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Posted 15 Aug 2007 by Profile LTDInvestments

IRONY . . . thE tErM: espECially as in ironIC . . .

thErE arE ThrEads All ovEr thE PlaCE @ SETI - pEoplE 'wOndErin' "WHAT" and "HOW TO FIX" QueriEs . . . whEn All they 'avE to do, is leavE EvErything alOnE . . . AND Let thE Equation takE CarE of 'IT' All . . .

though i suspECt - thErE won't bE a rEad 'ErE - of thE 'ExaCt' words i 'avE saId . . .

irOnIC . . .

So, to ThOsE thaT would listEn - Don't Do Anything - Leave All Well Enough AlonE - and Yee Shall Prosper . . .


Please type correctly as it is near impossible to read. It's as bad as all caps.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Einstein & Chicken Soup 2.2B (Message 599896)
Posted 7 Jul 2007 by Profile LTDInvestments
Thanks for the help about this Chicken Soup thing,

working perfectly now, first WU using this app. halved the time from 15 hours to 7

Keep on Crunchin'

Glad it worked well for you as anticipated.

Can't beat some Hot Chicken Soup, even though it's been 115 here in Phoenix :)

[edit: if you like hot dogs, @ noon today EST on ESPN is the traditional Nathan's hot dog eating contest @ Coney Island. They're trying to break the 'new' record of 59 1/2 hot dogs & rolls in 12 minutes, burrrrrrp.]

NEW WORLD RECORD - 66 hot dogs/buns
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Cheating by selecting workunits to crunch? (Message 599148)
Posted 5 Jul 2007 by Profile LTDInvestments
It looked like he aborted 30s and 60s in favor of doing 30s. If his machine bears any resemblance to mine and to many others, he's cutting his own throat by aborting. In my and many other cases 60s do better than 30s. The really funny thing is that he's aborting both 30s and 60s. I don't know why.

I looked at about a dozen of them and all the aborts come after qourum is meet.

4) Message boards : Number crunching : User Profile (Message 587297)
Posted 15 Jun 2007 by Profile LTDInvestments

This should work. Attach Leiden Classical to all your computers and process 2 WU. These are usually short. (Or use another if they have shorter times). On the one that is Leiden Classical put the next shorter WU project. That should sync you up if the emails are the same.

5) Message boards : Number crunching : New Twist For "Aborted by project" Issue ? (Message 586948)
Posted 14 Jun 2007 by Profile LTDInvestments
Here's a thought:

If a DC project cannot keep up with the machines of their contributors, then perhaps they shouldn't be DCs. At that point, their projects just don't require the crunching power offered by DC. Just go buy a few machines and do the work in-house.

It's not the DC but your cache/machine combination that is failing to keep up with the DC. Your WU are aborting because the DC has reached its quota because other machines have finished their WUs. The only way for the system to not run into the abort issuse is to only send out the number of WUs for the qouta and wait for the timeout to pass before issuing another WU. Even then if you have cut off network activity you yourself are defeating the purpose of the DC.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : What's in YOUR Chicken?? (Message 581290)
Posted 4 Jun 2007 by Profile LTDInvestments
Just now joining the ranks of the Chicken!

I have switched 3 machines over Chiken app for Seti!

One has returned several WU and others just started today. Don't laugh but here are the units -

DEAMON (1.80GHz)

IBM 300PL (863MHz)

IBM PC365 (Dual Pentium Pro 199mhz)

Will be getting the rest switched as time allows.


ps - If anyone might have some 128meg (128MB ECC Module 16x72-60ns, 168p DIMM, 3.3v, EDO, ECC, w/o Bf) sticks for the IBM PC365 let me know as I have another system that I can bring back online (Needed all of them in the other to run the bigger apps and BOINC)
7) Message boards : Number crunching : No New work again (Message 575487)
Posted 25 May 2007 by Profile LTDInvestments
I just got 28 new WUs and BOINC also downloaded and uses the stock application for some reason (it used the optimized app before)
EDIT: Nevermind, my app_info.xml disappeared for some reason... so it's obvious why it doesn't use the optimized app...

From my undestanding if you renamed the app file and you run out of WUs you get the stock app reloaded.

8) Message boards : Technical News : Fast One (May 16 2007) (Message 572989)
Posted 21 May 2007 by Profile LTDInvestments

(I hope I got the bracket quote bracket thingies right)

So what that would entail is a sched (chron) job to send the SUSPEND and RESTORE messages to SAH for the Tuesday shutdown. Unfortunately, most of MY programming experience has been in ALGOL on Burroughs mainframes. This would require more knowledge of Windows (or Linux / UNIX) and the BOINC protocol than I have.

I haven't heard ALGOL in ages. Went to UNCC here in NC and that's what they had. Loved it!! Then did jobs at PCA (photo firm) that had a dual processor system. Started using the upper compile of ALGOL (operating system) at the Heatlth Dept of the State of Florida. Great mainframe language! Last time I used ALGOL was in 83.

