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Posted 13 Mar 2020 by Profile tcntx
WHY? the reason you give is not good enough.
ive been here helping for 20 years because this needs to be done
WE havent givin up you did why?
theres more data to be checked theres more to be collected.
AGAIN why are yall chucking all of OUR work.
dont shut us down theres plenty of us that will keeep on working for free even if you the people that took and have taken the money but are not willing to do the work anymore.
this is the best project in human history the active search for life outside our world and now all of a sudden yall are gonna call it off. we just started the search.
UNLESS we found what we are looking for and now yall decide to cover it up?
why dont yall hand it off to people that want to do this insted of the current people running it into the ground and dont want to help anymore.
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Posted 13 Jun 2019 by Profile tcntx
doing my part for the cause for a while now too
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Posted 11 Jun 2012 by Profile tcntx
whear do i sign up

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