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Posted 24 Jun 2011 by Profile Laird o' th' wee White Hoose
Does anyone have knowledge of problems with SETI@HOME can not receive data? -My computer is stuffed with processed data that can not be returned to SETI.

Have not been able to upload over a week. Milkyway@home works fine, so I do not suspect my software (6.12.26) cause the problem. In the "Notices" no information on operational issues dealing with SETI@HOME-specific.
2) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Astropulse vs. regular choice (Message 903679)
Posted 4 Jun 2009 by Profile Laird o' th' wee White Hoose
I ran into the same problems with my equipment. Devide the large AP-files so they come out with a more acceptable size. 5-10% of present size would be prefered.

My computer just did crasch once again. It's not seldom, I see the AP-files fail, because some error. I plan to deselect AP, to avoid more vasted CPU-time.

You're far from alone with this point of view.

Yours Sincerely
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Astropulse files too large to complete (Message 884950)
Posted 13 Apr 2009 by Profile Laird o' th' wee White Hoose
Dear Sir's.
I find it difficult to see, how it help Astropulse, files take over 160 hours to complete. To secure a better flow, dereace size to 10 or 15 percent, witch allow older PC'es to operate those files.
I waste more than 160 hours of work, due to one single error in a file. The damage would have been less, if the size and time used, was smaller.
I wrote an e-mail to Matt, to hope for a better future for the Astropulse so more users may begin to search for silversticks, and not only the pure ones of gold. :-)
Yours truly

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