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Posted 23 May 2007 by Profile Scott D
Are humans really ready for that kind of information all at once?

Yes... Ever since the 1940s... ;)

Not everyone is ready an open to it. Religous groups will fight it and cause issues. They will claim it is against gods word. However it is our own ignorance to believe we are his/hers only creations. However they would not be silent in the matter.

Knowing we are not alone and UFO's are possibly real. What threat does it pose? Politicians and governments will ahve to rethink thier positions in thsi universe. Are some species a threat to us?

We could only hope world governments would unite since we now need to think on a global scale. Our world among many. However ther is still alot of economic and political greed. Who is intitled to colonize mars? Who will represent earth?

Techology and the stride to explore would increase even faster. Unless unified it would become a battle rather then be a success.

There seems to be more to the known story indeed. Was alien technology recovered by our government and others? Would help explain sudden advances in techology. Yet how open are they to it?
2) Message boards : Politics : Fun with Global Warming - Part Deux! (Message 574386)
Posted 23 May 2007 by Profile Scott D
This is a very touchy topic for me. Especially with a Native American history and heritage to draw on. The whole world needs to do more not just America. Half driven policies isn't helping us much. We are possibly at a critical stage that if something isn't done fast, we pretty much screwed our exsistance.

Comercial greed is a big player. We have the technology to change to a much cleaner full source. We have had that ability for a couple decades,but commercial oil producers and poor political greed has prevented it. There is no excuse. Money in oil production out weighed life on the planet. Now as temps increase, water levels begin to rise do to ice caps melting, we can look forward to wasted money due to that greed.

President bush (sorry if you are offended becuase you support Bush) was the worst thing to happen to this Nation. Sure in a recount (that I still see as shady) he beat out Al Gore. AL GOre the one person who could have enforced change in enviroment changes is not in office, so insted it was ignored once again. Insted of using less oil and harmfull emissions, we goto war using a hudge amount more. The cost of the fuel usage, dangerous emissions, when compared to what the war has achieved does not balance out. We simple screwed ourselves more.

I tell this to people when I do Native AMerican Flute performances with my music to raise awareness for events or charities. "Don't fear the total Death of Mother Earth (our world). She will change faces many times. Through her injury and pain she will Change face once again. Here pouring tears will wash away the damage. Her spirit will ignite like flames to burn away the old. Here desire to survive will strike with a electrical force. ANd renew life. However Mankind will no longer be welcome, and will not be reborn from her womb. The life blood that flows through her viens will bring forth new life."

The global temp is rising. There will be drought due to rising salt water levels, but less fresh water. Economic strain since humans can't seem to do without money. SInce money flows through Mankinds viens, the life blood will dry up and they will wither and dry, since we can't survive on money in the viens. Weather patterns will change, as well as other issues that threaten human survival. In a shorter period then you think.

Unless we greatly slow emmisions, it will increase, and humankind won't survive much longer. If stopped we can allow the earth to heal itself with us. If we ignore it, we will disapear, and new life will emerge as the prime children of the Earth.

As far as our spirit brothers from across the great sky. They will see we have failed and we will become a page in their hsitory as a species who could not evolve and survive.

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Posted 23 May 2007 by Profile Scott D

WE arE NOT ALONe . . . (.)

Here is my issue. That group charges alot of money for membership (not donations) and for half made DVD's.

If the main STETI or other sub SETI groups made any discovery, it would be a long process of confirming, re-running codes, confirming again, rescanning, before anything is said.

Are humans really ready for that kind of information all at once? It would begin to leak out once confirmed so we don't media shock the world. However the video claimed SETI is holding back info, but had no evidence. It was simply an attention grabbing scheme.
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Posted 23 May 2007 by Profile Scott D
Indeed mankind is advancing in technology at an extreme rate. However we have held back some of it as well.

Chemical chips are being researched and developed that make silicon based boards and processors look mid-evil. These processors are so thin, so small, and so much faster then anything we have today, 10 years from now will be a major change in computing. If this chemical technology continues, it will start to be available in 10 years. Now you will see computers the size of a Ipod but 100-1000 times more powerful.

That will be a good thing with all the data the Allen array will bring us.
5) Message boards : Technical News : Forum Decorum (May 21 2007) (Message 573825)
Posted 22 May 2007 by Profile Scott D
I have returned to doing the seti@home project after a long time. Life's been ruff. Currently unemployed after woking non-stop for 19 years of my life. GUess I hit one of those ruts that tries us all to our limits.

So i decided o give it a try again. I don't have the faster PC's, mainly a Laptop wit ha 1700+ AMD processor and a Desktop I barely use wth a 3 Gihertz Pentium 4. I'm a little concerned about running the Laptop a long time for seti, hoping it won't bun it out. Keeping it cool to see.

The boinc way seems a little to multi step to get and perform projects compared to the old clients. Yet I can do seti as well as the Climent one whih I am heavy into protectin the enviroment.

SETI has always done a good job. So some issues is to be expected. You guys have to deal with so much and are so dedicated. Keep up the good work.

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