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1) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Predictor is banning members today. (Message 535697)
Posted 23 Mar 2007 by Profile DoctorNow
Yes it is the project director who is doing it. I was going to crunch more there as I have not for a while but not any longer.

Sorry Ray, have to correct that a bit.
It's not the project director, it's the project administrator. ;-)
2) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Suggestions for making BOINC better (Message 89782)
Posted 23 Mar 2005 by Profile DoctorNow

I've just discovered that SETI@Home Classic will be closed in the next few days/weeks? This is horrible!
I like the classic version much more than the boinc version, because:
1. The statistics of each user are much more detailed, as in the boinc stats there is not even a total amount of WU's, only the credits (I didn't have a clue how much I really crunched at this time for BOINC).
2. In the classic versions there are milestones to reach and to every milestone I received a pretty certificate. I've crunched 2000 WUs and I wanted to get the 2500-milestone, but at this time it seems, that I can never get it when classic is closed.
3. The add-on SETI-Monitor has a cache function and allows to regulate how many WUs I can store to my HD, so that I don't need to connect every 4 hours or so to get new WUs. This isn't implemented in BOINC and yet there is no equivalent add-on to do this. This would be a perfect function in BOINC in addition to all other BOINC-projects.
4. In addition to the stats, I wonder what signals I discovered. There are about 100 WUs out of my 2000, which SETI-Monitor has declared interesting, but in the stats there is nothing about it, though the official SETI-explanation of the stats declares, that they would be announced, if significant signals were discovered. This must be an improvement for both projects.
I hope, this points will help the developers to create a better BOINC-version ans -stats. Otherwise it is not acceptable for me to stop the classic project.

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