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Message 2058676 - Posted: 8 Oct 2020, 19:56:15 UTC

What all of you need to understand is this..............
I am not saying that Trump is all goodness and light. I wish there were better candidates on both sides of the aisle.

What I am talking about is the deliberate and illegal subversion of FBI resources to frame a man that was in no way guilty of what they were asserting was taking place between Trump and Russia.
Obama was advised about the plan and intent. He deserves to be brought to trial for his inaction or tacit approval.
Hillary was the root of all of it, as the documents clearly show. Try as you may, you cannot explain that away. She very clearly belongs in prison for all that she has done.
The democrats just could not contain themselves after Trump's narrow victory over HRC, and they just HAD to find a way to try to extract their pound of flesh. Legalities be damned as they did so.
They were on a mission to smear Trump during his campaign, from his first day in office, and continuing to this day.
All to try to take the attention off of HRC's illegal use of her personal servers which she still has not been brought to justice for.
The democrats assert that Trump has divided this country..... Oh, no, my friends. That lays soundly at the feet of HRC and the democrats who have been subersive for his entire presidency.

They just never got over the fact that despite all their illegal efforts on behalf of their evil spawn HRC, Trump still won.
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Message 2058682 - Posted: 8 Oct 2020, 20:52:45 UTC

As the OP of this thread I am locking it due to the manner in which it has descended into a pit of slanging and certain people.
A new thread will be started shortly, but if you continue there in the same way as you are now there will be people enjoying a time in the chiller.
Bob Smith
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