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1) Message boards : Politics : Fun with Global Warming - Part Drei! (Message 689365)
Posted 6 Dec 2007 by Profile dirkstar
Well I will be short, but I have always wondered where one would go to suggest an idea to some really smart scientists that are trying to help solve the problem with the build up of CO2 gases in our atmosphere. Is it too far-fetched to conceive, consider, design, construct, and then deploy an object that would remove the excessive CO2. This object might resemble a gigantic oval stove pipe constructed of a modern lightweight fabric such as a kelvar hybrid suspended by a stationary satellite from the Ionosphere down to the tropopause.
With its slightly funneled shape, this huge floating kelvar object might have huge solar powered turbines mounted at the top (space side)that draw massive amounts of CO2 gases up and out into space. Like opening the window in a stuffy room ?
2) Questions and Answers : Web site : seti/Boinc crashes my PC (Message 185116)
Posted 2 Nov 2005 by Profile dirkstar
I see you have managed to "improve" your Seti project via Boinc. Bad move. It's not only me, it's thousands of people that have contributed their PC time (in my case, some 30,000+ hours)to your Seti project only to have our work records dumped for your new and "easier for you" involvement with Boinc. My question is, before I delete this program, why does this "new & improved" Seti/boinc keep crashing my PC ?
(running win98se)


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