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Posted 21 Aug 2015 by Profile enzed
I am in the South Pacific, New Zealand. I have a 300mm Newtonian reflector telescope. I load it into the car (it only just fits) and take it up to my sisters farm, about a hour drive away, for the Christmas holidays. The sky is totally dark. Mid summer the air is warm and I'm often out till 2-3 in the morning.... just relaxing and enjoying the bright river of stars in the Milkyway above. I have slowly been buying additional equipment to start getting into astro-photography.

Find out if there are any astronomy clubs in town and go along to a few meetings, its worth it. If you are in a city, take a drive one night out of town and wait about 15 minutes for your eyes to dark-adjust, its worth it.
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Posted 7 Jun 2012 by Profile enzed
This should renice the cpu/gpu threads as a simple command:

for i in $(ps -C setiathome_x41g -o pid=); do renice -n 0 $i; done;

I guess it could be added to /etc/crontab to run every minute:
* * * * * root sleep 10; (for i in $(ps -C setiathome_x41g -o pid=); do renice -n 0 $i; done;)

Not sure how much benefit it really is, but might not be helpful on a production webserver/db :-)

I like the script, just a couple of thoughts on extending it to add ability to handle the different executable names that I have noticed arising from the different client processes that run... and also the multiple process pid's that emerge from multicore architecture...

#remember to set your renice number to your comfort level

for x in `pgrep -l setiath |grep setiathome|cut -d" " -f1|paste -s`
renice -n -1 $x >null

for z in `pgrep -l astrop|grep astropulse|cut -d" " -f1|paste -s`
renice -n -1 $z >null
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Posted 29 May 2012 by Profile enzed
In your windows tasks I see:

Priority of process raised successfully
Priority of worker thread raised successfully

In your linux tasks I do not.

It could be the linux app does record that information or the tasks are running lower priority.

From what I understand of a conversation I had at Einstein some years ago, Linux developers don't have access to any tool or setting equivalent to the 'worker thread priority' - they can only adjust priority at the process level. So much so that developers who cut their teeth on Linux code aren't even aware that Windows has threads which can be individually adjusted.

Also, BOINC should raise the process priority of a CUDA app on launch, so there shouldn't be any need for a message about the app adjusting itself later. So, I wouldn't worry about the non-equivalence of the messages, though it might well be something for T.A. to look at next time he's running each of the two OSs.

NB - you'd need to use something like Process Explorer to get the Windows thread priorities - Task Manager can only display/control the process priority.

Hello Folks
Actualy you can adjust Unix/Linux programs/processes, and also automate it to have the system kick each new "running seti client" to a "desired" priority level.
I will knock some notes up and put a link on here.. back later..

I do like that idea of building a kernel with the seti-apps present as runnable modules..hmmmmm

Technically you dont have to have a gui... or perhaps just have the system boot to level-3 and not make the gui active unless required...

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Posted 29 Apr 2011 by Profile enzed
John, you remember me .. my attempts at background obscurity haven’t worked then :-))

Enzed, as you know, i am aware of some of the "lifter" experiments you were playing with and i know you have played with other experimental gravity science. So i know your familiar with the physics of the topic.

Yes; The lifter phase has long since been shelved, we have moved a long way since then, although in and of itself the lifter technology will prove useful for large surface area/very lightweight robotic exploration vehicles to flit over the surface of Mars/ Venus etc. A few Universities have looked at its potential usage and these folk are on track with modified designs, they call it Weav, but in reality it has roots back in the 1930’s work of Townsend Brown. plasma disk.

Enzed, this is just a heads up in advance of whats going to happen in the next few months. I made a monumental breakthrough in my gravity research. You know full well i have been researching this topic as long as you are.

“..yes I know, feels like centuries doesn’t it.. ”

Well it seems i have cracked the problem wide open. Its going to take me time to complete the experimental research so i can't say exactly when i will go public with my scientific findings,

You certainly will need to get ALL the details mapped out and have logs of results etc, make sure you have backups !!! of the data.

I have some anomalous things happening that don’t follow traditional explanations. There is a very slow trickle of info getting out about the main theoretical methodologies.

Another heads up; The stuff about Podkletnov, Ning Li and Boeing discovering something. Its way off the mark!! Its only confusing people!

