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1) Questions and Answers : Web site : SETILive not functioning properly, unable to login (Message 1839349)
Posted 1 Jan 2017 by Profile Param Siddharth
NOTICE: After 12-Oct-2014, live data will no longer be available.

SETILive has had a long run but unfortunately, serving live data must come to an end. The last "Active" live telescope data session will be on Sunday, October 12.

Since its launch in March 2012, the SETI Institute have supported SETILive even beyond initial funding. It was a difficult decision, but after taking a long hard look at competing demands on the Allen Telescope Array and support staff they must now, quite reluctantly, re-direct telescope resources to other important, funded activities.

The site will otherwise continue to operate normally as a matter of interest only, but without live data sessions. Archive classifications can continue.

The software that provides live data capability and followups will be preserved in a way that it can return in the event SETI Institute is able to support it sometime in the future.

Zooniverse will begin preparing site software for open-source release and will look at ways to make the classification database publicly available.

We deeply appreciate the interest, from casual to downright passionate, that you SETIzens have shown for this task and it's purpose over the past two and a half years.

I know that Live Data is no longer available, but the Archive classifications should continue, at least. Due to less management of the website since the stoppage of Live Data classifications, no proper attention has been given to the modifications the website according to the new login system started by Zooniverse. That should be done, at least. When the situations become favourable, the SETILive project Live Data classifications may have a chance to get restarted!
2) Questions and Answers : Web site : SETILive not functioning properly, unable to login (Message 1839330)
Posted 1 Jan 2017 by Profile Param Siddharth
If you do not know what SETILive (Facebook) actually is, here is a description of SETILive as given on their website,
The Allen Telescope Array (ATA) uses telescopes to determine the direction of radio signals that come from the sky. Humans use two ears to do something similar. If a sound comes from in front of us or behind us, it arrives at both ears at the same time. If the sound comes from our left it arrives in our left ear first, and so on. If we want to concentrate on sounds coming from certain directions, our built in computer - our brain - uses the information from our ears and picks out what it needs. The human brain is much more sophisticated than any computer, so the ATA uses an array of 42 'ears' to provide the information needed for its computer to focus on specific directions.
The advantage of an array over a single large dish is that the signals from these dishes can be combined in special ways by computer to electronically point it in several directions at the same time, with each circular spot about as small as what you get in only one direction with a single big dish. With we look at 'waterfall' images, which show the radio signals received by the ATA and how it changes over the 90 seconds or so before the ATA switches to a new direction or new frequency range (more about waterfall images later). The SETI scientists have automated computer algorithms to analyze these images and look for signals that might be worth a second look.
Computer algorithms however don't work very well when there are also strong signals coming from earthbound and orbiting signal sources. Humans use radio signals a lot to communicate with each other (e.g. with satellites and WiFi) and to make matters worse, non-radio electronics (e.g. digital cameras and computers) produce unintentional radio signals as a byproduct of their normal operation. This means that while trying to listen for faint radio signals from space the telescope will also pick up a lot of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) here on Earth. One of the hardest parts of hunting for signals from space is separating what might be an ET signal from the earth-based RFI sources. We think that human eyes, and our amazing brains, should be better than a computer at finding interesting signals in the noise.

When I visited the SETILive Website, I noticed that the classification rate had fell down to 0, which used to be higher a long time ago. There were no people classifying, and I realized I knew why.
When I clicked the Login/Sign up button, I was taken to the Zooniverse login page (SETILive is a part of Zooniverse), which said:

"Times have changed and the Zooniverse has moved to a new login system. There are numerous reasons why we believe our new system is better for Zooniverse users than our previous one especially for desktop, web-only and native mobile applications.
If you run or maintain an app that relied on, please contact us at the Zooniverse."

It turns out that has adopted a new method of logging in for projects, due to which is not functioning well.

I tried contacting several personalities and organizations via e-mail, but no pleasing reply came. When I went to, I even noticed that the link to SETILive was still present in the Related Sites section in the bottom (even though the website is not functioning properly).

I think the problem can be resolved when SETILive acquires the new login system adopted by Zooniverse. I tried many ways to contact the staff of SETILive, but all in vain. I believe that posting a thread regarding the issue may be helpful.

Please give consideration, spread this message, and try to get the problem resolved.
3) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Unable to get the credits updated when using BOINC on the Android platform (Message 1834260)
Posted 5 Dec 2016 by Profile Param Siddharth
I have received the credits.
Thank you!
4) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Unable to get the credits updated when using BOINC on the Android platform (Message 1833975)
Posted 4 Dec 2016 by Profile Param Siddharth
You currently have two S@H tasks "in progress" on your Android device. It will take several hours (if not days) for those tasks to complete, they will then have to go through the validation process before you get credit for the completed work.

Thank you for informing me, Rob Smith.
5) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Unable to get the credits updated when using BOINC on the Android platform (Message 1833848)
Posted 3 Dec 2016 by Profile Param Siddharth
I recently installed the official BOINC application on my Android device, from the official Google Play Store.

It is working properly, but the problem is that my credits from that particular device are not getting updated on my SETI@Home profile. It shows '0 credit (From this device)'. Even though many tasks are running, still there is 0.00 credit from that device. However, BOINC is funtioning properly on my P. C., where the credits are also being updated properly.

I cannot understand what the problem behind that is. Please help.

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