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Message 2035472 - Posted: 3 Mar 2020, 10:23:50 UTC

Well, I have completed the re-write of benchMT just in time for the project completion. I decided to post it anyway, just as part of the project legacy. After about 20 years away from programming, benchMT and other projects in support of SETI, brought me back. It is now my passion. In the several years I have been with the project, I have learned so much about hardware, overclocking, and software development. The forums have been an amazing community and was a big part of that journey. I don't think that there will another BOINC project that will ever be as compelling as SETI@Home. I hope there will be future opportunities for community involvement.

I have just released a new version of benchMT:

Changes include the following:
    Complete rewrite of the core to integrate GpuItem object that was previously only used in energy mode.
    Implemented a more robust check of compute and energy compatibility for all installed GPUs. Switched from lshw to lspci and clinfo. Not working for Intel GPUs.
    Many core improvements for better robustness and style. Added reST docstrings for better supportability and improved type checking by PyCharm.
    Extend energy mode to cover Nvidia, in addition to AMD GPU's. Added max-power to psv and txt reports.
    --noBS on the command line will allow benchMT to function without a BOINC installation.
    Check devmap and give more details to help user understand mapping of BOINC Devices to Driver Card Numbers.
    Added --purge_kernels command line option to purge cached kernel files from working directory.
    Added --lsgpu command line option to display information on all installed GPUs.
    Reading BOINC's coproc_info.xml as a possible way to automate device to card mapping. Not implemented.

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