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Posted 22 Jan 2013 by Profile Donegal_TDI
That's the UFO phenomena from an alien point of view.

From a human point of view,
those that are on this planet that are in possession of some of this tech
are ruthless.
To them we are sheep, worthless mindless souls to be placated.
They threaten and silence witnesses,
blackmail them with the loss of pensions and the safety of their families,
try to rubbish their reputations.
Secrets can be kept through fear and intimidation.
Mainstream scientists won't touch the subject
for fear of their reputation and loosing grant funding.

We are on the outside, not aware,
concerned with our own day to day cares,
blissfully unaware of the complexity of this deceit.

In the history of humanity
this is the biggest story ever,
and it is truly criminal that the general population
know nothing about it.

Other than the dedicated souls with an interest in the field,
and they are very much in the minority,
no one would know the few fragments that we have.
Throw in the hoaxers and charlatans
and the waters become very muddy
making valid research damn near impossible.

But the info is there,
snippets of it in any event,
if you know where to look.

Make of it what you will.

The internet is a very public place
so that will do for now.

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Posted 21 Jan 2013 by Profile Donegal_TDI
Societies have a natural form of progression where technology evolves along with the rules of when to use it, especially when weaponised.

Imagine the American civil war outcome if the southern states got their hands on a consignment of modern Kalashnikovs, it would have changed history forever.
If we have et visitors, they know this, and have probably seen the effects of their breaking cover on other worlds that were not ready.

So you can be sure rules are in place, like the Star Trek prime directive.

Those of you who have seen my previous posts know that I believe off world life exist, as sure as the air you breathe. They may be 10 ly's away or 1000, we don't know. Traversing Interstellar distances is extremely difficult, but if it can be done, there are societies out there that could be eons ahead of us in this game, and if it can be cracked, they have done it.

Whether they are visiting us covertly,
I have to say it could very well be possible.
There are a lot of credible witnesses.

If this is true,
It is my opinion that disclosure will not take place intentionally any time in the near future. The only hope we have is if something happens by accident, that can not be explained away by debunking and disinformation.

Perhaps a major natural disaster looming that forces them to show their hand.

Aliens exist, probably billions of planets of sentient life,
just personally I have nothing to contribute in the form of evidence for them visiting us.
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Posted 21 Jan 2013 by Profile Donegal_TDI
Like an earlier poster said, I have watched the skies for many decades and have not seen anything that can't be explained.
Maybe Ireland doesn't attract our alleged off world visitors :)

One thing I do know,
if aliens are, and have been,
covertly visiting us from some place many light years away,
they are not using linear high speed flight to get here.
Space is a very dangerous place,
akin to a shooting gallery full of high speed debris and micro meteorites.

If they are visiting us
other physics are being used which we may not have even dreamt of,
perhaps 10's of thousands of years ahead of us technologically.

Humans are uncivilised,
imagine this technology in the hands of the unscrupulous?
That is why our alleged visitors play cat and mouse.
And if humans have their hands on even a small portion
of this tech from reverse engineered captured craft,
they also will keep the lid on it,
particularly if it's the military.

And as Ben Rich of Lockheed fame is claimed to have said...
"It would take an act of God to release this technology from black projects to benefit humanity"
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Posted 21 Sep 2012 by Profile Donegal_TDI
Why I dearly hoped that Stephen Greer was the real deal,
sadly more and more evidence seems to point that he is a charlatan.
He started off with much gusto,
and seemed to have the ear of some very high profile personages,
somewhere along the line he got derailed into different priorities,
usually involving $$$$$$$$.

If he subsequently comes up with the goods,
I will retract that comment.
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Posted 6 Jan 2012 by Profile Donegal_TDI
If our alleged visitors are from Zeta Reticulae I and II, they stopped using radio as a communication medium eons ago.
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Posted 18 Oct 2011 by Profile Donegal_TDI
It really is all down to what we know for certain. Science is backed up by factual documents. The whole ET topic has little if any certain facts in the public domain.

