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1) Message boards : Technical News : Nirvana for Mice (Jun 12 2007) (Message 586151)
Posted 13 Jun 2007 by Profile ponbiki
They're not in the position to operate the machines, get time to draft grants, work on projects that actually have money, AND work on the science portion of the site that really doesn't serve any real function other than edification for people. Doesn't seem fair and people complain about it, yes, but that's the breaks. Oversight review board? This is a shoe-string project that requires the staff to actively seek community payment and support, much less enough assets to justify such an adventure.

Contingencies in-case of Arecibo's closure is something that is far-off into the future and will depend solely on the actions of Congress, it can't be dealt with on the local level at Cal. If this was a perfect world, they would have backups to everything. Reality-wise, they're lucky to have spare parts for the servers. I'd rather have them get their stuff up and running and humming as smoothly as possible instead of wasting time and resources searching for a new and viable place to piggy-back expensive equipment. When Arecibo closes, we will have enough data to crunch from ALFA for a few months to a few years, depending on the splitters and the data. Then SETI will wrap up and you can proceed to join other programs (Which you can do already, especially since you're losing faith in the technical soundness of the project already.)

Being critical is always good. Just be a bit more sound in it.

Curious to know why the Seti Science section has not been upated in over a year???

Who is responsbile for getting the community some sense of ther accomplishments and some insight as to the results we are achieving?

Controlling your hardware configuration appears adhoc.. Do you have any type of oversight review board? My 30 years of experience has proven to me time and time again that you often introduce problems into a given system by making changes, especially major ones without thoughtful planning and careful incremental steps.

I am losing confidence in SETI's technical soundness...

What are the contingency plans in the event Aricibo is placed off line and no longer a resuorce for your survey data? Wat other recievers have you considered?

Sorry if I seem critical. Just would like the best for the project overall...

Thank you

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Donations to the Seti project (Pappa) (Message 364296)
Posted 12 Jul 2006 by Profile ponbiki
Reality is that the project needs $750k for 2006, and right now, they got less than $300k. The US gov has dropped it's NSF funding, and it sure doesn't seem that venders are kicking in a dime.

Seems to me, that in the topic of "donations to the seti project", that there might be a reason that the donations might be short of whats needed.

Pappa, as a frequent visitor here and a cruncher since 2000, I appreciate your spirit in helping to keep the project's financial situation up at the top of the forum. Some of us are not able to donate much more than our computers to crunch, that's just life. Winning Powerball would be nice but barring that touch of grace, I will continue to crunch.

Also, azwoody, I would recommend looking into grammar refresher courses. "It's" is (it is), not the possessive (its, as in the US's funds). Also, whats? what's as in (what is). Figured since you give criticism and demand feedback on minutae, you could stand to get some back. :)
3) Message boards : SETI@home Science : British MOD says UFOs don't exist (Message 349513)
Posted 27 Jun 2006 by Profile ponbiki
I believe the MOD as much as I believe the DoD when it comes to the matter of UFOs.

Right now, I'd believe the British MoD more than the Pentagon and the DoD, considering who's running the operation there.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : FOR CRUNCH3R- WE ARE ON STRIKE!!! (Message 325837)
Posted 4 Jun 2006 by Profile ponbiki
Imagine if the seti admin comes into work on monday and finds a boatload of emails requestinting that their "green star" be turned off in support of the boycott.I'm sure that message would make it top Dr Dave much faster than a downfall in the amount of work requested.

It sounds like it's your intention to damage the SETI@home project and harass the project scientists.

A/C, I agree with you on that. The whole issue is really stupid and childish, all brought upon by some jackass who doesn't have the testicular fortitude to admit he jumped the gun and then won't admit he was wrong, even though there is a marked fallout. So what? Credit is credit. Science is science and the more people boycott over egos, the more damage is done to the ability of SETI to crunch and finetune the application. The Project Scientists could give a damn about this whole thing, even if there were only 2 people left.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Why data is so old? (Message 310856)
Posted 20 May 2006 by Profile ponbiki
Hello, I am a newbie.
I joined to this project recently.
Now I processing a packet of data recordered at 28 feb of 1999! But now is 2006!!!
I am interesting, why data is so old?

