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Posted 23 Oct 2016 by Profile Frederi7
Hi there to everybody,

My name is Frederis. I'm French, near Lyon. I'm very, very keen on History, Philosophy, Politics and Video editing as an hobby . I'm 37, and I will always want to know furthermore.

I joined the SETI@home project only recently , I was yet aware of his existence, I learned a lot of things in my childhood by serious ufologists Carl Sagan and Jacques Vallée who were hard scientists . I think it's a great initiative and we'll take our knowledge a bit further every time we read a forum discussion.

I think it's the labour of those who as adults know a lot about it, if we had a label saying "when I look through my telescope, I'm alone and if connect to Boinc in the search, I'm a useful part of this". We're all talking the same language anyways!!!! People who've never heard of the SETI project get so excited when I talk to them about it!

I'm from the generation who was born or grewed up with Spielberg's Encounter Third Type and the whole vogue around Kubrik, Asimov's and Clarke's novels It boosted my hunger of knowledge and my love for the first sondes Pioneer, Helios, Isee and all the big era of space rockets. I have a big desire to reedit one big movie from this era. maybe the sequel to Kubrik's 2001, 2010 movie from.. do you know from ? a little ridle for tasters.

Hope to talk with you on these matters friends

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