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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : "GPU missing" & drop in Avg Credits (Message 1915579)
Posted 28 Jan 2018 by Profile Mardon
Thanks Jord! Installing the latest nVidia Drivers has fixed the problem. BOINC can see the GPU again. I guess Windows must have done an automatic update that I had forgotten about. Per your suggestion, I searched how to stop Windows 10 Pro from automatically updating drivers during Windows updates. I found several different methods and wasn't sure which one to use. I finally settled on going to "Device installation settings" and answered "No" to the question "Do you want to automatically download manufacturers' apps and custom icons available for your updates?" Is this the correct way to prevent Windows from replacing the nVidia drivers during the next Windows update? Thanks for your help.
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : "GPU missing" & drop in Avg Credits (Message 1915483)
Posted 27 Jan 2018 by Profile Mardon
I'm running SETI as my only Project on BOINC 7.8.3. Windows 10 Pro x64. My average credit had been running just over 13,000 for a long time. On the Dec 31st I 'upgraded' to BOINC version 7.8.3 Right after that, my avg credit started to drop and is now at about 7,300. When I look at my Tasks, I see that "GPU missing" is listed for all the Tasks that require my GPU. It is an nVidia GTX680 "driver version 388.13, CUDA version 9.1 compute capability 3.0". The Control Panel shows it "working properly" and I haven't noticed any display adapter problems associated with other programs. I just noticed that my BOINC Event Log has a line reading, "App version needs OpenCL but GPU doesn't support it".

Screen grab:

I posted this question to the "Windows" Community before I realized that I probably have a GPU configuration problem. I don't know how to move this post to the "GPU applications" community. Should it be moved or is it OK to leave it here?

GigaByte X58A-UD3R
24 GB DDR3
i7 Hex core @ 3.2GHz, 256kB L2, 12MB L3
GTX680 512kB L2, 4GB 6GHz
3) Questions and Answers : Windows : XP Pro x86 or Vista x64 Faster? (Message 525827)
Posted 3 Mar 2007 by Profile Mardon
will help determine if the problem is Windows Vista or BOINC.


It was a BIOS problem. I had a local IT place install the dual boot with Vista x64 and they reset the BIOS as part of what they did. It never occurred to me that they had done that until you asked if it was a Vista or BOINC problem. I've got it fixed now and all 4 CPUs show in the "CPU Usage History".

With that fixed, I think I'll try your other suggestion about creating one BOINC installation. Can you give me a thumbnail sketch of how to proceed? Do I have to delete both installations of BOINC or can I leave BOINC v5.8.15 that I installed on Vista this week and just reinstall on XP Pro? How to I handle the different drive letters via a shortcut as you mentioned? I'd like to do this so that i only have one set of work and don't miss deadlines.
4) Questions and Answers : Windows : XP Pro x86 or Vista x64 Faster? (Message 525606)
Posted 3 Mar 2007 by Profile Mardon
... Are you using different BOINC location settings under each OS? Is one location set to use 2 CPUs max while the other is set to use 4?...

...To side-step the issue that both OSes have their own Program Files folder, you could use an installation destination of C:\\BOINC instead of the default location so that it is accessible by both OSes without causing problems.

Thanks for your comments.

I do NOT use multiple locations. My entry for "maximum processors" was set to "4", so I changed it to "8" just to see if it would make any difference. I'd shouldn't since there are physically only 2 hyper-threaded processors.

I think that using a single installation of BOINC would be too confusing (for me at least). For one thing, each OS is on a separate physical drive. Win XP Pro assigns "C:" to the physical drive from which it boots and the other drive (the one containing the VISTA OS) is assigned D:. Vista also assigns "C:" to the physical drive from which it boots and the other drive (the one containing XP Pro) is assigned D:. If I placed BOINC at C:\\BOINC under XP Pro, then it would be located at D:\\BOINC under Vista Ultimate x64.

Any other ideas, especially about the 2 versus 4 processors?
5) Questions and Answers : Windows : XP Pro x86 or Vista x64 Faster? (Message 525439)
Posted 2 Mar 2007 by Profile Mardon
I've just installed Vista Ultimate x64 and converted my existing XP Pro x86 into the "Old Version of Windows" OS in a dual boot configuration. I've installed BOINC on the new x64 OS and attached 2 projects; SETI & Einstein. All seems to be working OK. In the "my computers" section of my profile, each OS shows up as a separate computer, as I would expect. My question is why my x86 OS shows up as 4 CPUs in my profile and the x64 shows up as two? Physically, there are dual 3.6 GHz Xeons in the computer. I assume that the hyper-threading in x86 causes my profile to show 4 CPUs. With the x64 OS, only 2 CPUs are listed. Is there not hyper-threading in x64? Does this difference really mean anything? Will BOINC process work faster on one OS versus the other? Which is faster, the x86 or the x64 OS?
6) Questions and Answers : Windows : Screen Saver app caused burn! (Message 325286)
Posted 3 Jun 2006 by Profile Mardon
The SETI 'Screen Saver' has also burned in on my HP-2335 LCD monitor. I do not leave it on continuously but it runs a lot. The part that burned in is the "SETI@HOME" text in the lower left. This is the only part of the 'screen saver' that does not move and it is causing burn-in. This is NOT a problem only with old displays. The HP-2335 is not all that old. The SETI 'screen saver' needs to be re-writen so all of it moves around. The static text is causing problems.

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