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21) Message boards : Number crunching : Firefox 2.0 and Seti Stats (Message 444199)
Posted 26 Oct 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
Sorry for the delay in updating. Among other pressing matters I bought another computer and additional hardware and it's taking some time to get things just right. I have some revisions to make but I'm hoping to have a new version available by next weekend.
22) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Dangerous Terms in MS Vista's EULA (Message 443330)
Posted 25 Oct 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
I haven't had much time for the fora lately. Kind of busy becoming familiar with Sabayon (a gentoo based distribution) which I installed on a newer used computer I bought. Even so I found some time to visit the eff site. This seemed worthy of posting.

October 24, 2006
Dangerous Terms in MS Vista's EULA

Before clicking the "I Agree" button that accompanies software products' dense End User License Agreements (EULA), it's always best to check with Infoworld's Ed Foster first. He is unrelenting in his careful criticisms of EULAs, and, this week, he takes on a section of Microsoft Vista's EULA that aims to stifle the speech of product reviewers and critics. He writes:

"If Microsoft has the right to put even the mildest of restrictions on a consumer's rights to comment on their products, why can't a carmaker or an appliance manufacturer have a censorship clause hidden somewhere on their website? There is nothing is copyright law that gives software publishers the right to restrict the rights of their customers to criticize their products."

Last week, Brooklyn Law School Professor and former EFF Staff Attorney Wendy Seltzer highlighted a number of other dangerous terms in Vista's EULA. For a user's guide to EULAs, read EFF's white paper.
23) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Now They Tell Us (Message 432833)
Posted 8 Oct 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
In Germany, the cameras take 3 photos. One approaching, one from the rear, and one from the driver's side... so you can't claim someone else was driving your car!

Here in Aussie, a red light camera was recently STOLEN from it's post, and has not been recovered.

IMHO, "tailgating" causes most accidents here, and speed makes the damage to person and property worse. Hit the tailgaters with a heavy penalty, force people to leave a safe gap between vehicles, and accidents will automatically reduce. Stop people speeding, and the severity of crashes will reduce.

In my area only one photo is taken, and it doesn't matter who the driver is. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for the $100 to $200 fine. There are also late fees of $20 to $60 for those who don't pay within the specified time period. The city is also considering a plan to impound vehicles belonging to individuals who fail to pay the camera tickets.

I was mistaken about the number installed in my area. It was 42 cameras, 30 for traffic lights and 12 for speed traps.
24) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Now They Tell Us (Message 431653)
Posted 6 Oct 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
The company that installed and maintains the system (and keeps 75% of the revenues generated) admitted there's a problem with the computer control system at that intersection.

That's Hiway Robbery!

I am suprised the camera has not caught a bullet yet. They don't usually put those things in high faluting neighborhoods, they are usually around the "hoods". At least that is the way here in Northern Virginia, main roads but still near the "hoods".

The city of Cleveland started with twenty cameras, some of them for red light enforcement and some of them for speed enforcement. Legislation authorizing them used the accident rate in downtown Cleveland as justification but oddly enough not one camera was placed downtown. Not one was placed at an intersection used as an example of the need for the cameras.

One of these speed only cameras is just a few miles from my home. It's an area there are few accidents but a large enough volume of traffic to insure a profit.

It came as no surprise when some time back it was disclosed that the former mayor and other city officials and police officer vehicles were photagraphed committing violations, but the tickets were dismissed.

In the first few months of operation the number of traffic accidents increased by over 60%. So much for cameras making intersections safer.
25) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Now They Tell Us (Message 430561)
Posted 4 Oct 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
Some time back a number of these cameras were installed in my area. Though the state had ruled that speed ticket cameras were only permitted if attended by an officer, the city installed them any way.

Tickets for "speeders" are issued for travelling as little as one mile an hour over the speed limit. For the redlight cameras it doesn't matter if you run the light or not. If you are travelling over a pre-determined speed when you reach a certain point the system decides you intend to run the light and takes a picture. It doesn't matter if you stop for the light. You get a ticket in the mail.