The long and short of it is simple: The date the data was collected is relatively immaterial. We are looking for the signal and regardless if it's captured last year or in 1999, a signal is still a signal. The person in charge of splitting the data tapes randomly puts them into the splitter and work is generated. There is no order in which the tapes get put on the shelf so whatever is on the tape is what we get to crunch.

Also, if Star A is 50 light years away and we got the signal back in 1999 but only now are crunching the data, it doesn't really matter if it's 7 years later or not, we are still going to find it. :)
6) Message boards : SETI@home Science : MAP of SETI ground covered? (Message 273250)
Posted 1 Apr 2006 by Profile ponbiki
Well, project developer Rom, nice answer for how fast CRAPPY BOINC is working. Hell, even a nice answer about
the usability issues

Guess enough people yapped loud enough. Thanks for actually listening.

If Crappy Boinc is doing work on a faster scale, more convenient for project-side development, and is growing in the number of people doing work and overcoming minor obstacles, isn't that a sign that it isn't as "crappy" as before? Or do people not mind the smell?
7) Message boards : Number crunching : CLOSED (Message 268960)
Posted 26 Mar 2006 by Profile ponbiki
AHH, I give up all ready deleted it. All my computer use in the past was just a waste stat are null and this credit thing makes know(sic)no sence(sic)
It is just simpler to turn the computer off and save a little electricity.

I'm wondering how this relates to donations to the SETI Project which, if one reads, is mostly financial in nature. A little electricity saved versus participating in one of the largest and widely accessible projects with ultimately fundamental results? To each his own, I suppose.

(Still don't know how to get a green star for a hardware/media donation, especially when they have my

p.s.: To the guy who announced how to ignore azwoody, much mahalo!!! Life is so much rosier without the smell of perverbial bull-pucky. :)
8) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Whatever happened to Southern Hemisphere search? (Message 268956)
Posted 26 Mar 2006 by Profile ponbiki
One of the "future plans" from the late Classic to early BOINC era was to conduct a search for signals collected by antennas located in the southern hemisphere. I don't see it mentioned in the new "future plans" link.

Is this still on the "to do" list?

To answer your question, we really don't know. Right now, they're primarily focusing on getting new equipment shipped and set up at Arecibo for the ALFA project and the 7-beam receiver. This should enhance the ability of the Northern Hemisphere,(0-30 DEgrees anyway) searching and thus we should get a better picture of that band. We haven't heard anything about the Southern Hemisphere searches save that it was costly and the funding levels ran out for any sort of similar dedicated searching. The person who posted the link is giving you a good background info. site but nothing new has been added to that page since 2002.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : My God.....It's full of stars!! (Message 263828)
Posted 18 Mar 2006 by Profile ponbiki
Post: does the star thing work if we donated hardware? I donated 5 SDLT 2 tapes to Berkeley awhile ago but haven't seen anything appear by my name. (Which isn't really the reason I donated.) Just curious if anyone knows.

(Edit) Okay, technically it's media, not hardware, but same premise. (/Edit)
10) Message boards : Number crunching : @Matt, Eric or ROM - Donation Page!!!!! Please Look... (Message 250707)
Posted 20 Feb 2006 by Profile ponbiki
The silly question is how can Fuzzy or I attempt to Help with Donations when a User reports This?

Not to long ago Matt was saying we are out of DLT tapes and on our last working DLT drive....

Several Users asked, what type of Tapes and the Model of the DLT Drive... If they had that information... You may be back in Business...


I offered to donate some SDLT tapes to Matt and he informed me that the tapes they're looking at are SDLT 2, or the 300/600 GB ones. Those retail at around $180/tape.

11) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Names of those who have left SETI, due to BOINC (Message 226882)
Posted 6 Jan 2006 by Profile ponbiki
check out this thread:

I think it's lame that people get so frustrated when their computer stops racking up points. What's the big deal? Your connected and BOINC will get the WUs whent the servers come back up. Just seems silly to complain about it. People are literally GIVING their time to resolve issues and make it better. Not to mention that you can chose from multiple projects that your computer can work on while the seti servers are down.

