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Message 2047537 - Posted: 29 Apr 2020, 16:16:11 UTC

Got to 7.5 million after all.

At the time of the hibernation announcement, I tried to make an estimate and thought I'll likely still be 10-20k short even if I'll turn the old computer back on and get it crunching till the end as well (assuming it'd still work), so didn't... and found myself only some 20k short before any resends, meaning I would have been clearly over if I'd have done that. And hardly got any resends for the first couple of weeks.

But then they started coming and a week ago I ended up with just enough to get me, barely, over, assuming I calculated correctly and they weren't canceled, as some are starting to demand. But some of those are still pending, because I got another batch before completing them, so I could suspend those, nearly all of which already being validated, and get to 7.5M while also doing useful work on these new ones.

Had to suspend S@h for a bit because the MilkyWay@home tasks I had were about to time out, but now that I could be sure those will be completed before the deadline even so, squeezed the few more S@h ones needed to just get over. Will now prioritize clearing the MW@h queue again though. I mean, if I switched to that, it'd be pretty poor form to risk letting tasks time out from the beginning like that.
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Scrooge McDuck

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Message 2047539 - Posted: 29 Apr 2020, 16:49:52 UTC - in response to Message 2047537.  

Got to 7.5 million after all.

Congrats! I crossed fingers, as I said. ;-) And even all those noisy (overflowing) tasks from the last resend rush didn't stopped you.
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Message 2047638 - Posted: 30 Apr 2020, 10:29:46 UTC - in response to Message 2044095.  

my asymptotic target seems to be 8.000.000 units ... hard to catch now !

Got it around the 20Th of April ^^
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Message 2047696 - Posted: 30 Apr 2020, 17:19:29 UTC

My "goal" is to finish crunching the remaining 50+ WUs in the queue for the one machine that still has some. Should be finished by Monday (takes about 6 hours to complete one WU and I have 4 cores in the processor). It might get me to a total of 28.1 million by the time it finishes. Or it might not. Probably not, but oh well.

It's been fun for over 20 years.
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