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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Multi GPU Reminder (Message 1690903)
Posted 13 Jun 2015 by Profile dazzadazzadazzadazza
Hi all, just a message to prompt people who run SLI or Crossfore GPU configs that Boink sees this as a single processor. Disable SLI/Xfire to make separate GPU's, restart and the start up bench mark should allow auto enable the otherwise dormant GPU(s).
Sit back and see the numbers crunch.

Apologies if theres already a thread on this matter but needs making more oviouse for the users to make those dormant bits of hardware useful.
2) Message boards : SETI@home Staff Blog : Sending Messages to ET: Just say no, for now. (Message 1646425)
Posted 25 Feb 2015 by Profile dazzadazzadazzadazza
Some points if i may...

-Once the signal had been recieved SETI@Home will not get the credit

-Governments will hide the fact a signal or responce had been made in a large attempt to stop faiths going out of control.

-If once the comminication had been made its more likely we will be the ones after thier resources. Think War of the worlds but backwards. History and present governments has proven this.

-The concept and fun nature of the many looking to the stars wondering "what if" far outweighs the negatives.

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