However, what keeps me interested and totally hooked, is our sun is one of hundreds of billions in our galaxy which in turn is one among hundreds of billions of galaxies, therefore it is a simple matter of statistics that saying we are alone in the cosmos is in my opinion total bunkum. Other sentient life HAS to exist, it is a statistical certainty that this is so.

Maybe earth has been visited, or is currently being visited covertly by an off world intelligence, I can't provide any proof, nor can anyone else.

We also rely on religious doctrines for details of our origin, but I have a feeling that our origins and the alleged et visitations are somehow connected.
Again I have no proof, and this feeling is NOT based on sci-fi tv.
If I'm asked to speculate about the past, I consider the total wipeout of the dinosaurs as totally suspicious. To selectively remove a species as established as the dinosaurs were, while others that lived in similar environments survived, I think is very strange. If this were the result of natural catastrophe, nothing would have survived and the entire biological clock would have been totally reset.
I can accept hibernating or subterranean mammals surviving, but not reptiles similar to dinosaurs. And then we have the birds with their shared dinosaur lineage.
Again, and this is totally speculative, it is as if the earth was sanitised to allow mammals to gain an evolutionary lead.

I can also tell you this, I carry a small HD camera with me constantly, and if I ever see anthing ET related, I will be in a position to record it, properly and vividly. I urge others to do similar.
Someone already claims to have this but is looking for £2,000,000 on ebay for the footage. See thread on ATS here.....
7) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Official ET Disclosure? "NSA Document Admits ET Contact" (Message 1130050)
Posted 20 Jul 2011 by Profile Donegal_TDI
I think they are just playing out a scenario,
what they might do IF a signal was detected,
how they might go about decoding it.

I'm currently in the middle of decoding ET signals. I have been at it for over 6 months now. I always thought that if mankind detected a signal from ET, the best scientists in the world would be put to work decoding it with all the resources they need.

But no, in the end it has turned out to be me who receives the signal. And to top that off, i haven't a clue how to decode it. So without any help from anyone, cos nobody would believe me if i told them, i have to go and learn how to decode the information by myself.

Sounds like i'm talking complete rubbish, doesn't it? Well thats the way it worked out. When i do finally crack the code i will publish my results and everyone will know what i'm talking about. Until then, the world will just have to wait.


Would be interested to hear more.
I have a motorised satellite dish,
1.2m, in both vertical & horizontal axis.
Would love to play with a spectrum analyser on one of the feeds,
if I had the time, which I don't :)
8) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Official ET Disclosure? "NSA Document Admits ET Contact" (Message 1124601)
Posted 4 Jul 2011 by Profile Donegal_TDI
I think they are just playing out a scenario,
what they might do IF a signal was detected,
how they might go about decoding it.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Splitters is now running. New work is coming. (Message 1053882)
Posted 8 Dec 2010 by Profile Donegal_TDI
my 3 machines are grinding away,
850w being drawn from the plug,
puffing out CO2 somewhere :)
Bye, bye Einstein, for now.
10) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Do physicists believe in God? (Message 1048580)
Posted 15 Nov 2010 by Profile Donegal_TDI
Any form of organised earthly Religion is essentially a belief in nothing, not one ounce of proof of anything in any of them. Where religion gets itself into trouble is when it makes profound statements which are in conflict with scientific evidence.
Religions are highly dangerous because they tap deep into the human psyche but people seem to need them and others are capable of manipulating the masses using this powerful tool.
Personally, I am not an atheist but I prefer to think of myself as a Deist.
There is a bigger picture behind all that we know IMHO and I do personally believe this is attributable to a grand plan, concocted by whom I know not.
Basically religion should stay out of scientific affairs and visa versa.

I have always stated here that the universe as we know it is a cosmic incubator to bring forth life.
11) Message boards : SETI@home Science : UFO's and Aliens, the truth. (Message 1034803)
Posted 20 Sep 2010 by Profile Donegal_TDI

According to the lore,
Ununpentium atomic number 115 does not occur naturally on earth,
although a few atoms have been synthesised.

Apparantly, aliens have secured enough of
this element, apparantly in a stable form, to power their respective fleets.

