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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Why should I crunch numbers for you? (Message 213831)
Posted 14 Dec 2005 by Profile FZB
I might be more interested in the proetein folding bit if they made it more interesting like pitting 3 theorys against each other. A "reality distributed computing" if you will. And the results were compared against reality and the winners method would be used until new challengers were ready. Wash rins and repeat. Simply having one team develop a single method and repeatedly test it seems a bit etheral. There are too many protein modelers out there and I would not know which one that I most agree with.

actually, the results of the different folding approaches are compared to each other... there is e.g. the CASP ( conference where the different teams (including those without DC projects) discuss there advances...
not trying to convince you to join something here, but i got the impression you got a rather negative view of most projects to start with...
2) Message boards : Number crunching : is this too hot? (Message 185127)
Posted 2 Nov 2005 by Profile FZB
86C for the cpu is very high, i would try to keep cpu's below 70 (no matter what at what they might still work, they suffer from temperature), ideal id say is around 55C or lower. hdd i would keep below 40C, if higher it would have to be spikes during copy/defrag or other disk intensive tasks.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : 5.2.6??? (Message 184789)
Posted 1 Nov 2005 by Profile FZB
only project i can think of right now that was announced to start about this time would be SIMAP?
4) Message boards : Number crunching : setiathome is compiled using visual C++ (Message 170597)
Posted 22 Sep 2005 by Profile FZB
I'm still curious why setiathome is distributing a Visual C++ application if they already tried the intel compiler and saw the performance gain available to them.
Or in other words: Why is the boinc manager not downloading an application matching the CPU it is running on? So he could optionally exploit sse3 or sse2 which yield quite a performance boost.

may be as simple as maintenance time needed. rather work on one version than maintenance a large number of apps.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC won't start up ... !!! (Message 170595)
Posted 22 Sep 2005 by Profile FZB
try to kill the processes, then start boinc.exe before starting boincmgr.exe and see if this makes a difference
6) Message boards : Number crunching : why am I getting old WU's? (Message 167443)
Posted 14 Sep 2005 by Profile FZB
if you consider that e.g. adaptec has a 16 port sata raid controller and you don't waste space for splitting system/data, you could do a 16x400gb storage server (raid5 would result in 6tb - space lost for file system).

YEs, but, RAID-5 is slower than a mirror. So, with speed being one of the probable problems, it is not used on heavly loaded disks.

more noticable on writing, not much impact on reading. having a hardware controller that calculates the XORs, i am not sure how big the impact on writing is (considering the controller has a decent dimensioned cache)... will google on some hdd benchmark tools and measure it later ;)
7) Message boards : Number crunching : why am I getting old WU's? (Message 167223)
Posted 13 Sep 2005 by Profile FZB
What are the dimensions of a 1-5TB drive? Chances of picking it first? Should we start a thread for this?

the dimensions aren't that big physicly (if one is happy with SATA drives, SCSI needs more drives). got 8x250GB on my sata raid in my big tower box here (2x250gb mirrored for system/progs - 250gb usable, 6x250gb raid5 for data - usable 1.13tb)
if you consider that e.g. adaptec has a 16 port sata raid controller and you don't waste space for splitting system/data, you could do a 16x400gb storage server (raid5 would result in 6tb - space lost for file system).
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Katrina...A little off topic, but... (Message 163267)
Posted 5 Sep 2005 by Profile FZB
I don't think the vast majority of Americans are xenophobic. Many however ARE frustrated by the seemingly constant "America-bashing", even from supposed allies.

I understand that it can come across like "backstabing" allies... on the other hand e.g. "old Europe" might have gotten the feeling they are no longer real allies, more like "stick with us or get lost"-allies after the "diplomacy" that started the iraq war... (and no, i am not a saddam fan, and yes, i realize that e.g. Schröder did really bad diplomatics the way HOW he said no to the iraq war [basicly to win the election IMO]). So some of the non americans are frustrated how less america seems to care about some aspects of the world we ALL live in (e.g. kyoto protocol). some "foreigners" get the feeling from time to time that the US abuse their power as a superpower and ignore the "lesser" nations because they can do.
that said, coming back on topic (at least somewhat): even if a "country" (in the end that are individuals thinking different, so hard to speak of countries) has responsibility for environmental damage (IMO), you cannot pinpoint a hurrican as one nations "fault". and after all, katrina did not hit one "country", it hit individuals that now suffer and that is always a sad thing, no matter the country a person comes from, the color a person is and so on. and i bet with all of the posters (pro/contra american or whatever), that a huge percentage of people worldwide are saddned by the individual tragedies such events cause.
9) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The best Sci fi film ever made? (Message 43727)
Posted 6 Nov 2004 by Profile FZB
gattaca is one of my favorite movies not mentioned yet...

10) Message boards : Number crunching : LHC@Home now open (Message 21641)
Posted 3 Sep 2004 by Profile FZB
was to slow, all 1000 seats gone already :(

11) Message boards : Number crunching : Changes you would like to see in next updt of BOINC (Message 2601)
Posted 29 Jun 2004 by Profile FZB
> 1. Minimize on startup ;)
> 2. BOINC should remember window position and sizes

It does start minimized for me everytime. In case it does not so for you, try the following:
Rightclick your boinc icon in the Startmenue (start up)
Select Properties
run (select minimized here)

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