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1) Message boards : Technical News : Gasping for Air (May 14 2007) (Message 567912)
Posted 15 May 2007 by Profile Faceboy88
Yay got my first workunit in ages \\o/
2) Message boards : Technical News : Timing is Everything (May 09 2007) (Message 564163)
Posted 10 May 2007 by Profile Faceboy88
I still can't believe the fuss a few people kick up about this- talk of uninstalling/detaching on their whole farm....
Bad luck on the delay :( Hey I might even finish a whole run for :p
3) Message boards : Technical News : On the Horizon (May 07 2007) (Message 562891)
Posted 8 May 2007 by Profile Faceboy88
Please, I need more work from SETI!!!!
Best regards from Spain.

I'm sure they'll flick the switch for you ;)

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