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Message 2029118 - Posted: 25 Jan 2020, 4:31:28 UTC

I have been watching this series almost from the beginning. At first I saw it as a comical spin on what the afterlife might be. Last season it was proposed that the list of activities that preclude one from getting to the "Good Place" has gotten so long that even the best people (whatever that may mean) have no chance of entering the "Good Place". So they set about fixing the problem by concocting a new set of entrance rules. As a reward the six architects were granted entrance into the real "Good Place" only to discover most of the inhabitants were virtually brain dead. It appears that even passing through eternity able to do any good thing you want gets stale and boring isn't so desirable after all. What it took to restore the enjoyment of the afterlife was having the option to pass through another door where you just pass into oblivion and cease to exist. That's pretty much what i believe will happen to us all without a stop at the "Good Place".
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Message boards : Cafe SETI : NBC television series "The Good Place"

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