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Posted 14 Mar 2020 by Profile flobee
I'm curious to know what database program you use and what kind of database analysis tools you are using?

yeah, me too
2) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : No New Tasks on ARM-Linux? (Message 2028560)
Posted 19 Jan 2020 by Profile flobee
Hi can you assist a little, please. I have nealy the same issue but on debian (buster).

One of my cpu's i dont use much often for bionc/seti
When trying to reactivate a couple of days ago i saw "" to load the web setting in the gui as default... and i have no clue how that comes in/from! The seti project was not available at the gui. weird...
Then i droped all configs, removed (purged the boinc software) and reinstalled all again. Connect (new project in boinc gui) to seti and then i tried to fetch for new tasks. But tere was no donload of tasks since the last few days

Now i see in my cpu list at the seti web interface that this cpu seems to fetch tasks but they are all maked as error in the last days. There was not download of tasks. hmm

How to debug, enable "work_fetch_debug" or the mentioned behavior?

And: Now i got one solution (remembered some problems i had before): Package boinc-app-seti Version 8.00~svn3725-3 (works for me) downgrade of Version 8.00~svn3363-3 (using aptitude/apt). The tasks now comming in and calculation is running...! Probably the same on rpi (had the same prop on my rpi before but dont use the rpi anymore for seti/boinc)!

Kind regards

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