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1) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Any solution for no toolbar in Ubuntu using the advanced view mgr. (Message 1125794)
Posted 8 Jul 2011 by Profile aendgraend
Just found this Thread while searching for a Solution:

Use Alt+F to open a Dropdown Menu and then use the Arrow Keys to switch between the Menus.
2) Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : SETI.Germany sucht neue Mitglieder (Message 838802)
Posted 11 Dec 2008 by Profile aendgraend

Nachdem sich champ und Sutaru hier quasi ein standiges BUMP-Gauntlet liefern, auch von mir mal ein BUMP.

Happy Vollgascrunching
3) Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : SETI@Deutschland---> Jetzt Mitglied werden (Message 838799)
Posted 11 Dec 2008 by Profile aendgraend
Huch, ich habe mich verirrt ;)

Na egal,
dann halt auch hier mal ein neter BUMP für SD.

Happy Vollgascrunching

4) Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : TEAM SETI.USA - MEMBERS NEEDED (Message 528410)
Posted 9 Mar 2007 by Profile aendgraend
Congrats here from me as well. Awesome Performance you have shown and thus you deserve the 'Target' on your Back as Sarge and blurf said.
We hope to give you good Competition in future unless we won't match your RAC soon.

So - Congrats again Guys - i had one Beer for you guys tonight.

5) Message boards : Cafe SETI : German Cafe (Message 464115)
Posted 23 Nov 2006 by Profile aendgraend
hi champ,

probier mal diesen hier:

bis dann

Edit: Jakob war schneller ;-)
6) Message boards : Cafe SETI : German Cafe (Message 462464)
Posted 20 Nov 2006 by Profile aendgraend
Na dann mal ein herzliches SERVUS auch von mir aus Bayern.
Ich darf eure Augen höflichst auf den ULTIMATIVEN Miilestone überhaupt lenken:
SETI.Germany wird in den nächsten Tagen die 300.000.000 Credits in BOINC combined erreichen und somit einen weiteren Rekord für die Ewigkeit aufstellen:
siehe auch:

bis dann und haltet genügend kalten Sekt bereit ;-)
7) Message boards : Cafe SETI : German Cafe (Message 459868)
Posted 17 Nov 2006 by Profile aendgraend
mit dir in einem Team das wäre mal was :)

Hi Sir Ulli,

ich dachte eigentlich die ganzze Zeit, dass du bei Seti.Germany bist, weil ich dich un unserem Forum ab und zu sehe.
Du könntest uns bei SG mit deinen Credits auch ganz schön unterstützen, hast du nicht Lust? ;-)

bis dann

PS: Extra Bavariam nulla Vita, et si est Vita, non est ita - ich schwör :-D
8) Questions and Answers : Wish list : I have 5 years in and now Im done (Message 426755)
Posted 26 Sep 2006 by Profile aendgraend
I have downloaded BOINIC 3 times now and I still have problems with it. No scrrensaver! No anything. Its a waist of my PC and and everyone elses on campus. I sent out a mass e-mail today to boicot this more than frustraiting program from more than 37,000 PC. We have had this as a topic of discussion for a month after hours in my astromomy class.

Hi Melissa,

I'm sorry to say but I'm in a Team (Seti.Germany) that really cares for New Crunchers who are asking Questions. I guess each Team attempts to do so but you should ASK a Question and not only complain about Problems. Crying solves nothing but ask and you will be helped.
9) Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : Closed Geschlossen SETI.Germany, #1 in BOINC und SetiClassic (Message 426330)
Posted 25 Sep 2006 by Profile aendgraend
Hi out there, i agree with Saenger - big Time! The Lads of the US may have more Users and RAC in their lovely Country but i hope we'll get some new Crunchers in our Team that support SETI.Germany in Future.
Join our Team and feel welcome at our Forum - known as the "Stammkneipe" for all of us Crunchers.


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