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PAX HOMO... I wonder how many understand this?

Without looking it up.

Peace Man!

(Sort of child \ teen level Latinium. :) )

Shame Romulus and Remus didn't dig the vibe at the time :(
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Posted 17 Jun 2019 by Profile cRunchy
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Certain online headlines call the shrinking of the spot a disaster as if we had anything to do with it. Why would it be considered a disaster?

Given the size of Jupiter I doubt anything within or around our solar system could cause the red eye to collapse or change without us feeling some impact on earth.

The red eye is not so much of an interest to me. I was always fascinated by the counter motions of the bands of weather around it.

At some point that counter activity would effect each other.

The red eye and motions remind me of chaos theory. In chaos theory a seemingly stable movement \ system can come to halt or shift very quickly.

However from various sources it looks as if the red eye isn't reducing in it's volume. It may be shrinking in circumference but is actually bubbling out like a wart.

Jupiter may now have a great red wart... eek.

Another link:
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...Trump attacks Nasa and claims the moon is 'a part' of Mars.

I don't know if Trump is one of those people who miss out connections in their thoughts and sentences and just blurt out 'stuff.'

Of course the moon is part of our exploration of our solar system. Of course we did that (marginally) half a century ago.

(I think we should do it again as it might allow for and aid in a trip to Mars.)

He is not wrong in that exploring outwards the Moon is part of the path towards Mars exploration.

Or in New or Trump ++Speak the moon is actually part of mars as a doodle in his head ;)

As a British person I have little interest in Trump except caring about America's influence and actions. (.. and of course as a world neighbour.)

I am suprised Trump's entourage haven't confiscated his tech and removed his ability to make tweets or twadles.

The more I read about Trump (I am not a natural Politics board reader) the more I think I like him... :) ... He doesn't seem to have barriers or a mask between his thoughts and his words ;)

You have to admire someone who feels so secure inside themselves they can say anything.

Caligular comes to mind.

Little Boots Trump!
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Posted 7 Jun 2019 by Profile cRunchy
...We have a local NBC anchor here that claims to be open to all sides of a discussion but in truth betrays himself with vocal tones and innuendo when presenting something he doesn't agree with, which is usually a Conservative view.

Broadly published or disseminated news by nature has always tended to be conservative (little 'c' to big 'C') simply because those who pay for the papers (even without revenue from advertising of products) have either power or funds.

Let's not forget that 'conservative' can and does include the powerful or financed left wing as much as it does the right wing.

There are subtle tones in news but there is also what is called 'the hammer effect' where some news becomes important or accepted as true just by sheer volume.

No doubt news reporters and their media agencies are trained in the various arts of psychology and sociological presentation.

There was something in one of Shakespeare's plays where a character remarks upon another character saying: 'he is a good man - he is a very good man - such a good man' (or something like that.) Basically in the end we know he is overstating and telling us he is thought of as "not such a good man"...

No different to elections where backdrops to TV news are set with a colour or scene that suggests a particular political party. (Blue is often right wing I suspect.)

If I remember right here in the UK there was a TV election news presenter that was removed because he wore a tie that could be associated with a particular party?

Some of it is subtle, some blatant, some stupid and I guess some just misplaced.

Even adverts in old Victorian newspapers (UK) for things like soap often had political and cultural ideology embedded. (At that time mostly imperialistic.)
7) Message boards : Politics : Greatest Best Leader of ALL TIME Yep Dat BeeeZZZ Big BIg BIG Hands Golden Haired Long Black Coat Wearin; WINNING ALWAYS Prez #45 45ers Gots His Back. You, Not So Much.......Yap (Message 1997121)
Posted 7 Jun 2019 by Profile cRunchy
#1 - Foreign thought and opinions have no impact inside the USA.

Then why have most of my friends and family that live in the US, who I rarely discus politics with, asked me or my youngest what do the English think of Trump.

I think the socio and ecconomic relationship between foreign countries (like the UK) and the USA have a great impact. Historic and family ties certainly have a strong influence on the community.

The thoughts and behaiviours of those in the Middle East, Russia and China for example (even if misconstrued) have had a major influence on America's political, ecconomic and even emmotional mindset. (Mostly reactionary I should guess.)

Though I agree in the sense that "it only matters if those with power think it matters" or unless of course "world opinion or action have greater impact than can be ignored."