I am not promoting any of the above science/quotes as sound,
as most are unverifiable,
it is merely presented here for discussion.

Steven Greer is bringing things to a head,
in that if Obama does not come clean,
he and his cohort of witnesses will this year.

This could prove his authenticity one way or another,
saviour of mankind, or charlatan.
12) Message boards : SETI@home Science : UFO's and Aliens, the truth. (Message 1032466)
Posted 10 Sep 2010 by Profile Donegal_TDI
In trying to understand alien technology, we are trying to anticipate what our own scientists may discover in the realm of physics in the future. We have come a long way in the last 150 years. My own grandparents would never have believed how modern people in the developed societies live today, the standard of living which we, by and large, take very much for granted.

Advanced Alien races 1000's of years more advanced than us are likely to have solved many issues we deem as insolvable.
Advanced Alien races millions of years more advanced than us may have science and a way of life that is beyond our understanding.

The current fascination with us is that our planet may be rare, a jewel among jewels, so to speak, and benevolent races may be here in a caretaker capacity.
They have already proven that they can render underground missile launch sites inoperable. There is one very secret high speed military film showing them intercepting a high speed ballistic missile launch test at high altitude and destroying the war head with a beam, clearly caught on film, 100% authentic.

The alien phenomenon is real, it is here, and most of what we say will be supposition until the whole thing is brought out into the open either by them, or whistleblowers.
13) Message boards : SETI@home Science : UFO's and Aliens, the truth. (Message 1032225)
Posted 9 Sep 2010 by Profile Donegal_TDI
Maybe the prime directive exists.
14) Message boards : SETI@home Science : UFO's and Aliens, the truth. (Message 1032218)
Posted 9 Sep 2010 by Profile Donegal_TDI
I agree Michael about the Pleiades, a young star system just a few 100 million years old. The story tellers have this covered though in that in may not be their place of origin and have migrated there from somewhere else conveniently.

If a tiny amount of the above turns out to be true,
there will be amazing times ahead.
One of the sites claimed that in the very near future,
it would appear as if we were characters in a science fiction movie,
such were the tecnological peaks that humans have attained covertly,
and should be relealed to all.

If Greer and his witnesses turn out to be charlatans, or misguided,
it brings into question their motives.
Some of them very definitely believe what they are saying,
and if my knowledge of body language is up to speed,
they are convinced they are correct.

Or can it be compared to a religious mania frenzy of sorts.
15) Message boards : SETI@home Science : UFO's and Aliens, the truth. (Message 1032203)
Posted 9 Sep 2010 by Profile Donegal_TDI
Other parts of the "" site are in Turkish if you want to use the google translator.
16) Message boards : SETI@home Science : UFO's and Aliens, the truth. (Message 1032192)
Posted 9 Sep 2010 by Profile Donegal_TDI
15.Good guys also met the Pope at the Vatican around the same time as Eisenhower, but instead of absorbing what they had to say, he attempted to indoctrinate the alien heathens into the ways of the Catholic Church, and as this failed, little became of it.

15a.Eisenhower was Succeeded by John F. Kennedy, and while folk generally think he was assassinated for a multitude of reasons, the "real" reason was that he was going to expose the whole nasty alien business to the world. Plus, his sometime bed partner Norma Jean Marilyn Monroe Baker got a cocktail of barbiturates pumped up her nether regions to keep her quiet, permanently.

16.The internal combustion engine has been obsolete for 50yrs+, but persists to maintain petrodollars.

16a.The reason contemporary reports of UFO's traversing the sky seem to bob about is due to the fact that, while the phase shifted gravitational field produced by the craft is stable, the opposing field produced by the earth is not, due to the constituents of the crust/mantle/core as the saucer moves(not flies) over the landscape.

17.Mammals and reptiles it seems are not destined to be good friends, this goes back to the garden of eden in our culture and beyond in alien culture.

18. Most importantly, Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project & Cseti has announced this year, 2010, that unless Obama brings all this black op stuff concerning aliens out into the public domain before the end of the year, he and his followers of scientists and military witnesses will do it, this time with incontrovertible proof, presented to a world stage.

