Jupiter may be made of many smaller "planetesimals"

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Message 2102059 - Posted: 26 Jun 2022, 21:09:26 UTC

Scientists find remains of cannibalized baby planets in Jupiter's cloud-covered belly
Jupiter's innards are full of the remains of baby planets that the gas giant gobbled up as it expanded to become the behemoth we see today, scientists have found. The findings come from the first clear view of the chemistry beneath the planet's cloudy outer atmosphere. 

... There are two competing theories about how Jupiter managed to collect its initial rocky material. One theory is that Jupiter accumulated billions of smaller space rocks, which astronomers nickname pebbles (although these rocks are likely closer in size to boulders rather than actual pebbles).

The opposing theory, which is supported by the findings from the new study, is that Jupiter's core was formed from the absorption of many planetesimals — large space rocks spanning several miles, which if left undisturbed could have potentially acted as seeds from which smaller rocky planets like Earth or Mars could develop.
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Message 2102511 - Posted: 4 Jul 2022, 5:08:17 UTC

This seems perfectly logical to me. Early in the formation of the solar system there were most likely thousands of potential planets circulating around the sun. It only makes sense that many of them were swallowed up by the largest object, other than the sun, in its passage around the sun. It may be news that it has been verified, but not very significant.
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Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Jupiter may be made of many smaller "planetesimals"

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