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1) Message boards : News : More on that weird Kepler star (Message 1744715)
Posted 25 Nov 2015 by Profile Mike J
I would love for this to end up proving we are not alone, but... how do we know this isn't orbiting remnants of two celestial bodies that smashed into each other? Couldn't that be more likely? Could this be the beginning of an asteroid belt like we see around Sol??
Are there any observations to discount or support the idea?

I am slow to jump on this wagon and have started asking my naieve questions here. Seems like a great place.
2) Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : Join Team ManyPockets Today! (Message 1546089)
Posted 22 Jul 2014 by Profile Mike J
On record since 2012, team ManyPockets has been almost exclusively contributing to the SETI@home project, however, work units have been getting crunched by us since 2005.

Any of you and all of you are welcome to join our little team! Your shared participation will always be graciously welcomed! Please, join us today and let's find out what's out there!

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