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Posted 17 Apr 2017 by xxoslw.sosxo
I really like the idea of using water cooling tubes to keep all those racked drives from roasting themselves. If ever ultraviolet lights get installed giving it that TRON effect ( certainly turn down all those flourscent lights and provide us with a photo. Just lets keep fingers cross they never leak. :P

I've been trying to run my own little laptop as much as possible throughout this weekend, and in a few minutes its turning off with it going back on later today. The search goes on.
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Posted 4 Mar 2017 by xxoslw.sosxo
In terms of communicating without radio, all that is needed to be done for verbally sent messages would first be to record and uploaded them to some sort of miniaturized interstellar craft. This interstellar craft uses your own ships hyper-speed technology and drives messages back to home base or where-ever they have a docking station. - nothing wrong with science fiction.
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Posted 9 Feb 2017 by xxoslw.sosxo
WIRED interviewed Berkeley SETI Research Center's Steve Croft and Eric Korpela, and the SETI Institute's Seth Shostak, about one method we use to figure out whether claimed ETI signals are legit:
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Steve, I really liked the assessment in the determination. It puts to light the verification method. Do you think any of you might be able to reach out to Hillary Clinton, who promised to disclose all backstories and found evidence of known ET? Then again..maybe she doesn't know anything like the rest of us. If it weren't for those ominous signs posted at Area 51 threatening to shoot you, I'd go right in and investigate it myself.
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Posted 12 Dec 2016 by xxoslw.sosxo
Hi Tiers Jean-Francois and others;

Certainly Burton was talking about a psychedelic enhancements that offers intense layers of insight. I was hoping that this discussion would not go the direction of heavy drugs nor go in the of heading to a local grocery store, and wastefully buying expensive aluminum foil to wrap around their heads. I do agree however, that for at least the 300,000 "best of encounters", including those written by authors, better investigation should be the norm of the future. These people aren't saying they are running into bacteria, but rather full grown intelligent moving bodies. For example, Towers on the Moon, crashed saucers, findings on Mars, Men in Black, group sightings,all find a place that keeps us magnetically attracted in an area of "perpetual conspiracy." It is very unfortunate that all these 300,000 witnesses fall into an area that are neither science or science fiction. Doesn't it seem that within a scientific community that what has happened to all these people is something they didn't ask for this, but rather a "card" that was dealt to them. Yet, in our society, the science community continues to find their claims easy to brush away.

I find it ironic that we can determine a culprit of a crime, with fingerprints, shell case markings, forensics. DNA analysis or similar sleuth-like detective work where we can incarcerate a person for many years, or even put them to death. Yes, there seems little applied science publicly developed evidence for those that encounter a UFO witness state. Must we in the scientific community to accept a hush-hush attitude? Of all the original 4,000,000 claims filtered to around 300,000 claims that merit more than dismissal, for some reason, not one is coherent material evidence. The statistically probability of that many failed evidences has to be huge. I just don't think that many people simply seeing things or lying. We continue to search.
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Posted 4 Dec 2016 by xxoslw.sosxo
Mr. Neil Erikson of Telkwa BC

I want to thank you, and appreciate your outline regarding the logic why scientists seem find it necessary to further scan the skies. I suppose as the number of times that appear at lectures in Berkeley or attend group events at our local planetarium or observatories, there tends to be an attitude that finding intelligent life will come up blank. I am pleased that no matter what, that recent additional search can now be conducted. As you rightfully pointed out, more than 100 billion galaxies found in hidden celestial clouds added to the already known 100 billion galaxies that had been covered up by 13.8 billion years of big bang. A lot of new work is at store.

According to a 1991, Hopkins, Jacobs and sociologist Dr. Ron Westrum commission of a "Roper Poll" where well over 4,000,000 people have reported actual abductions since 1961. As you might recall, it was the case of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961 that sparked this interest. While there might be validity in all of the the 4 million reports, it has been statistically determined that somewhere in the order of 300,000 reports make those abductions even stronger. I want to remind you that while 4,000,000 is a pretty huge number, 300,000 is still a very large number. Writers Travis Walton and Whitley Shrieber would be included in those very large numbers. Whitley Shrieber (age 71) contests that his encounter with aliens in is famous book "Communion" as a non-fiction. Travis Walton, was at the height of his notability with his written account of "Fire in The Sky" still strongly suggests the existence of Aliens and their intentions for humans, and animal mutilations. The worst thing and best thing about these "300,000 abductions" is they take no account of using current technology we take for granted and therefore reducing the chance of faking. For example, in 1991, cellphones looked like bricks and didn't have cameras; your internet was dialup and information would be as good as Cufon, you were probably debating the advantages of Windows NT over going back to DOS and Columbia Space Shuttles were at the very start of habituated space.

Current published accounts and evidences include some interesting unexplained animal mutilations, rehash findings of previous UFO accounts and abductions and a whole mess of CGI (quite good I might add) works that are suppose to convince us of existence. On the other hand there are also leaked reports of secret alien bases near Farmington and Dulce New Mexico and another at some ravine near a craggy series of large caves and rocks midway up Mt Shasta. Area 51, offshore locations south of the Catalina Islands, and places on the Moon can be added to this list. .

My Conclusion:
I am sure that Seti is the sky search program who's granted funds focus' only in logical direction. However, would it make sense to, if not already done, that Seti communication with some of these more earthly claims be better coordinated? Could interviews with hard to debunked witnesses be part of the Seti program. For example: If Mr. Shrieber's suggestions include say star systems in the Pleiades, and nothing is there, while he is still alive, can there be any benefit to conduct and develop any new communication with him? At the same time, understanding that there are several layers of "life" vs "civilization" vs "advanced civilization beyond ours, will current accounts seen here on earth looked at if galaxy systems are found?

One other point you touched on that grabbed my attention. This is the assumption that alien technology gets "better" as time moves forward? I have a lot of reason to believe to that at some point, there is not a lot of room to improve cosmic reactions, whether its space travel or radio communication. In much of the same way one might create a boat or submarine, there will be a lot of difficulty in improving a speedboat from a rowboat. At some point reinvention mutes itself. If we get alien interaction, it seems to me they are not only at the top of their game, but its the top of a cosmic gain. T Its kind of the same way human evolution over the last 3.9-2.7 billion years when I would think in fact when Lucy Australopithecus_afarensis is really much different than current modern homo sapiens. There are some differences but all in all.. they both interacted and reasoned in identical manner.
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Posted 19 Nov 2016 by xxoslw.sosxo
I think its annoying that nobody thinks they exist or that we ever will find them. Yet.. earthlings openly spend upteen gazillion dollars looking for them. Therefore.. they exist?

Logic please?

(waiting for screensaver to go back into searching)

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