I have a hunch it’s all just part of the ...bigger picture. We just need to be able to see the jigsaw for what it is, there is a larger picture emerging here and its complex.. but subtle. I am pleased both that your are researching and that you have found a lead into something... keep going my friend.. keep going. I will pm you, we have lots to catch up on.


Hello William

I'm not sure of what is being discussed here. A photon can be considered to be a disturbance in the Electro-magnetic makeup of free space. It can also be characterized as an electro-magnetic wave and a particle to boot. Gravity is a disturbance in the fabric of space (warpage). We might also like to think of a "graviton" and I am also sure that we will find gravitational waves which will be ripples in space/time.

Yes, the properties of the fabric of space-time, science has long since moved from the vacuum of space being “empty” to it now being some sort of structure enabling zero point energy to manifest, it looks like some sort of "layer". As such if it has structural properties then the properties may just be able to be manipulated. When we fiddle with gravitational type distortions, we may find that time is also impacted.

As for spacecraft propulsion: Gravity from the large planets (so to speak) has been used to accelerate our wandering spacecraft probes.

Yes very handy to slingshot vehicles onto other destinations.
If we consider the initial factor of gravity holding us “back” on terms of gravitational mass and its related factor inertial mass, and if some form of either gravitational-effect shielding or as you rightly say some form of warping of the gravitational-resultant field can be created then we just may utilize the distortion to our advantage.

If you say "anti-gravity" does one mean levitation or the expansion that seems to exist by a force inherent in the vacuum which is expanding our universe. I would suggest that we give this putative force a new name.

Personally I say levitation and the Universe's expansion are different phenomenon, and I would say that neither are what we are really looking for, and strictly neither should be used in terms of that horrible word anti-gravity, I don't believe that we will find the effect is “anti” anything, rather its a distortion of the fabric of space-time which is also allowed by conventional physics so no rules are broken by a distortion/disturbance on the framework.

Interesting that you say we should give it a new name, there has been many people look at the gravity question and I seem to remember a few equations relating it to relativity floating around. There is however also a quiet but insistent “something else” that is making the math harder to work-out than expected. There are a few people who have studied the electrogravitational field of particle matter.

I also presume that the idea behind this thread is to somehow harness this force ( or gravity or electromagnetism) for use in propulsion. For my money the only appealing pursuit of these concepts would be along the lines of being able to cross magnetic lines of flux--so you could control the direction of thrust. Of course the laws of physics stand in the way and I don't think that they will go away even if we understand more and more about the makeup of our existence.

crossing force lines.. good thought... multiple fields interacting.
Introducing deliberate instabilities into the fabric...yes

Discounting antimatter as I perceive it as just another “hotter” form of rocket technology, there are other subtle and more interesting things lurking in the e-m box;
Differential-sail (seti-org type solar sail);
Negative mass drive;
Pitch drive;
Warp drive – eg Alcubierrie;
Wormhole technique;

Authors : A.C.Holt, Bertolami, Cravens, Mondanese, Musha.t, Podkletnov, Tajmar.M

I like the cat... laugh
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Posted 28 Apr 2011 by Profile enzed
Some really interesting responses here:) Some people think we will crack the gravity problem, and others are less optimistic.

See if you believe in UFO's, then you would have to agree that the aliens that are visiting us have already found a way to defy gravity or use it to propel their spacecraft. I have never been a big fan or believer in UFO's, i need proof, Concrete proof! So if any one single UFO citing in the whole history of mankind was real, then other intelligent life does exist and anti-gravity IS possible! So who do you believe?

Personally, based on my own research, i'm willing to bet we will see anti-gravity within less than 2 years. I can't really say why i'm so optimistic but i am quite sure that everyone who has posted to this thread will witness anti-gravity within 2 years. And maybe they will experience anti-gravity themselves within about 4 to 6 years.

I'm very confident!......:) See that spaceship in my signature image....... that will be me flying in earth orbit instead of a pint of guinness very shortly! :)


Hello John

Can I inquire into what particular research has lead you to think along these lines..? Im interested to see what else can be dredged up from around the world.

There has been a lot of "looking into" E-M and various field propulsion methodologies since the mid 90's, and some of it appears to be results of those old Podkletnov and Ning Li studies and the Boeing papers. Other stuff seems to relate to concepts not yet attainable but the bulk of the main eleven techniques may provide some possibilities and perhaps some cross pollination may help each to attain something that they could not previously achieve. But then again it seems to be just a matter of time for some things to happen... we just need to have the patience to... wait for it.