Google "The day before disclosure 2010"

More on element 115 and gravity propulsion technology,
and a really nice pic of one of Bob Lazar's saucers(sport-model)......

More on S4 and area 51.......

Opinions please
17) Message boards : SETI@home Science : UFO's and Aliens, the truth. (Message 1032175)
Posted 9 Sep 2010 by Profile Donegal_TDI
According to the UFO lore,
the following are the main points I have come across while doing recent research:

1. Detonation of first nuclear device attracted the attention of the current UFO visitors. Good guys, who look like us, come from somewhere in the Pleides.
Bad guys are a reptilian race from Zeta Reticuli, who have "manufactured" the greys to do their dirty work.

2. Alien craft are powered by Ununpentium, element 115, which does not occur naturally on earth.
Works on counteracting earth gravity, by generating it's own gravity field/wave which can be focussed/directed for propulsion.
Very high voltages involved hence the halo/glow seen on reported UFO's while in our atmosphere.

3. Good guys met Dwight D. Eisenhower late 1940's, concerned over nuclear arms race, offered him free energy if he backed off. He declined for fear of the Russian threat. He later made a deal with the bad guys for more arms technology in exchange for human guinea pigs, the whole abduction deal(apparently they have some reproductive issues, maybe they need Viagra), and a base for them on earth, currently at S4. This was funded by the sale of pharmaceuticals, drugs. I think the aliens threw in some element 115 for a sweetner. What he didn't know, bad guys also made the same deal with the Russians. Eisenhower and all subsequent Presidents lost control at this point as the military took over and the era of black ops was born.

4. Americans found out they could upset the propulsion system of saucer craft with a strong electromagnetic pulse by using modified radar.
Consequently captured some, back engineered them at area 51 and s4, and now have their own version of saucer called an alien reproduction vehicle.
These are operated from S4.

5. All aliens refer to us as containers, as we have 53 genetic corrections carried out by former visitors over 10's of thousand of years.

5a.Some aliens envy us, we have a spirit/soul, they don't.

6. There are alien bases/ruins on the moon and mars.
Observation areas while they were doing their genetic corrections on us.

7. NASA were "warned" off the moon, hence no return visits for decades.
Moon pictures that public have access to, including those from Clementine, have been doctored(air-brushed/Photoshopped) to obscure alien bases/ruins/towers.

8. USA are not spending huge money on a shuttle replacement as they have vastly greater technologies buried in black ops.

9. Stargate type technology exists at S4. Story told about US official told to dress in clothes for warm weather, arrived at S4, went through a door, and came out at a military base in Australia, instantaneously.

10. There are many high tech underground tunnels linking secret bases.

11. Apparently, all earthly religions are a bunch of hoo-hah, men being enslaved by men.

12. There is something comparable to "The Force" which eminates from all living things. Good guys contribute to it, bad guys feed on it. Did George Lucas know something?

13. Intense security surrounds those who currently deal with this in the US of A, with people knowing only what they need to know to do what they do. Very few are privvy to the big picture. Any dishonesty or whisleblowing is dealt with harshly, one method is implanting agressive cancer cells in the brain.
Security guards watch security guards with a rapid turnover of personnel, many go missing after their tour of duty, personnel are picked that are free from spouses, family or other attachments. The Commander in Chief apparently knows very little as he is of civilian origins and does not have the necessary clearances. Apparently G. Bush Senior when involved with the CIA, denied Carter access to black ops. Clinton was also refused. So who is running the show???????

14.New age prophets/contactees have popped into existance and have a loyal following, Alex Collier, Jim Nichols, Richard Hoagland for example.

All or some of the above may be true, or it may be bunk.
You decide.
18) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Astronaut Gordon Cooper's letter to the UN regarding UFO (Message 1031801)
Posted 8 Sep 2010 by Profile Donegal_TDI
Assuming contact has been made with an et species,
we are most likely not the first they have encountered,
and if truthful,
are likely to tell us the fate of other civilisations
after knowledge of the fact became widespread,
it's impact on sociology, political, monetary, theist beliefs, technological infrastructure and potential for social unrest.

