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1) Message boards : SETI@home Science : What if ET doesn't us Radio Waves (Message 787474)
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I've always had a very strong hunch that the whole premise of this thread is actually correct and that ET doesn't use radio waves to communicate and won't send them to us because there is some other, better method of communication civilizations typically find and use over a longer period of time. We ourselves may be less than a thousand years from finding that technology, and if we are, then that means a typical civilization will have a better method of interstellar communication within 1,000 years of discovering radio waves. That's a breathtakingly short period of time....

If that's the case though (as I strongly suspect it is), I still have hope that a signal from ET can be detected within my lifetime.

The reason is simple:

Our astronomical tools of observation are getting better and more powerful as time goes on...
Our ability to view the universe around us is getting more and more complete.

If extraterrestrial civilizations *do* exist, even if they do not have vast galaxy-wide high energy signatures (as seems to be the case), I think that the detection of their technology is inevitable.

If they're signaling Earth but not using radio, then I believe our technology will eventually inadvertently detect it anyway, with or without SETI. Neutrino detectors, gravity wave detectors, etc etc If a signal is being sent our way, I think it's inevitable that we'll detect it.

Even if a signal is *not* being sent our way, I'm very confident that as our observational tools get better and better we will stumble onto evidence of alien technology sooner or later. It may just be that we stumble onto some phenomena that is not explainable by natural theory, even if that phenomena is not easily interpretable as artificial....

Then again, of course, I do feel radio SETI is worth doing since I do think that the premise is fairly valid: ET is likely to know that an emerging civilization will use radio, if only for a brief period of time.

Either way, given the rate of technological evolution, I have a decent expectation that we will have a confirmed detection of ET within my lifetime.

If we must wait for that to come from outside the civilized signal, how long that is going to wait? If really has that a signal to pass on, our earthman also not necessarily may discover, because this must think that which wave band wave they have used, but this is actually unknown, how should our earthman determine that the natural frequency carries on the resonance? Moreover this kind of signal, once passes through Earth, we were impossible to pursue again to it, because we impossible the speed surmounting speed of light. Therefore said that accepts outside the civilized signal probability is very small. On the contrary, outside civilization, if wants to accept our signal probability also to be weak. Only if their science and technology and the civilization distant surpass us.
2) Message boards : SETI@home Science : The destiny is highest (Message 785700)
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I hope that you are happy daily.
we study together.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Big gaussian. (Message 785694)
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Very good, is very formidable
4) Message boards : Number crunching : which achievements in the seti plan has (Message 785340)
Posted 22 Jul 2008 by Profile
the seti establishment, I wanted to have period of time, did not know that which achievements had, came purposely asks, I just joined this plan, was not very also familiar to all, hoped that everybody said. Thanks。

5) Message boards : SETI@home Science : The destiny is highest (Message 784575)
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Thank you,Thanks everybody's support, hoped that everybody everything is satisfactory, is happy daily
Actually, my practical online translation, I in the school, English have been firmly bad, Perhaps compares your Chinese.
6) Message boards : SETI@home Science : What if ET doesn't us Radio Waves (Message 783765)
Posted 18 Jul 2008 by Profile
The gravity wave, it is anything, I just contacted, is not clear. I only knew that every will have thing of definitely outward radiation place gravity wave the nature, will look like the periodic current to cause the electromagnetic wave to be the same, will be not too clear, in society mystery will be so profound, I will only know in society one jiao.
7) Message boards : SETI@home Science : The destiny is highest (Message 783759)
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hello,every one
As the Chinese, I who I thought is such tiny, thinks between the universe, our humanity is just insignificant, compares this world greatest scientific achievement - - narrow sense and generalized, I felt that my thought is such narrow, perhaps, our humanity's present science is wrong, perhaps the humanity from the very beginning has gone astray, is only some kind of coincidence, but with the wrong theory, explained this world majority phenomena, therefore only then thought that these theories are correct, sometimes, I can think frequently, whether outside Earth's intelligent life also does have our same science? If is, that was also too skillful; If is not, then how they are also develop? Perhaps, they compared to our wisdom, perhaps, they found this world to be ordinariest, the most universal theory, I did not know, but I must certainly study, tracks down this world the essence. Comes this in society to step onto, is not easy.

8) Message boards : Politics : Forum Temporarily Locked (Message 783743)
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Such a thing
9) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Mars Soil Fit for Earthly Life (Message 783443)
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Do not know what is on Mars, I am longing for, but the surface of Mars life does not exist it should be, I do not know. China hopes to develop an early Mars, as soon as possible from the ranks of developing countries. More access to the deep, deep space exploration. Let people all over the world do we have a common destiny. Destiny highest ah.

10) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : How to get funding? (Message 783440)
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Mandatory people donate money, one was donated to a "yuan" are six more than 1 billion ah.
Hei hei. Oh, this idea Sounds good, but depends on the quality of the people of the world, it is necessary to make good
Ah efforts.

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12) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : NASA to Reveal New Discoveries from Mercury July 3rd, 08 (Message 778335)
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