a nice gesture. It’s not every day that a cop on the beat gets an offer like that. But what concerns me is that Obama also said that he sees this incident as a “teachable moment.”

Oh dear. Just what does the president think is the lesson from all this, and who does he think needs to learn it?

As Crowley enters the premises of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., he should be careful. I hope he doesn’t find himself cast as racially insensitive or on the wrong end of a lecture about how to do police work by those who have never had to do it.

After all, nothing ruins a good beer like the taste of condescension.

Before I begin I must say that had I been invited to the party my selection would have been Diamond Bear - not because it is the best beer on the planet but because it is a quite decent beer and more importantly it is locally brewed. When it is not an issue of right and wrong I definitely believe in supporting my neighbor.

As soon as I heard about this incident and learned who the principles were my first thoughts were "I bet you anything this is not about race. I will bet anyone a hundred dollar bill an academic got pissy with a police officer because he was required to show documentation of some kind".

Why did I think this? First, because I went to a prestigious college and witnessed first hand the attitude toward law enforcement officers - one I could not share because I believe in evaluating every incident and person on the particular merits of the situation. I have no taste for bullies in blue suits - and they most certainly exist. I also have no taste for bullies in academic robes - I have met them, too. And secondly, because my son, who chose to go into law enforcement, found the academics in the community where he served to be the rudest and most arrogant people with whom he had to deal.

For Professor Gates to claim racism in this particular incident when he conducted himself so abysmally - regardless of his excuses - is a disservice to every person of color who truly experiences racial injustice. Too many people know enough to know that his claims are suspect and valid claims of racism will now be more discounted as a result.

The most "teachable moment" here, as far as I am concerned, should be a wider public awareness of academic hostility toward law enforcement - a class issue (yes, our classless society is VERY class conscious), not a racial issue. How sad, when there are more important issues to consider - like continuing racism in our society.
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Posted 8 Aug 2009 by Profile Nin Ki
I just noticed my post below is pointing at my quickly receding hairline... LOL!!

A bald friend of mine has a poster on his office door at work that reads:

God made only a few perfect heads.

The rest he covers with hair.

LOL!!! I fear though, I may have inadvertently neglected to show up for my perfect head, and took a day off on the day hair was handed out... ;-D

Are you not aware that many of the sexiest as well as many of the most intelligent men in history were bald to some extent? From "male pattern baldness" to "cue-ball hairless"?
Hair is, unfortunately, virtually required for women but men may be hairy or hairless. Give me a good man with a brain any day and forget the hair. Whether for acquaintanceship, friendship or otherwise - hair is not the issue. Brains, heart, character and common decency are so much more important.
Your brains and your heart are your most important characteristics. Hair? What's that?
As far as perfect heads are concerned, I have yet to see a bald man whose head was not handsome.
Give yourself a break - you and all men with receding or completely receded hair. Forget what the hucksters of consumerism would have you believe. You are beautiful!
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Posted 8 Aug 2009 by Profile Nin Ki
<-- Notice Anything Different???

I donated!!! Only $50.00 but I also want to complete my T-Shirt Order with Uli so its all I could afford... For Now!!!

Be proud of your new green star - and do not feel bad about only $50.00. All I could do as well. An appreciated contribution to a good cause...and a sacrifice is good for the soul. It helps you to appreciate what is important in your life.
19) Message boards : Politics : Afghan Massacre "The Convoy of Death" (Message 922550)
Posted 31 Jul 2009 by Profile Nin Ki
Only through tolerance and honest perception of other's circumstances can peace be achieved - and I mean this to apply to all, not just us but I, we, are willing to be the first. That takes courage, too.
Do not be deceived, the person of peace may prove to be the most formiddable foe when necessity dictates.


What if the other party doesnt want peace, and what honest perception are you looking for from people who prevent the education of their on children, prevent women from working and believe in ideology of the dark ages. I personally cant be deceived, because if i could be deceived i wouldnt be sitted here writting this to you and if you are waiting for an event to occur before you realize who is friend and who is foe then it might just happen, but you will be so shocked that you wont even know whats going on. if you are comparing this event to the ww-2 then lets just say that the Taliban are the nazis now.There people who one can talk to and there those no matter what you do ,you cant be a friend ,its your right to petition and that i have no right to take away from you but just remember you may be just petition for the devil.These is not a war of words but a discussion ,so you do not misguide the American people by using their weak point of been good people and led them to a point of despair ,I personally have nothing against both of you though the words may be rough at times but thats because we come from different parts of the world and there is bound to be such.

Indeed, you are correct in pointing out that coming from different parts of the world we may misunderstand what the other is saying. Too often cultural and experiential differences are discounted to the detriment of all parties.
There is no event that anyone - especially myself - is waiting to occur. Too many events have occurred unchecked already. The goal is to prevent more unnecessary events from occurring.
Be assured that I (and countless others like me) am most aware of the lack of education or the perversion of education of children in too many parts of the world - particularly the part of the world in question in this discussion. I also know that the prevention of women working is just a single sympton of the virtual enslavement that these women experience in their lives. I KNOW that these people are living the Islamic equivalent of the Christian Dark Ages - and being a serious student of history I KNOW what a horror that was - and could eventually become again in the West if the extremists of ultra-conservative Christianity have their way here. It is in part to combat that possibility that I, and so many others, insist on pursuing the principles of common humanity - tolerance, decency, charity and acceptance.
We are not fools. Not only do we insist on accountability for us - for us first because we KNOW better, at least in the present time - but also for all others. But if we do not start here and now, we have no moral ground to stand upon when we demand accountability from others.
The battle is not just upon the ground there - and in the minds of the people there. The battle is here as well. The real battle is for the souls and minds of all people to accept and do and then demand from others - most importantly from persons in leadership positions - what is right.
Those who would oppress and enslave most assuredly do not want peace for only in conflict and domination do they hope to triumph and rule. But if we are to strive for better we must triumph first within ourselves - to overcome evil in ourselves - and then to work to overcome evil in the world.
We MUST demand that our soldiers of combat carry that moral imperative with and within themselves if ever there is to be peace - someday.
So sadly must the physical battle continue now, at this time, and innocent people die now, at this time. BUT we MUST NOT create the conditions that will prompt people to carry vengeance into the future.
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Posted 30 Jul 2009 by Profile Nin Ki
Coffee, chocolate, and Baileys . . . breakfast of champions.
With all due respect, champions of WHAT???? I had to laugh - out loud - and ask.

John Belushi's Little Chocolate Donuts video:

Great! I have laughed more following this thread than any I can remember. And the cigarette capped it off! Thank you for the video link.

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