Trump probably has too much on his plate at home to be overly concerned by us pesky foreigners and our un-American ways and thoughts ;)
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Posted 7 Jun 2019 by Profile cRunchy
9) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Wild claim on Science Channel's Nasa's Unexplained Files (Message 1996175)
Posted 1 Jun 2019 by Profile cRunchy
OK not a science channel piece but of the same sort of colloquial explanation of science.

when I was a kid around 7 I spent time in my school library.

I selected a book about science and the future.

Great pictures.

I distinctly remember it talking about our genetic development as humans.

It said by 2020 humans would become taller, we would be living on Mars and we would start loosing our hair.

(Interestingly the pictures of what we might look like were similar to how we see some aliens looking now. Tall, slim, oval heads and no hair..)

I guess we only have less than a year guys n gals and then baldness will be our way. ;/

It was one of those mythical science ideas that permeate.

That book stuck with me eidetically.

Media like school books and Science Channel have a lot to answer for in feeding misunderstanding sometimes..
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Posted 31 May 2019 by Profile cRunchy
Cool links Kitty.

I am a great fan of "The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain."

They have pleasant humour and I love it when they do a melange / medley.

Never heard of 'Oscar Isaac' before. That song is rather dusky and emotional.

Keep up the links.

WhatEverHeBringsWeSing :)
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Posted 26 May 2019 by Profile cRunchy

If you don't mind I have translated this via google to English:

It is hard to believe that this project has been going through a long period of 20 years. The yearning for the common goal allows us to gather here. Everything is possible in the future. We will continue to believe that we will win and cheer together!

Together we may even reach another 20 years.

Google: 我們一起甚至可能再達到20年
12) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Anybody bummed about The Game of Thrones ending, and what did you think about it? (Message 1995280)
Posted 25 May 2019 by Profile cRunchy
Never seen one episode..and my life is complete with out it..

Ah but how do you know?

    Seeing is believing. Only a true believer can see the anulus of the gods and pass through it :))

It might have made your life even more complete :)~

13) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Anybody bummed about The Game of Thrones ending, and what did you think about it? (Message 1995277)
Posted 25 May 2019 by Profile cRunchy
It was one of those 'let's wrap it up quick' type series endings.

Most the characters went off on to their final destinations with a sense of disapointment and resignation (or dead.) Sort of depressing.

I would have liked to see more of what Arya Stark learnt from the guild of the Faceless Men.

It wasn't the positive ending expected (either John Stark or \ and Daenerys) by many people.

A fairly limp ending maybe?
14) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Beet's Give us a Caption - # 71 (Message 1994418)
Posted 20 May 2019 by Profile cRunchy
That will teach them to park in my spot.

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'Clamps Are A Thing Of The Past'
15) Message boards : Politics : Don't know where it should go? Stick it here 2 (Message 1994416)
Posted 20 May 2019 by Profile cRunchy
Not the only act of vandals that can't be explained.

Explain please.

Sorry Gary. The article is blocked here in Europe. I didn't realise at first. Thats why I questioned.

Wanton destruction, teenagers, this one on and of hallowed ground.

Probably quite typical of vandalism although the extent and cost in this case is overwhelming :(

Boredom and parents that either trust too much or are absent (multiple jobs?), total lack of respect for others. It wasn't for lack of morals in the parents as they took the kids in to the cops immediately.

Turning your kids in isn't always a sign of morality.

Collectively they came up with less than $500 towards the million dollar damage, before they reached the end of their sentences.

Not satisfactory but unless the families involved were millionaires I doubt they could afford to offer a million dollars!

As a society we must have and teach respect for each other and their property. With the nastiness and name calling of political discourse today I'm not surprised that some impressionable minds may be led astray and feel that disrespect, damage and destruction are socially acceptable.

It is true that as a society we need to engender respect (and more so care) for others (and oneself.)

Sometimes the question is did our parents engender enough of the social skills and mindset in us so that this generation of young people would learn well from us.

The answer to these issues is difficult.

There is evidence of graffiti in the pyramids and other ancient monuments going back to 5000 years ago.

If you read any of the newspapers from say the 1800s you will see many a story of vandalism.

Of course the expression "Vandalism" is drawn from those evil Vandals who sacked ancient Rome. :)

Plato (2.4 thousand years ago) in one of his drones moaned on about young people and their bad and unsocial behaviour.

As our societies become more wealthy and there are more things to vandalise it is inevitable that something of great expense will become broken.

Something you said about 'boredom' strikes a chord for me. Not not because kids are bored (they have so much junk to entertain them) but because we (the UK is a case) no longer invest in youth services or out of school activities and proactive youth workers.

