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Posted 12 Mar 2020 by Profile Jean-Pol Etienne
As a member of the Seti@home project for more than 20 years now, i'm very sad to see it going to "hibernation".
However, we all knew that this (long time) project must come to an end (as well as all other projects) : that's the basic description of a project, it has a start date and a finishing date.
On the other side "hibernation" gives us some hope for a future "resurection". I only hope we won't have to wait too long...

The Seti Belgium Team and I are waiting news from the results. Until there, we wish you all the best and say Goodbye.
Live long and prosper !
2) Message boards : News : A new fundraiser for SETI storage! (Message 2029511)
Posted 27 Jan 2020 by Profile Jean-Pol Etienne
Hi all !
Hi 83poolie !

I was also considering sending a message of the same kind, but then saw you already did it.
I totally agree with you. I'm pretty sure Seagate would be able to offer some hard drives.
As a world leader on the market, Seagate would probably appreciate to be involved in the project.
For my part, if I were a member off Seagate's marketing team, I'll seriously consider that Opportunity.

Why don't juste give a chance to such a possibility ?

P.S. : Yesterday was my 20th birthday participating in the SETI project. Happy birthday to me :-)

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