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Message 2036233 - Posted: 6 Mar 2020, 11:12:31 UTC
Last modified: 16 Feb 2023, 11:11:57 UTC

As the SETI@Home project is going into hiatus for a long time, if not forever, this thread is being pinned to honor the SETIzens who died while contributing over the years. Please note that this is a work in progress so will be added to/updated as new information is found.

As this thread is locked/read-only (much like any other memorial) if there are any missing SETIzens or other info to add/correct, please send me a private messsage. If I am no longer performing moderation duties at the time for some reason, please instead pass the info to the moderation team via using the red-X on the post and another moderator will duplicate/update it. Thank you.

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