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Posted 25 Aug 2009 by Profile enzed
If its physically big enough and it as it blows and also creates a back pressure wave, it may turn into a black hole...

That would be trouble for the neighbourhood.. including earth.

It's nearly 600ly away...a black hole there wouldn't affect us one bit.

500-600Ly is inside the neighbourhood. The gravitational effect of a blackhole (if one existed within this range) would make a difference... it may be small but it would be constant, over time. The initial distortion ripples would easily be measured here. I most certainly wont be alive to see the event, but a supernova would be preferable to a black hole. The nova happens once and is gone, a black hole continually consumes matter and distorts space like a sink without the plug in place...

Remember we are in a galaxy that is slowly being consumed by a large black hole in the middle. We are sliding down a long spiral causeway.

Conjecture: Eventually it will either consume the lot or it will reach a "full" level and perhaps it may be possible that it will explode violently showering what is left with intense radiation at multiple frequencies.

Pure conjecture on my part but perhaps this is what creates ring galaxies, the middle is eaten away and perhaps when the blackhole finally explodes it pushes the remains outwards and onwards. It would be interesting to see what the x-ray and gamma ray images of these ring galaxies is like.
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Posted 24 Aug 2009 by Profile enzed
In September 1969 a medium sized meteorite entered the Earth's atmosphere, breaking up into pieces and falling over parts of Australia. It became known as the Merchison meteorite. About 100kg of rock material was recovered and collected in total from fragments. Tests conducted on the rock have shown various compounds that raise many questions.

The fragments are unusual in that they are carbonaceous chondrite (containing tiny areas of of chondrites- once mmolten minerals, iron magnesium, olivine, pyroxene etc.). Most meteors are not composed like this

The carbonaceous part refers to the carbon compounds, ie organic compounds.

An interesting aspect of the samples is that amino acids are present. So far 92 different aminos have been identified, common ones like glycine, alanine, glutamic acid, some more unusual ones like isovaline, pseudoleucine, of the aminos, nineteen are found on earth... the others are not.

Aminos can come in two forms left handed and right handed, one a mirror image of the other. Earth has for some strange reason a majority of left handed aminos, the right handed ones are rare. The fragments also contain compounds that facilitate the RNA, DNA construction process, enabling the "carrying" of information to be achieved inside a living being.

The fragments contain both left and right handed aminos in abundance.

For these building blocks of nature to exist in the fragments, they must have existed, billions of years ago, long before "life" started on earth and possibly most other places. Certainly long before the solar system formed planets.

Galaxies are acting like localised seas of nutrients.

Your concept of other life forms being based on radically different chemistry that behaves in different ways to the "known" left handed aminos and RNA-DNA structures ... a definite possibility.
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Posted 21 Aug 2009 by Profile enzed
If its physically big enough and it as it blows and also creates a back pressure wave, it may turn into a black hole...

That would be trouble for the neighbourhood.. including earth.
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Posted 16 Aug 2009 by Profile enzed
That Orion image certainly has an interesting little "some-thing" in it.
Have a zoom-look within the whiter coloured centre of the image.

It doesn't show up on other images so its not a faulty pixel set.

Download the original to get a better look and larger magnification. Use a good imaging tool to change light filtering, saturation etc.
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Posted 8 Aug 2009 by Profile enzed
to do the job fully you will need to take the mirror out the bottom, it usually has 4 or 6 etc screws/bolts in the frame holding the mirror in place around the circumference.

I use a weak solution of alcohol based glass cleaner.

I would recommend against using your hand, your body has acidic coating on the skin. use a womans makeup brush to gently wash the surface.

After putting the mirror back into the scope you will have to realign "collimate" the mirror, this is done by slowly turning the three big screw ends/knobs poking out the bottom of the mirror mount. Have a browse on the web and look up how to do this the easy way.

11) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Why SETI won't detect anything? (Message 923273)
Posted 3 Aug 2009 by Profile enzed
Personally I sincerely hope that SETI does find a signal, The implications for mankind will be.. enormous

Other possibilities;

High Frequency Gravity Wave Communications The use of gravity waves for communications ,around, through, and ,between, planets

We need to keep an open mind on just what forms of communication may be used, you may have thought GW=scifi...

