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Message 2036101 - Posted: 5 Mar 2020, 20:08:23 UTC

Hi, in the last days I tried to recover my password for the seti@home account (not this one that I create only to have help) but no one mail arrived to reset it (I haven't spam filter active).
Is the service down?
Someone can help me?
Thanks in advance
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Grant (SSSF)
Volunteer tester

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Message 2036179 - Posted: 6 Mar 2020, 4:48:20 UTC

If you have more than one mail account, you need to make sure to check the one you used to set up your Seti@home account.
NB- Seti@home will be closing down at the end of the month.
Checkout the news page for more information.
Darwin NT
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Message 2036472 - Posted: 7 Mar 2020, 8:47:21 UTC - in response to Message 2036179.  
Last modified: 7 Mar 2020, 8:49:45 UTC

Thanks Grant,
I read that the project will go hybernate but the site will stay online.

I'm sure that the addres is right because if isn't the recover procedure (and the login too) say that the email is wrong.
I give a look for a site administrator contact to check the problem without success.
I know the address used, the account nick and the account key too.

I desire to log into my account to get informations on the work I did on the project, until it will goes back online ;-)
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Profile Jord
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Message 2036480 - Posted: 7 Mar 2020, 10:12:38 UTC - in response to Message 2036472.  
Last modified: 7 Mar 2020, 10:17:49 UTC

If you have the account key, you can use that instead of your email address to log in.

To do so, I just tested that:
Go to
Fill in your email address in the top option.
Fill in your authenticator key in the "password" option.
Click Log In.

When in the account, go to and set a new password.
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Message 2036547 - Posted: 7 Mar 2020, 16:57:48 UTC - in response to Message 2036480.  

Thank you Jord!
I din't know that was possible to use the key as password.
This is the proof that I regained access to my original accont.
Thanks a lot.
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Questions and Answers : Web site : Trouble recovering password

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