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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : New version listed 6.4.6 ? (Message 869903)
Posted 27 Feb 2009 by Profile Royce Moore
same here
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Maximum daily WU quota per CPU (Message 863427)
Posted 8 Feb 2009 by Profile Royce Moore
Any chance of getting the "Maximum daily WU quota per CPU" of a 100 per CPU upped?? Turning CUDA credits in around 3-4 minutes per and is pushing my quad core box right up to the limit or against it depending on how many Astro units I get.
3) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : CUDA not using all my proc cores (Message 845285)
Posted 26 Dec 2008 by Profile Royce Moore
I'm running a Quad core box that previously made use of all four cores for Bonic. Since moving to CUDA it only uses 2-3 cores at a time, it varies? All my prefs are set to use 100% of the cores, any ideas?
4) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Cant transfer my SetiClassic account to Boinc.... (Message 132456)
Posted 4 Jul 2005 by Profile Royce Moore

Something you are forgetting is that most of us are/were classic users as well. We have also donated a lot of time to the project, and also started at zero with BOINC. Nothing unfair about it.

And as for your classic results, they are transferred... Anyone can click on your name in the forum and see your effort.

Account data for papa9571

SETI@home member since 16 Nov 2004
Country United States
SETI@home classic workunits
as of 15 March 2005 382
SETI@home classic CPU time
as of 15 March 2005 2,335 hours

I guess the problem I'm having is that all my Classic credits are not showing. It lists me with 18,ooo credits when I have over 22,000???? Just found answer, sry, see that is will be updated when Classic is totally shut down. :)

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