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Posted 1 Jan 2012 by Profile CycleJay
Hi all,

What I think we all need to do here, which I see a little lack of.
Is respect for the opinions of others.

If someone believes in UFO's, we should be civil and respect that.
If someone does not believe in UFO's, we should be civil and respect that too.

After all, Someone having a different opinion then ours should not have,
any effect on our own lives anyway.

I personally have an open mind, to the possibility of intelligent life out there.

The universe is pretty unlimited place, and filled with an un-countable
amount of stars, planets, asteroids, etc.
So it would be arrogant of humans to assume Earth is the only planet,
to have or sustain intelligent life.

As for that "ship" orbiting Mercury, I am skeptical of that "artifact" theory,
but I am not 110% percent convinced either, until I see more solid proof.
At this point I am leaving my opinion as "plausible", for reasons I cannot
mention here.

By the way, For those of us that are in the United States,
I will remind you, this is a free country, we all have the right
to our own opinions.

I could say more, but I have said enough for now..

Good day, and for those of you that run "Seti@home" like I have for over 11 years, Happy Hunting... Hope your PC finds something some day.

Good day,

Atlanta, Ga.

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