Now there may be as many GW frequencies as there are RF frequencies

Prospective on HFGW

Gravity study

And this is already old hat to the quantum entanglement folk.
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Posted 14 Jul 2009 by Profile enzed
We are having a cold winter here.. and there has been a lot of small earthquakes at relatively shallow depth. The plates must be moving more than normal. There is more to the global weather than meets the eye. I see they are worried about Antarctica and ice fields sliding right off it...

You have a good memory,the lifters were interesting, a dead end in themselves but interesting for what they demonstrated, and the way ahead.

Steorn.. Internet course??????. alarm bells ringing here.
If what they have is true then they have a world class battle ahead of themselves as every battery and energy/fuel supplier will want to jump on them either for a piece of the action or to take them out of the picture via buyouts etc.

Check out youtube for vids by a guy called Mylow (mylow magnet engine), unfortunately there has also appeared a pile of fake reproductions of what he did, "proving" that his doesn't work.. but his original vid shows the device working. I think I copied the original to the system if you cant find it .

I haven't had a chance to look over the code yet, I need to rearrange my workload to get some time. I just wanted to run it through the system to see if any "consistency" patterns popped out. I will have to think more on this and when ready get in touch with Eric or others. I had to dismantle the cluster as other higher priority jobs emerged early last year.

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Posted 13 Jul 2009 by Profile enzed
Hello Johnney

Are you getting that heat wave that seems to be hitting Norway also?.

Yes Im still around...<g> or more correctly I have returned after taking time out to finish my studies.

Steorn... I remember talking about them with you, that was quite a while ago, must be a couple of years!!. It may be a wise move to be "inside" as you never know what might pop out. I have my fingers crossed for them and do hope the system works. There are a number of people working on the concept, hopefully someone will crack it.


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Posted 13 Jul 2009 by Profile enzed
Hello folks

Since we commonly use radio frequency Khz, Mhz, Ghz, as the modulated carrier for a voice frequency signal, it would be reasonable to assume that another civilisation would also use this technique. It presupposes that they have radio and that they modulate it to act as a carrier for information and that the modulation is an audible message as opposed to strictly digital data that is never meant to be audible, or analog data that was never meant to be audible (eg some sort of control signal or a TV like signal for monitor synchronisation).

1 - Has Seti "ever" recorded what it deems to be an audio signal in amongst the carrier data?.

2- -What format is the data in that we crunch on our pc's. Is it a straight cut and send from the dish or is it somehow "adjusted" before being sent to us other than that pile of xml code added as a file header and work identifier.
What is the "x-setiathome" encoding scheme?

3 - Is the crunch data taken from one single master frequency eg xxGhz or is it a range of frequencies that can be identified.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Best OS per platform for processing? (Message 916108)
Posted 9 Jul 2009 by Profile enzed
An idea for you to try

Install a version of Linux that does not automatically require you to run the GUI, Such as Fedora, in black screen mode (you can start the GUI any time you want by doing... startx).

Reasoning; You need to remove every possible "other" process from the system that you can so that the seti app is one of just a few running. If the system is spending less time starting-stopping-queuing-rescheduling processes then it spends more time crunching. You can turn off/ disable all the unneeded server type functions and other stuff that you wont use.. even sound cards etc if you like. Think of it as being sort of like the RISK systems built a few years ago... stripped to basics

Assuming you are behind a firewall/router running on another machine

You can also adjust the seti apps "active running-time" by fiddling the priority level a bit.. "carefully"

setivalue=`ps -au | grep seti | cut -b1,2,3,4,5 | tr -d " "`
renice -3 $setivalue

This will adjust the currently running seti app process number that is currently assigned to the app so that it runs just a little slower than the systems actual kernel components. If you want to do a time based test over a few days you will need to embed this into a script and fire it off every half hours or so to catch the new jobs starting after the old one finishes, remember every new job has a new PID Process IDentification number.
16) Message boards : SETI@home Science : NASA GLAST 16 new pulsars (Message 913773)
Posted 3 Jul 2009 by Profile enzed
16 new navigation beacons for use.... one day
17) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Life on Mars? (Message 913188)
Posted 2 Jul 2009 by Profile enzed
I think we also need to keep in mind that the core of our planet is actively giving off H3.. so it signifies that it is a slow burning nuclear reaction happening down there, as well as the pressurised molten Iron etc. It makes sense when you think that the truly "heavy" atoms will eventually sink over long periods of time. Some are belched back out of volcanoes etc but the bulk are down there for good. We live on a very thin "balloon skin" of this planet. The hot core keeps the Iron molten and supports the electric field of the reaction which gives rise to the active magnetic field.

