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Posted 9 Dec 2005 by Profile Steve Fahie
I can't either upload or download anything for a couple of days now. This is starting to be a regular occurrence under the "new" SETI under BOINC and although I've been a regular contributor for a while after a hiatus from SETI, I'm just about ready to give it up as a lost cause. I'm seeing postings that downloading is fine, it's just a temporary problem with uploading but that's now what I'm seeing. Be honest about the problems and you might convince people to hang around. I don't have big computing power, I'm just a little guy, but I can't even find anywhere that says "I'm tied with 1000 other people who have contributed more than 92% of the others" kind of statistic any more, so I guess I'm not important to SETI any more ... goodbye pretty soon ...

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