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1) Message boards : Number crunching : The 84 cents a month fundraiser. (Message 1326456)
Posted 10 Jan 2013 by Profile Veebee
you gratefully have my 84 cents a month...


Thank you for your gift of $10.00 via Mastercard on 01/10/2013.
Your gift will benefit the following area:

SETI@home - $10.00

Your confirmation number is: 108804

2) Message boards : News : Green Bank Telescope observations to start Saturday. (Message 1106311)
Posted 15 May 2011 by Profile Veebee
when , how do we get to help out with this ?
This is the most exciting news for ages..... I am even resurrecting a Q6600 for the job, to go with the 2 x i7-920s.

I have a feeling that a lot of people (myself included) will put everything they have into this work... CANNOT WAIT !!!!!

Please let us all know the details of when it starts , thanks.
3) Message boards : News : Passing of a setizen. (Message 1106307)
Posted 15 May 2011 by Profile Veebee
Sad sad news....

Rest in Peace Wes, and condolences to his family from all at Boinc@Australia.
4) Message boards : Cafe SETI : slip... closed (Message 458783)
Posted 16 Nov 2006 by Profile Veebee
~ped over

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