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1) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Speed of Light, and space travel. (Message 837846)
Posted 7 Dec 2008 by Profile Keenan
Cool thread, In biology, a hot topic right now is quantum tunneling in electron transfer chains. Where these electrons tunnel through energy barriers without matching the kinetic energy needed to actually overcome them. This is a really big discovery for the wave aspect of the wave-particle theory of an electron.

(Now back to the foundations) welll electromagnetic radiation moves at the speed of light. These are electrons acting in a manner characteristic of electromagnetic radiation (through energy barriers no less). And electrons have mass.. Conclusion: Quantum mechanics is about to throw a big time wrench in our pretty little machine. Einstein was only wrong on one count, and that was exactly this.. the dual nature of electrons which may allow for instantaneous tunneling. (hmmm preposterous...!;])

There are sooo many applicable theories out there, maybe we're (metaphorically) trying to apply steam power to a situation which requires fossil fuel combustion!

But Hey.. I'm a bio major taught this by a chem prof in a post full of physicists, who knows lol.

EDIT: Isn't this what they're doing right now with that giant particle accelerator..? O_o Trying to figure out the nature of mass? Maybe a possible conversion of mass during quantum tunneling? Too bad the thing broke down..)
2) Message boards : Cafe SETI : . . . A Welcome Thread for New Members (Message 837670)
Posted 7 Dec 2008 by Profile Keenan
*pokes head in*

Hallo =]

I've been missing a good message board and I need something to fidget on while I study so big wave to the Seti'ites.

3) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Thought of the day. (Message 837668)
Posted 7 Dec 2008 by Profile Keenan
If you drop a glove in a puddle it gets muddy, but the mud doesn't get glovvy.

If you can make an excuse to not do it, you can make an excuse to do it.

Right mind, Right effort.

Three daily thoughts to live by. :)
4) Questions and Answers : Getting started : First time BOINC'er (Message 836184)
Posted 1 Dec 2008 by Profile Keenan
Hey there, I joined up with Seti and Boinc yesterday (keeps me awake while I study :I) and I teamed up with Toronto's University Chemistry team.

So my computer said that one of the tasks was completed > I clicked update in BOINC manager > the 'ready to report' task disapeared > I don't see any difference in work completed.

Now is this due to the fact that the "cobblestone" method requires a greater accumulation of work? I also read somewhere that if another computer isn't completing and verifying the work it isn't recognized? Idunno, if someone could provide some clarification that'd be nice. I just want to make sure I'm actually helping the project, not just watching pretty graphics. :)

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