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1) Message boards : News : SETI@home hibernation (Message 2036006)
Posted 5 Mar 2020 by Profile SMW
Unless I am greatly mistaken, there is raw data, there is completed work that we have done, then there is further work done on all of the data to get every drop of information into a research presentable fashion. What they are saying is they are so far head, on the first actions and need a lot of time to finish the final reporting of data. I am not sure volunteers, at hone, can do the further processing and evaluating that is now required. Therefore the program will "hibernate" until such a time as they can further process and report based on what they have at this time. I suspect this will take a great amount of time. When that is done the project may come back to life.

I have been with this project form the beginning, and this will be the first time in years I have not had a computer running 24/7. I will miss the project, but I realize we had a very important job to do, and now, for the ,most part, regardless of reason it is done ( as far as we are concerned). Time to sit back and watch for GREAT findings, and hope for it's return.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Upload Issues (Message 1110556)
Posted 27 May 2011 by Profile SMW
It will be done, when it is done:) Welcome to SETI.........
3) Message boards : Technical News : Breathing (Jan 25 2011) (Message 1070581)
Posted 26 Jan 2011 by Profile SMW
Thanks for keeping us up to date:)
4) Message boards : Technical News : Continuing Progress (Message 1051953)
Posted 30 Nov 2010 by Profile SMW

Thanks for keeping us in the loop. You need to know we are all there with you in spirit:)

5) Message boards : Technical News : Carolyn = Master (Nov 23 2010) (Message 1050746)
Posted 24 Nov 2010 by Profile SMW

Thanks for keeping us in the loop. While we all want to be back running the data, we know that working through this is part of it. Thanks again, and have a GREAT T-DAY:)
6) Message boards : Technical News : Stormy (Nov 22 2010) (Message 1050349)
Posted 22 Nov 2010 by Profile SMW
Thanks for keeping us in the loop on what's happening, we appreciate this.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Name the newest member to the server family!!! (Message 1047862)
Posted 12 Nov 2010 by Profile SMW
Either Zaphod, Beeblebrox, or Marvin, from Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe, would also be good:)
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Welcome to the 10 year club (Message 1047860)
Posted 12 Nov 2010 by Profile SMW
Well I missed it by a long time, but working on the 15 and 20 Year Club:)
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Donating to Seti (Message 1047687)
Posted 11 Nov 2010 by Profile SMW
SETI does accept checks.
10) Message boards : Technical News : status : October 27, 2010 (Message 1044334)
Posted 28 Oct 2010 by Profile SMW
We need to let the Berkley guys do WHATEVER is needed to clean it all up. If that means we don't get new units for a while, so be it. We need to do what is best for the project, regardless of what volunteers want. We are here to donate computer time ( and $$$) for the goal, regardless of how that fits into any individual volunteers personal idea.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Let the games begin 9-24 (Message 1035775)
Posted 24 Sep 2010 by Profile SMW

Yeppers.... It always clears up with enough time.... Just let the 'puters keep on working .... :)

9/24/2010 1:50:12 PM SETI@home update requested by user
9/24/2010 1:50:12 PM SETI@home Sending scheduler request: Requested by user.
9/24/2010 1:50:12 PM SETI@home Reporting 335 completed tasks, not requesting new tasks
9/24/2010 1:53:58 PM SETI@home Scheduler request failed: HTTP service unavailable

Here's what I'm getting. Oh well, it will fix itself eventually. Won't it? :-)

12) Message boards : Number crunching : Hi :) (Message 1035205)
Posted 21 Sep 2010 by Profile SMW
This happens when the time is near for completion based upon your computers capabilities. The High Priorities units are done first to try to assure they are finished prior to the return deadline.

This is the first time the boards have actually allowed me to post on the SETI message boards :)

I was wondering.... sometimes my SETI WU come in as "High Priority".

I was wondering why that is.
Is it because of the size of the WU, or backlog, or something else ??


13) Message boards : Technical News : Perfect Storm, Inc. (Jun 16 2010) (Message 1007049)
Posted 21 Jun 2010 by Profile SMW
<---close to Berkely ( location) Update... Volunteers are still using computing power to search for Little Green Men. Their work is GREATLY appreciated. Financial restraints sometimes stop us from being perfect, in everyones eyes, but the battle goes on in search of knowledge.

Be well, search for the truth.
14) Message boards : Technical News : Perfect Storm, Inc. (Jun 16 2010) (Message 1006783)
Posted 21 Jun 2010 by Profile SMW
I can not believe that this conversation is really happening. When SETI started, we VOLUNTEERED to use computing time to help a scientific endeavor. The reward was that we knew that we were helping scientific research. That has not changed. We are NOT here for glory, reaching the top of the WU lists, etc. IMHO if you are here for glory or major recognition for WU's, then perhaps this is NOT the endeavor for you to work on.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Early SETI contributors - who's still around? (Message 996581)
Posted 17 May 2010 by Profile SMW
Been around since 5/16/99, still crunching away:)
16) Message boards : Technical News : On the Beach (Feb 04 2010) (Message 970900)
Posted 16 Feb 2010 by Profile SMW
17) Message boards : Technical News : Of the Woods (Feb 19 2009) (Message 867823)
Posted 22 Feb 2009 by Profile SMW
Well I haven't been able to upload all day:( Oh well it will wait until next week. I have noticed that all of my computers have had a major drop in work credit. One computer has dropped to 25% of last month and the others have lost about 30%. <----assumes that this too will pass.
18) Message boards : Technical News : Thursday Thunder (Jun 26 2008) (Message 774366)
Posted 27 Jun 2008 by Profile SMW
Anyone else having issues with the server responding back as:
[error] No start tag in scheduler reply

I have been getting this all day, even after a reboot and a restart of the program:( BOINC then sets it up to try again in a bit, with each but getting longer and longer between trys.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Strange 'To Completion' numbers (Message 642331)
Posted 16 Sep 2007 by Profile SMW
Went out for a few minutes this morning, and when I cam back, I'm getting some rather strange entries in the 'To Completion' column in my Tasks screen.
Instead of getting the usual completion times of anywhere from 30 minutes to say three hours, I'm now showing completion times of 30 hours plus. Haven't done the reboot thing yet, but that's next. Pc is running fine (Quad Core QX6700 Extreme, OC'ed slightly to 3GHz, 2GB RAM). CPU usage appears normal, no strange tasks running that I can see.

Anyone else running into this? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

I have had the same thing on both the Macintosh and the PC platforms. I have found that the actual time is then far less and works just fine. I have also seen where as the units are processed, the amount of time goes up rather than down. In all instances I find that the real time for units is reasonable and within norms, getting reported back with no problems.
20) Message boards : Technical News : Boiling Down Chicken Soup (Sep 11 2007) (Message 641991)
Posted 15 Sep 2007 by Profile SMW
I seem to be having problems uploading completed work units, this started this morning and i waited to post until the evening thinking it may clear and it hasn't.

<---having the same issue here on four machines, both Mac and PC. I am thinking it's just the way it will be until Monday. Thank G-D I keep 10 days in my buffer. I am confident that Matt will take care of it when he can.:)

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