There's a traffic camera in the Cleveland area that's become a problem, malfunctioning and taking pictures of all vehicles going through the intersection. City officials have stated that tickets will "probably" be dismissed. The company that installed and maintains the system (and keeps 75% of the revenues generated) admitted there's a problem with the computer control system at that intersection.
26) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC Stats Firefox extension: v0.6.3 available (Message 430535)
Posted 4 Oct 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
I am new to Linux and BOINC. I downloaded the firefox zip file and unzipped it to my desktop but I don't know how to add the extension. any help will be appricated.


Sorry, I haven't been visiting the fora much lately.

It's the .xpi file you need. Click on the link to allow firefox to install it.
Or, save it to your desktop and select Tools/Extensions, then click the Install button, navigate to your desktop and select the .xpi file and install.
27) Message boards : Cafe SETI : What happened to Rectilinear Crossing Number? (Message 420429)
Posted 14 Sep 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
RCN is up and running again.

28) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Favourite Sci-Fi Movies.... (Message 420142)
Posted 14 Sep 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
Not necessarily my favorite but worth watching, and since it hasn't been mentioned...

The Quiet Earth
29) Message boards : Cafe SETI : What happened to Rectilinear Crossing Number? (Message 418398)
Posted 10 Sep 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
I have several completed tasks that BOINC's been trying to upload for almost a week now. Any idea if or when Rectilinear Crossing Number will be back online?
30) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Linux thread (Message 409761)
Posted 29 Aug 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
Any suggestions for a total noob of even where to start.

How hard is it to create the live CD?

I'd like to play around some before I actually refortmat and repartion my lappy to dual boot.

The computer is a 2.8 ghz P4 with a gig of RAM. I think the harddrive is 50 gigs.

For a new linux user kubuntu or ubuntu are good choices and both offer installable live versions.
I recently installed kubuntu to give it a try and though I found it lacking it is very easy to install.

DistroWatch is a good source of information for comparing different linux distributions.
31) Message boards : Cafe SETI : tekwyzrd is UOTD @ Chess960 (Message 408418)
Posted 27 Aug 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
Arrgh... I missed it.

LOL Thats ok, you still get recognition in this thread. :-) WTG again man.

Thanks! ;)
32) Message boards : Cafe SETI : tekwyzrd is UOTD @ Chess960 (Message 408366)
Posted 27 Aug 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
Arrgh... I missed it.

33) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Linux thread (Message 408363)
Posted 27 Aug 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
I spent the last two days fighting with a couple linux distributions. Sabayon refused to mount drives due to "e2fsck: Bad magic number in super-block". No matter what I did, or what filesystem I tried, I couldn't get it to mount the drives attached to my 3ware controller. Ext3, reiser, reiser4... all the same. Oh well, it's an RC. I'm back up and running with my second install of SuSE 10.1 after encountering problems with the first try. After letting the computer run overnight I shut it down and at restart I got grub error 15. I tried to install a new bootloader but got error messages. The current install is running fine, and starts with no problem after shutting down. Best of all, / and /home are on separate mirror sets, each of which also has a 1GB swap.

Time to visit the Sabayon website and explain the problem.
34) Message boards : Cafe SETI : I'mmmm baaaack.... (Message 408332)
Posted 27 Aug 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
Glad to see you back.
35) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Pluto Downgraded? (Message 408319)
Posted 27 Aug 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
The definition of a planet is that gravity has made it round, and it orbits the sun rather than another planet.

I wonder what will happen if we ever discover a pair of objects the same size that would otherwise fit the definition of planet but are orbiting each other.

Though I'm not sure, I assume they've decided to adopt the arbitrary size guideline when defining a planet. If so, I wish I could be around 100 years from now when they finally make contact with the inhabitants of some distant planet... except it's not a planet because it's smaller than the size limit selected as a qualification for being classified as a planet. Oh, the diplomatic fun that will be...

"No, Ambassador. We're not insulting your home. Our astronomical guidelines dictate that an object must be over a designated size to be classified as a planet."

"So, according to your guidelines we live on an ASTEROID? How DARE you insult us in this manner!"

And thus the annihialation of humanity begins.
36) Message boards : Number crunching : IBM has 500GHz Transistor (Message 404819)
Posted 24 Aug 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
dang, now that is impressive!


what the heck would we use it for?

