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21) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : dumb? CUDA question (Message 847745)
Posted 1 Jan 2009 by Profile Bambi
You can create/edit a cc_config.xml file in your boinc data directory to make Boinc use all your cores AND your gpu, as it seems to default to all your cores minus 1.

//Contents of cc_config.xml


//This uses all 4 of my cores plus the gpu.

Once downside to this is, if your machine runs out of CUDA work units Boinc will still try to run 5 tasks, resulting in 1 core running 2 tasks. It does also seem to make my machine a little less responsive running 5 jobs.
22) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : Yip, another thread about CUDA (Message 847268)
Posted 31 Dec 2008 by Profile Bambi
I found a small issue with the cc_config.xml patch to use all cores + GPU, this is if you run out of seti CUDA workunits and seti doesn't give you any more due to AP WU's being run you still run 5 jobs but only on 4 cores, meaning 1 core is running 2 jobs at once. This probably isn't the best way of doing things, but what do I know, all this tweaking boinc is new to me.
23) Message boards : Number crunching : WorkUnit deadline is 12/31/1969 ???? (Message 846592)
Posted 30 Dec 2008 by Profile Bambi
The lesser known 2009 bug!

Time to flash your betamax bios....
24) Message boards : Number crunching : More Cuda questions (Message 846591)
Posted 30 Dec 2008 by Profile Bambi
I found that thread too and it sorted my problem.
4 cpu and 1 gpu now.
25) Message boards : Number crunching : Random Musings About the Value of CPUs vs CUDA (Message 846590)
Posted 30 Dec 2008 by Profile Bambi
I have just discovered the joys of optimized clients since CUDA. The whole thing made me thing am I getting the most out of my computers eating up electricity.
I have since swapped to the latest 'custom' apps for seti and AP on vista and 64b Linux.
I now have 4 cpu's and 1 gpu working on my main box and a further 3 cores chugging away on other computers, waiting to see the increase in points.
The SSSE3(?) optimized AP client makes a huge difference on my Quad core AMD
26) Message boards : Number crunching : CUDA Not So Fast? (Message 844641)
Posted 24 Dec 2008 by Profile Bambi
Since upgrading to version 6.45 which is supposed to support CUDA I have noticed zero increase in speed, maybe even a slight degradation in speed.

I have a Quad core Phenom and a 9800GTX gfc card, boinc recognises the card as a co-processor but it is still only running 4 jobs at once.

Am I missing the point somewhere? My Seti jobs used to take about 3 hours a WU and Astropulse takes about 98 hours, now its taking 3.5hours for seti WU's????

New wu's that show as 6.05 now use cuda.

Are the 6.05 (cuda) wu's significantly smaller as it has just completed one in under 2 minutes?

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