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1) Message boards : Technical News : Thumper (Feb 07 2011) (Message 1075979)
Posted 11 Feb 2011 by Profile [AF>FRANCE]peronik
if you don't want to have some more bug with RAID configuration why dont have a look at the ZFS file system .
it's a file system that include directly the RAID concepts without other soft or hardware
this file system is include in sun-like distro and freebsd-like distros

if you can't switch to FREEbsd you could try debian 6.0 "Squeeze"( the last stable version )
debian 6.0 had 2 kernel the standard linux and the new kFREEbsd the kernel of FREEBSD

the kFREEbsd-amd64 version (the 64bits one) had ZFS as a standard file system
2) Message boards : Technical News : server / AC status (Message 1035977)
Posted 25 Sep 2010 by Profile [AF>FRANCE]peronik
in our server room we have under monitoring some usefull parameters whith the help of a little hardware that cost 135$ we :

Make your PC a barometer, hygrometer, thermometer and high accuracy data logger.

with that our administrator can monitor all the server room and can stop the server properly if something go wrong

i know it could be looking like a joke but this little frogg help us to save our harware ( over 135 000$ of hardware and software ) after our A/C fail

it could be possible that there is some thing like that in your neighbourhood
3) Message boards : Technical News : new science DB server specs (made possible by the donation drive!) (Message 1035967)
Posted 25 Sep 2010 by Profile [AF>FRANCE]peronik
for the safety of all the datas of the project , have you think of using some OS that can use the ZETTA FILE SYSTEM ( ZFS ),
this FS has some very nice fonctions like
auto repair like ECC in memory bank,
some raid5/6-like with out the need of hardware
infinite snapshot,
and it can't be posibble to reache it's limits

the os that can use it directly are : open solaris , freebsd
and indirectly linux via the project FUSE ( file system on userland )

(sorry for bad english it's not my natural language ;) )
4) Message boards : Technical News : Out of the Frying Pan (Feb 17 2010) (Message 971598)
Posted 19 Feb 2010 by Profile [AF>FRANCE]peronik
for thermal control of computer rooms we find an item some can special at
A sensors set, packaged in a very nice frog, you plug it into your PC to have an accurate barometer, thermometer, hygrometer and data logger.

it could be used with Windows or linux
we use the thermal info to drive the compute to safely shutdown if someting gose wrong via SNMP /IPMI

5) Questions and Answers : Windows : I cannot upload my finished work? (Message 207740)
Posted 9 Dec 2005 by Profile [AF>FRANCE]peronik
I have a question
how the wu will be treated whose deadline is reached

( sorry for poor english Iam french)

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