It'd be great for controlling a bipedal robot (or an impressive battle bot with an assortment of deployable weapons).
37) Message boards : Number crunching : IBM has 500GHz Transistor (Message 404799)
Posted 24 Aug 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
Thought I'd post links to a couple related pages I happened across.

NeoSeeker article
TG Daily article
38) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Linux thread (Message 403853)
Posted 22 Aug 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
Im planing on instaling ubuntu Linux on my PC i hear its good for noobs like me ;)
So is it easy to use and safe?

As I understand it ubuntu is one of the more popular distros. I have kubuntu (the KDE version) of the installable live DVD here but I find it lacking a bit.

I started using Linux around the 18th of August last year and found SuSE best suited to my hardware.

If you have access to a fast internet connection and dvd burner my suggestion would be to download and burn several live versions and give them a try. Then pick the one best suited to your personal preferences.

You can read about the many Linux distributions available at DistroWatch.
39) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Linux thread (Message 403848)
Posted 22 Aug 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
I use Gentoo myself and am very happy with it.

tekwyzrd can you give (copy/paste) me a quick rundown of the major differences between Gentoo and Sabayon? Cuz I'm really too lazy to check it out by myself :P.

Essentially Sabayon is an installable Live DVD Gentoo distribution. It was formerly known as RR4/RR64 (Recovery Reiser4 32 and 64 bit versions).

DistroWatch description:

Sabayon Linux is a live DVD designed to transform a computer into a powerful Gentoo Linux system in less than 5 minutes. Gentoo Linux is a Linux distribution powered by a software install manager engine called "Portage". Besides functioning as a live DVD, Sabayon Linux can also be installed on a hard disk, acting effectively as an easy-to-use Gentoo installation disk. The live DVD includes a large range of desktop environments and open source software applications, such as KDE, GNOME, XFce, Fluxbox, KOffice,, FreeNX, amaroK, Kaffeine, etc.

According to TECHGAGE:

The distro formally known as RR4 is soon to be released, and we have taken a hard first look at what's being offered. Based on Gentoo, Sabayon already has a solid base. Add superb Live DVD functionality and a complete installer, this is one distro worth watching.


Similar to other distros, you can update all the packages on your system with a simple command: emerge -uD world. One benefit that some enjoy is the fact that if a program is open source, emerge will download the source code and compile it. This 'optimizes' that application for your system. I should mention though, that the quick installation of Sabayon is due to binary packages being used on the DVD. Further updating the applications, such as using the -uD world, will then compile them.

Another benefit Gentoo has is the genkernel tool. Essentially, this allows you to very easily upgrade your kernel with a simple command. Though power users will want to manually install and configure their kernel, this is a great secondary option.

Gentoo specific benefits aside, this is a great distro on it's own even if you never touch the perks of Gentoo. For the casual user, it includes everything you will need from a base install... trust me on this. If you later want to upgrade/install new packages but don't want to deal with emerge, a Kuroo icon is waiting for you on your desktop. It allows you the power of emerge, but in a GUI frontend.

For power users, Sabayon is one of those distros that comes packed, but holds back no control. After installation, you can do whatever you please... upgrade your kernel or packages, hack your grub.conf, uninstall programs you don't need, change the theme to mimic a regular KDE and much more. The primary difference here is, that it makes the installation far quicker than a regular Gentoo distro.

If you are a fan of XGL and are a regular Gentoo user, you may understand the hassle of trying to get it to function. Sabayon is actually XGL capable from the start, but you need to activate it manually on boot: gentoo xgl res=1280x1024 refresh=75. I didn't touch up much on XGL in this article though, as it's not really the focus of this distro. It's there for the taking, if you are interested.

40) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The Linux thread (Message 403707)
Posted 22 Aug 2006 by Profile tekwyzrd
After exploring the Sabayon Live DVD I find that I am very much looking forward to the switch.
As a matter of fact I'm writing this with the Live DVD running.
My SBC DSL connection was automatically set up with no user intervention.
A screen capture is at:

The menus will require some reorganization but this Gentoo based distribution looks very promising.
I can't wait for the drives to arrive so I can find out if it'll operate my MegaRaid card properly.

For those interested in trying a new distribution, Sabayon is well worth a look.

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