9) Message boards : Technical News : Fast One (May 16 2007) (Message 571458)
Posted 19 May 2007 by Profile LTDInvestments
Too many massages, many topics, no really seen results...
I have seen all themes from the beginning of May.

Sorry for my bad-bad-bad English! Many people wish to inform on the problems, but they do not have not enough knowledge of language! I try to say...

I have a trouble. I see a my results page on the SETI@home server. I have 42 WUs on this page but into the BOINC 4 WUs only. The BOINC doing requests of new work and on result's page WUs increased ("In Progress" server status, "Unknown" outcome status) but BOINC's WU list is not changing.

"HTTP internal server error" forever... Day by day...
BOINC restart - no actions. Machine restart - too.
Disconnect from the project - the decision of a problem!!!

Need more info on the setup you have. Are you running a straight system or an optimized one? (ie straight down load from boinc and seti?)

Sounds like you have an optimized setup though and there are others that can help you there.

The wu's that the system is saying you have are called "ghost wus". The seti servers think you have the wus but there was a mixup between boinc and your system.

Sorry but I have just a short time right now and can not search for the thread that will help you better.

10) Message boards : Technical News : Fast One (May 16 2007) (Message 571449)
Posted 19 May 2007 by Profile LTDInvestments
I am sorry but I dont understand all this computer geek mumbo jumbo.

Can someone please tell me in simple english why SETI is not downloading any work from the project?


The Berkeley (project) servers are broken.

Not any longer. Most problems now on on the users side with Boinc.

First shut down Boinc and restart it. If that does not get you going them shut down your systems and turn it back on. All 10 of my systems are working with no delays or dropping of WU since early Friday.

11) Message boards : Technical News : Can't talk.. Debugging.. (May 15 2007) (Message 569704)
Posted 17 May 2007 by Profile LTDInvestments
The original desktop computer was an IBM XT PC. It had an 8088 processor and ran at a whopping blazing fast 4.77 MHz (as compared to the 1.0 MHz Commodore 64).

The first 286 computer was the IBM AT PC. It has an 80286 processor that ran 8.0 MHz.
Since so many folks are quoting this post, I'd just like to point out another couple of errors. The XT was not the original IBM PC, but an upgraded variant which appeared in 1983. I think most folks thought the hard disk it included was the key upgrade at the time. Suddenly not _everything_ had to run from floppy.

Also the AT was introduced at 6 MHz, though 8 MHz did become available. Wikipedia is wildly optimistic in calling 6 MHz for the original AT conservative--for the condition of the 80286 at the time of introduction, it was not conservative at all.

I was about to comment also on that. I have one of the original IBM PC. I thought I was in Heaven with a mono (green) screen, two floppy drives and 64k of ram, and a 300 baud modem! I then upgraded to a 1200 baud modem (wife had a fit at that) then a 10 meg HD. Some time later added max memory. Then a 2 meg JRam board from Tall Trees, then another, then a 386 upgrade board that fit in a regular slot and tied into the 8088 processor slot.I had every slot filled and all the interrupts were being used. Ran a BBS from it for awhile. Still have it and should fire it up just for grins.......

12) Message boards : Technical News : Can't talk.. Debugging.. (May 15 2007) (Message 569463)
Posted 17 May 2007 by Profile LTDInvestments
Really interesting. Frankenserver...
Maybe they can build any kind of MainFrame for high computing proceses!
(Based on Intel's 286, 386, 486, Pentium I, II, III, IV, etc...) je je je

Hey, anyone (other than me) ever see a 186? I still have one, although it hasn't done anything for a couple of years...

There was no such thing as a 186 computer. The original desktop computer was an IBM XT PC. It had an 8088 processor and ran at a whopping blazing fast 4.77 MHz (as compared to the 1.0 MHz Commodore 64).

The first 286 computer was the IBM AT PC. It has an 80286 processor that ran 8.0 MHz.

Actually there were at leat four. The Mindset, the Compis (a Swedish school computer), the RM Nimbus (a British school computer), and the Tandy 2000 desktop (a somewhat PC-compatible workstation featuring particularly sharp graphics for its day).
13) Message boards : Cafe SETI : I'm impatient... I need more work from SETI@home, please. (Message 568744)
Posted 16 May 2007 by Profile LTDInvestments
I don't know what happened either. For about 2 days a unit was trying to d/l and I just had to abort it.

Looks like it is clearing up some. Had the same problem with it hanging on 2 or 3 small files (readme,copyright,...) then just in the last 10-15 min all mine finished. But now update project is getting http error......

Least I have some wu's now on several machines.
14) Message boards : Technical News : Waiting Game (May 10 2007) (Message 565350)
Posted 11 May 2007 by Profile LTDInvestments
To whom this may concern:

I have been running SETI for a while now, and have noticed that the server does not want to update my work processed. Is there something wrong with the system there? I have been trying now for the past two weeks with negative results on getting new work. Please help! Thanks.

Thumper has been down......

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