And quit posting this here. This is a science forum.

No, you have to let the little ones have a place to make themselves seem important. Otherwise, they'll keep griping and not letting the adults do the things that we said we're here to do: crunch data, contribute, and help progress happen.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : US NAVY team. (Message 223203)
Posted 30 Dec 2005 by Profile ponbiki
Gentlemen the U.S.M.C is always looking for a few good men...even those of dubious maritime backgrounds. ;)

You know, I always thought the USMC were a group of misfits with odd-shaped heads that were rejected by the Navy, though...? :)

How can a Sooner beat a duck? What the heck is a Sooner? (sniff)(sniff)
13) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Merry Christmas to all.... (Message 221066)
Posted 24 Dec 2005 by Profile ponbiki
Mele Kalikimaka and a Hauoli Maka Hiki Hou! (Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year) From the 8-0-8 State/50th State of the Union to every cruncher out there, the very best this holiday season!
14) Message boards : SETI@home Science : We want the old Seti@home project back (Message 216762)
Posted 17 Dec 2005 by Profile ponbiki
What in the world are you people doing? This BOINC is an absolute piece of garbage.
I've been crunching data for years with SETI.
What happened to my thousands of crunched units?
Why won't BOINC download new units? All I get is BOINC not running or something like that??? I had to reinstal just to get another work unit
I've changed my email address and BOINC still doesn't recocnize it???
Why won't you so called experts answer simple questions on the boards? All we get is a barrage of technical jargon not even pertaining to questions by us non pysisists. We live in the real world you know. We're not all geeky, bispectacled, computer programers.
Why can't you so called experts write a simple, stable program including layman instructions?
I work 18 hours a day online. I don't have the time to figure out how to work this stupid BOINC B.S. I believe in the Seti project and I wish to continue in the effort, but you people gotta get your act together. I'm sure I'm speaking for millions of other who are involved in this program.
We want the old Seti@home project back.

Look at it realistically. If every time we took a step back if we didn't like how some new fangled contraption worked, people wouldn't be using Microsoft (not that it WORKS all the time...), much less the damned laptop since it's brethren the PC was built in a garage. I guess we shouldn't be flying in the 737 now that a Southwest plane skidded off the runway in New York, even though it's one of the safest planes out there. In fact, given the amount of crashing that goes on, we shouldn't even be flying in this thing that can trace its roots to 2 men in a Bicycle shop, much less ride in a big balloon that captures warm air or even a gyrocopter invented by some crazy man calling himself "Da Vinci" in Italy. What would he know about it? What's this insane thing called "Fire"? It destroys millions of trees, houses, farms, so it shouldn't be used even if it warms up our food and makes it safe to eat. Oh, and heaven forbid you breathe in the air, given how smog and the pollutants inside it can get you sick, especially if the Avian flu comes around. I bet you wouldn't use any medicine, knowing how often they tend to act up and give you 4-hour long erections and do some innocuous thing like make you better. Oh no..progress is bad...
15) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Whats the bottlenecking? (Message 205283)
Posted 7 Dec 2005 by Profile ponbiki
Hi. As someone posted below, read the front page and the tech news as this will normally tell you what's going on with the project. Since it's a major issue, they will usually address the situation with either a blurb on the homepage or a longer post in the forums and the Tech News Page. The server's being hit by many downloads and the up/download servers are being strained with their recent problems. Top it off with the merger of the master science database for Classic and bingo, you got issues.

Also, some people will point out that this deserves to go to the Number Crunching Forum as this forum is meant for Science discussion.(Just FYI) Plus, the Number Crunching has several threads addressing this issue. Finally, despite the problems so far, welcome aboard!
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Will BOINC kill seti@home? (Message 194397)
Posted 25 Nov 2005 by Profile ponbiki
All the replies (with few exceptions) are like this: "shut up and go away".
The perfect example is yours:
"It will weed out some of the spurious computers, cheaters and badly configured machines, returning invalid data and wasting processing time at Berkeley."
I may add it will weed out thousands of new and fast machines and very committed SETI members because of user-unfriendly software (and people).

