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1) Message boards : Number crunching : CLOSED - SETI/BOINC Milestonesâ„¢ VII - CLOSED (Message 333636)
Posted 11 Jun 2006 by Profile Sam I. Am
Just passed 200K SETI myself, and am breathing down your neck on the USAF team! <evil (but friendly) grin!> Go USAF!
2) Questions and Answers : Web site : Lost Management of My Team (Message 227621)
Posted 7 Jan 2006 by Profile Sam I. Am
Hey Dave...Are you there? We talked before...E-Mail me at concerning team Air Force.


Sorry to be off topic and to post this in a forum, but I don't know how else to reach you. Any way you could make the pic on the team page a bit smaller? Say 800 x 600 maybe? Really nice pic, but it is bigger than my monitor, and takes too long to download (and I have broadband!) Pity those with dial-up!
3) Questions and Answers : Windows : Problem with Hotfix KB890046 (Message 142832)
Posted 26 Jul 2005 by Profile Sam I. Am
Do you use a router? There were loads of problems with people who FTP and use a router with a recent hotfix (can't recall if it was this one).

My router (netgear) issued new firmware which solved this problem and I am now FTPing again.

I have no idea if this would affect BOINC but it's just a thought. Sorry if this is barking up the completely wrong tree.

Well, there WAS a firmware update for my LinkSys router, which I found and applied shortly after reading your response. But I was leery of installing the hotfix again, so I kept ignoring the reminder. Finally, after it kept showing up OVER AND OVER along with all the newer ones, I installed all the fixes EXCEPT that one. I was thinking if one of the newer ones broke BOINC again, it would be relatively easy to troubleshoot, assuming 890046 would break it anyway. Well, none of the new ones broke it. So I then installed 890046. Lo and behold, BOINC continued to function! So I don't know if it was a one time glitch, the firmware problem, or if one of the newer fixes fixed the original fix. Whatever the case, I'm happily BOINCing again. Thanks for your input!

4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Problem with Hotfix KB890046 (Message 128367)
Posted 26 Jun 2005 by Profile Sam I. Am
Has anyone had a problem with BOINC on Windows 2000 Server after installing Hotfix KB890046?

After I updated my system with several patches the other day, BOINC stopped responding. It would attempt to start, hang, and display "Connecting to localhost" in the lower right. After some trial and error, I uninstalled this particular patch and all is working now. Even though it's for a relatively obscure spoofing vulnerability, I'd still like to install it again. Any suggestions?



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