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Posted 13 May 2017 by Profile Dark Knight
I've camped and hunted the lower Appalachian for over 40 years. Never have I had an experience with a Bigfoot or monster type animal, though I believe such a creature could exist. I enjoy the show, mainly due to the comradery of the team members. It's fun and no where being realistic. Seriously, how can you go out on night one and run into the alleged creature, make all that noise, build a trap for a couple of days, and on the final night, go out and again run into the creature and try to force it to a trap. Take it for what it's worth, just a fun bunch of guys playing "detective" for kicks and giggles. Now that the Rogue team has entered the show, it has taken away the fun and the hunt, caused internal strife within AIMS, and the show is on the skids. Due to this, I doubt I will watch it any more. I certainly don't see how this will increase ratings, but I wish the guys good luck. It was a fun show for a while.

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