Mars may be a potentially habitable planet but with no mag-field to protect the inhabitants from solar radiation and summer temperatures of -12 you have to be desperate to live there... after 4 billion years its not going to change a lot in the next century or two, even with terraforming it will be a tough place to be.

However given more time, climate change, continuing population explosion Im sure some folk will end up there... it will either be an underground luxury resort (luxury buried underground??) ...or a giant prison colony..

or perhaps a potential food basket.. covered in agricultural developments... ?
18) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : "Parallelizing" problems. (Message 912538)
Posted 29 Jun 2009 by Profile enzed
I think some of the confusion relates to the intrinsic nature of the problem, the actual task of running multiple passes over the same single data-set with differing sets of mathematical functions/equations.

I see your point of view and have "been there tried that" with other quite similar tasks on a 700 cpu virtual-machine cluster. There is a point where the network comms for interprocess communications grows almost out of control.. but thats a tuning issue and also impacts on the nature of each job.

you never get 100% efficiency when you split tasks up, you tend to get about 85 to 90 % (if the jobs are "very independent" as you do have to account for the processing/management overhead involved and also collating the final result from each core into a final result.

The system would need to be completely rewritten from its present "serial processing" functionality (for the client machines) into a true parallel processing functionality with automatic core count detection defining just how many copies of the same single data-set get distributed across the computer, and also how many of the "total-math-functions" are carried out on each core so as to split the job into 2 or 4 or 8 or CUDA-128 PS3-8 or ??...

It would involve a rewrite from the ground up. And you still have the serial nature of the seti servers themselves and the job splitting task from the main-feed.

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Posted 22 Jun 2009 by Profile enzed
But we still have a problem with light speed
What if space is not uniform in structure, if so then the speed will differ depending on the "density/permeability/local properties" of the space it travels through. ...

That's a very good point. Is our electromagnetic view of the universe distorted by the mass and the medium through which we are viewing?

All a sort of more subtle combination of distortions due to gravitational lensing, universe expansion and the material through which we are squinting?

Is there enough gravitation that we would be able to see ourselves if we had been there (or would be there) by the time the light path had looped around?

(Conditionals in time are a good source of a linguistic headache. Note the musings of Douglas Adams when faced with a similar conundrum!)

Keep searchin'!



Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Chapter 15) - Douglas Adams

Time Travelling Grammar


Hello Martin

My own speculation; Im not sure about being able to see ourselves (round the curve) Im beginning to think this universe is fractal. we see but a very very small portion of it.

This brings us to another point or at least another perspective on the matter which may prove to have some interesting outcomes/ or not.

Since we are so busy listening to radio frequencies and observing light waves, infrared ultraviolet etc, then perhaps also tapping into the gravitational distortions would be a wise thing to do. Pure speculation but...Perhaps there's something there in the wave-fronts, perhaps something non-random?

One would have to work out what is "noise" from what is not as I imagine the giant black hole at the centre of our galaxy is creating mammoth gravitational distortions as it swallows stars etc... which will ripple/back-propagate across the galaxy, after all our sun is caught in the "stream" along with most likely 99% of others stars we can see, and is heading eventually to a meeting with the hole...
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Posted 22 Jun 2009 by Profile enzed
But we still have a problem with light speed
What if space is not uniform in structure, if so then the speed will differ depending on the "density/permeability/local properties" of the space it travels through.

Which of course begs the question does space actually have a structure.. which leads us to the fact that it has a dielectric value so hence it does have "something" there that supports electric fields, as a total nothing would not.
The electric/magnetic fields that pervade the universe need a background "something" to be able to exist.

Light slows down in a denser medium.
We have a "bow shock" surrounding the local solar system... therefore space is not totally uniform ...everywhere... but probably close enough that it is a minor matter.

However it will impact deep space astronomy slightly, and also seti by the nature of the medium being examined.

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