Perhaps this is where the caution about revelation comes from,
whomever the hypothetical aliens are allegedly talking to.

As Michael W says above,
if these things were hard facts,
the cautious course of action would be
to take a gradual approach to the issue.

More, on lunar conspiracy this time, here....

19) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Astronaut Gordon Cooper's letter to the UN regarding UFO (Message 1031591)
Posted 7 Sep 2010 by Profile Donegal_TDI
It's all bunk and delusion based on our innate craving for a religion of some kind telling us that there is someone or thing of superior intelligence and capability watching over us. It is another false religion.

Miracles and UFO's all in the same voodoo religious ilk.

If these men saw things on the moon then where are the pictures and where is the physical evidence. What's controlling you and others is just the scammers of the poor souls who are delusional.

I agree completely. Humans have a tendancy to grab for the most outrageous conclusions when faced with an unknown. Even though science can easily debunk most everything of that nature, people will not let it go. Physics does allow for travel at high speeds, but there is time dilation to contend with. Some have said worm holes. Well there is a super massive black hole in the center of the milky way, but that is 50,000 light years away. There are 511 G type stars within 100 light years of the sun. Even these distances are huge, and the chance of an intelligent civilization being so close is remote, although not impossible. Since Earth has been sending out radio signals for about 100 years, that would mean that if someone 50 light years out had received our earliest transmissions, and just headed out to meet us, they would just be getting here.
Within 50 light years there are only 63 stars within that range.

Due to time dilation, and the enormous resources needed for interstellar travel, an alien civilization would want to be sure of a certain target before taking off on an interstellar jaunt. Why would you just head out when the return may be tens of thousands of years from when you initially set off, and your whole civilization may be gone. There are gazillions of planets in our galaxy, and most of them would be dead ends. The earth is invisible, other than the slight wobble it and the other planets cause the sun to make, and it could be seen as in crosses the sun in transit due to the slight darkening of the sun. Other than that is is invisible except for radio waves, which are only about 100 light years out.

Is life out there? With the tremendous number of stars and planets, life on only one planet just does not make sense. On the other hand due to the enormous distances and obsurities, it is equally improbable that we have been visited. If you shrink our entire solar system to the size of a dime, the nearest star is 5 miles away.


BTW, great link, Steve, very informative and a good find.
20) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Astronaut Gordon Cooper's letter to the UN regarding UFO (Message 1031589)
Posted 7 Sep 2010 by Profile Donegal_TDI
Getting past the giggle factor usually associated with this topic, the deviousness of humanity, especially those with something to loose, never surprises me. To some extent , we are sheep. The majority of the population believe what they are fed through the media and can be manipulated by those in power. Look up fractional banking to see how dollars are invented from thin air by banks. I digress :)

If an advanced offworld culture have cracked the physics for ftl travel,
the number of light years they are away may proove to be of relatively little importance.

It is very possible that ET's are here, in a caretaker capacity so to speak,
with contact already made, seemingly prompted by the detonation of the first nuclear device, this apparently attracted their attention :)

Whether those that are in contact with them are keeping quiet to protect the fragile global economy from imploding if so called free energy became widely available to the masses,
or keeping quiet to protect their respective pockets as new technology is trickle fed to the public,
I can't imagine a benevolent et race being complicit in that.

It is equally possible that they are not here.

We just have no way of proving this if it is the former,
because security for that scenario would be locked solid if humans were to gain from advanced technology. It would also be extremely dangerous to poke ones nose into this if it were true.

However, WE are here.
Most of the galaxy is made of the same "stuff".
There are a couple of billion suns in our galaxy.
The numbers dictate that sentient life exists.
Whether it is 10 ly's from us or 10,000,
I firmly believe the galaxy to be teeming with life.
I don't need proof.

Whether we are being visited,
a lot of people think so,
credible witnesses from the military and aviation world
have come forward, running the risk of ridicule, with their considered opinion on what they have seen and witnessed.

And it most certainly was not the planet Venus.

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