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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Just got 3 WU's for GPU! (Message 1052570)
Posted 2 Dec 2010 by Profile rat1963
I just got ONE work unit for the GPU. Very Exciting!!!! Getting close to Christmas. Maybe Santa will deliver SETI early?
2) Message boards : Technical News : Carolyn = Master (Nov 23 2010) (Message 1051502)
Posted 27 Nov 2010 by Profile rat1963
You guys are amazing. Thank you for all the hard work while I sit here on my Turkey and stuffing filled lazy posterior. Happy Thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to running SETI for another 11 years.
3) Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : The Tarnoczy Family Team (Message 1038712)
Posted 3 Oct 2010 by Profile rat1963
Join if you're related to the Tarnoczy Family. As of Oct 3, 2010 we are on the border of 19,000,000 credits. Under rank of 250 on Seti@home website (rat1963). Help your family get under 100. It's all about the science of discovery.
Founder: R A Tarnoczy.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : S@H Tax Time Donation Challenge! (Message 881455)
Posted 1 Apr 2009 by Profile rat1963
Times are Tough
Life is Hard
Here's your damn Birthday Card.

Er, I mean donation. Gave a $100, wish it was more. Love SETI and have been running it since April 3, 1999. Thanks for all your hard work at SETI.

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