I've been reviewing a number of threads and I am surprised with the amount of bullying. I am surprised the site administrators aren't cracking down.

I'm sure that there are a number of old-time Boinc users that refer to newbies as newbs and often takes a heavy-handed approach to their questions and complaints with a "sit-down, shut-up" attitude. That's common everywhere and it isn't constructive. That being said, however, a lot of the anger is justified by the way that the Classic people come over here, barely try anything, and then they whine, b#tch, complain and ramble on and on about how we shouldn't bother advancing science when it inconveniences them. People let it run for 2-3 days and then complain about the way things work without bothering to look up the information, ask about it in a constructive way, and generally don't avail themselves of the collective knowledge of people who came before.(Perfect example is the Classic Boards right now and how people say "Once Classic is done, so am I") Did people ever stop and think that maybe, just maybe, it's because they act so stupidly that the Boinc people just gave up being civil and started being real?

And no, I'm not surprised the admins aren't cracking down on things over here. I'd rather have them spend their time correctly on working on the new program and keeping Seti running.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Seti Classic (Message 189613)
Posted 16 Nov 2005 by Profile ponbiki
I feel sorry for ET he is probally sat up there reading this forum and thinking the planet isnt worth recieving a signal from all the petty bickering over Classic & BOINC fact is they are both as valid as each other Classic did some great work and it is time to move on to pastures new.

(Not to mention wondering about grammar, spelling, lack of using "periods") But I second your jist. This whole "Classic v. SETI Boinc" is stupid...we all work for the same point and it shouldn't matter what conveyance we use to get to the end...the ends justify the means, not the other way around.
18) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Interesting pattern... (Message 179150)
Posted 17 Oct 2005 by Profile ponbiki
The images you posted are interesting indeed except for the area in which the search was conducted. (check that 1.4200000000) That, according to SETI, is the line where you will get a cascading pattern not unlike the one you have posted. Odds are pretty good that it's a test WU that was sent to you. I've gotten that one too a while ago and I know the feeling of "oh my god!" that you get initially. Keep crunching, though, and if you get the same thing and at a different part of the spectrum, let us know!

Keep crunching!
19) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Will there be a conspiracy on a ET signal? (Message 173497)
Posted 2 Oct 2005 by Profile ponbiki

I never said anything about their science. Their Technology was often discounted in the West, which seems to speak volumes about our arrogance.We westerners a wormy, evil, oppressive, uncultured magpies who should be exterminated to a man (men being worse) by any of several non-western tribal/national confederacies.

You didn't, however, I would argue that it was still in the realm of science. You did use "tech", and it was wrong to put words in your mouth, even if you are a flaming ass captain - I did read it that way. No malice intended, and it is just a matter of semantics.

Oh I say, don't be unseemly you chaps.

Lol, we're not unseemly at all. Our debate here has been VERY cordial and very well respectful on both sides. We're both approaching the same topic from different views and we acknowledge holes in each other's theories without debunking the person who made it. It's sad that we don't see this type of format across all discussions here but for the most part, we're very good. :)

"Unseemly, you chaps" THAT's something you don't hear, ever, in Hawaii
20) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Will there be a conspiracy on a ET signal? (Message 172227)
Posted 27 Sep 2005 by Profile ponbiki
Did a bit more digging, but I can't find the article that refered to the Russian research. I _think_ it was in a respected British aircraft magazine, maybe 'Flight', late 90's?

I can help a little:
In fact, the breakthroughs were based upon a little known piece of work from Russia, a monograph by Pyotr Ufimstsev, an optical theoretical physicist. Through the steps described in computing RCS for different parts of an aircraft, then summing them, the Lockheed team was finally able to computer model their aircraft designs
Also see here.

Ponbiki- while Soviet tech was considered inferior, I don't think their science was ever discounted.

I never said anything about their science. Their Technology was often discounted in the West, which seems to speak volumes about our arrogance. The MiG was a surprise back in Korea, Sputnik slapped us upside the head and we have yet to match the Typhoon, though it's not really practical as compared to the Ohio-Class.

Next 20

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