My city for example had 200 youth projects and full time workers (not that many for 1.2 million population) 20 years ago but with cut backs now only has 20 or so. (All the networks have fallen.)

I am not making excuses - Just an arguement that it is not the cost of what is vandalised we should be looking at nor the age of the vandals but the deeper reason for vandalism and how we as a society and individuals (you and me) can make a positive difference.
16) Message boards : Politics : Don't know where it should go? Stick it here 2 (Message 1994414)
Posted 20 May 2019 by Profile cRunchy
Works for me...

All I get is a message about them not able to share with the European Union.

I guess The LA Kim Jong-un Times feels us old worlders ain't good enough to read their blurb.

(I tried various US and Canadian web-proxies as well as my normal TOR but non could get the story. <I'm not going to reconfig TOR to circumvent just for one story>)

I might understand this if it was a media (copyright) item but everyday human news???

Anyways Kevvy.

Thanks for the quote.

I kind of expect most young people to vandalise something at least once in their (oops our) lives. Hopefully just foolish minor stuff.

Gross vandalism is in many ways something arbitary where there are no other people around or we have left something of value unprotected or unwatched.

There is plenty of vandalism done by older people to.

There are also cases of state sanctioned vandalism for various profit or political purposes.

Not sure why we focus only on the young. (Unless we Setizens are becoming old fogies.)

17) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Don't know where it should go? Stick it here! Part VII (Message 1994408)
Posted 20 May 2019 by Profile cRunchy
Not ready to eat insects yet. Not saying that I have accidentally swallowed a flying one.

Oh dear. Did you swallow a spider to catch the fly?

They reckon us non insect munchers eat at least a kilo of insects in our lifetimes.

Just don't sleep with your mouth open :)

However many of us including vegetarians scoff down many a crushed beetle when we eat food with strong bright red colouring (cochineal.)

Anyway Admiral I'm sure you have had a nibble or two of a juicy weevil in your hardtack once in a while.

Plenty of protein.

People would be horrified to know the things they actually consume.
18) Message boards : Politics : Don't know where it should go? Stick it here 2 (Message 1994385)
Posted 20 May 2019 by Profile cRunchy
Not the only act of vandals that can't be explained.

Explain please.

Some issues with your link..
19) Message boards : Politics : Don't know where it should go? Stick it here 2 (Message 1994346)
Posted 19 May 2019 by Profile cRunchy
Corporal punishment comes to mind.

Sadly it will only build up more angst in the recipients and probably teach them that violence is the way to solve other problems like when they are older and rearing children.

Curfew by parents, no internet access except for homework, no designer clothing and limited pocket money is the only way to impress on the young people the seriousness of vandalism.

(For me it is not some love of models but vandalism per-ce that is an issue.)

However I also think some irony would help - like making them do 4 hours each week of community service or extra-corricula activities - Minature-modelling comes to mind. :-)

... and because parents should be held responsible for at least knowing where there kids are (most of the time) and their childrens 'mindset' they too should be held to some account.

Corporal punishment is assault and battery whether it is a child, an adult or culturally accepted, legal or otherwise.

I am amazed that given the costs of the models that they didn't hire a security guard or have a few volunteers stop over to watch and ward off wanna be vandals.

It seems not everyone loves model railways :(

I do. I have some lovely little models in N, HO\OO and HOe scales.
20) Message boards : SETI Perspectives : Coming of Age for Optical SETI (Message 1994018)
Posted 17 May 2019 by Profile cRunchy
Interesting article, I was wondering if an approach where you scanned and analysed the optical data to establish a baseline of what is a 'normal' night sky.

Once you have that, it is easier to spot the 'unusual' occurrences and create a program to eliminate fluctuations which are caused by satellites, planes, normal flicker from atmosphere etc.

Instead of analysing all the data all the time, just look for aberrations!

Comparing and storing difference (aberrations) is very much the idea.

In some way similar to the way moving gifs and other forms of video compression work as well as motion detection.

(Compression by difference does have a downside. If you don't store or have the previous frames or photos you can't reconstruct a full picture. So storage of images would probably be full frame by frame.)

This is where all those different funcky filters and extrapolations come into play. (IE: Face detection type stuff.)

It would be interesting to see what methods are used to solve the issues you suggest Kimuta1.

I am also interested in the idea of prismatic (fresnel) type lenses as the output can be used spectographically as well. (I'm also wondering if they could be used to produce marginal 3d imagery?)


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